Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jack Lang, Ribbon Cutting, Australian Movies, and More Australian Movies

1. Dreamed that, I'm excited to see that Hulu has a new Australian TV show. The show is about something like dreaming and/or something supernatural. Hulu is streaming episodes when they're new. So far, there are three episodes.

Later I try to learn more about the show. I'm disappointed to see I was mistaken. The show is not Australian. It's an American show that comes from CBS.

I also dreamed about a tree filled with little koala toy pincher things. It was kind of cool. 

I wonder if those koala things could stick on branches. I guess it would have to be very thin branches.

Maybe they would stick on leaves. It might hurt the tree, though.

I don't know.  

2. Figured it would put pressure on the leaf, and the leaf would then probably fall.

3. Started watching an episode of Underbelly: Razor.

David Roberts is in this one. He plays a right-wing extremist. That might be interesting.

4. Saw that Jack Lang is a character in this episode.

I remember hearing about him, but now I don't remember much. Didn't he have something to with the bridge opening? There was a false opening, I think? But I'm not sure if Lang was the one who caused the false opening, or if he was the one robbed out of doing what was supposed to be the official opening.

5. Consulted Lord Wiki.

He says Jack Lang was the Premier of New South Wales. Like Gough Whitlam, he was dismissed by the Governor. Well, Whitlam was dismissed by the Governor-General. Lang was dismissed by just a Governor. I guess the governor of New South Wales.  

6. Did not see anything about the Harbour Bridge.

I think I have the wrong guy. 

7. Found the bridge stuff.

I didn't have the wrong guy.  

Lord Wiki says that Lang insisted on doing the opening himself, which was for some reason controversial. Apparently, some people felt the Governor should do it.  Then some guy named Francis De Groot came up and cut the ribbon before Lang could do it.  

8. Liked a song played on Underbelly.

I was able to find it quite quickly, fortunately. It's "Missed Me" by the Dresden Dolls. 

It's a fun song...kind of dark.

9. Thought that this episode of Underbelly: Razor is better than the others I've seen so far.

10. Started to watch Rake—season 2; episode five.

11. Did not buy Tim Tams at the grocery store. I realized I'm a bit tired of them.

12. Glad that, not only is Adrienne Pickering back in this season, but she plays a pivotal role.  

I hope she's on for all the remaining episodes.

13. Decided to finish watching Underbelly: Razor, since I have only one more episode left. 

14. Looked at IMDb and saw that the singer I saw singing on Underbelly: Razor was Jessica Mauboy. 

I wish I had recognized her. Then I'd feel impressed with myself.  Now I'm feeling not impressed with myself.

15. Saw the Jack Lang stuff on Underbelly.

They showed the headlines, at least.

I'll keep watching and see if they show the ribbon-cutting fiasco.

16. Saw that David Roberts is the one who plays Francis De Groot. When he first appeared, the show labeled him as a right-wing extremist.  Or at least that's what I think I saw.

17. Saw that the show uses real news footage. Then that's intercut with a reenactment performed at a nightclub.

It's cleverly done.

18. Finished watching Underbelly: Razor. I liked the last two episodes a lot—much more than I liked the first eleven.

19. Went to to pick my next show.

It's season two of Upper Middle Bogan!

I'm glad about that. I liked the first season a lot.

20. Imagined it's going to be another case of feeling weird seeing some of the actors, because I'm now used to them in other roles.

I now associate Annie Maynard as Jeremy Lindsay's co-worker in Puberty Blues.  And I'm currently watching Robyn Maxwell on Rake.

21. Decided to try and add more Australian movies to my to-watch list.

I'm looking at this movie list from 2013, and checking to see if any are on Netflix.

22. Added two movies from the 2013 list to my list—100 Bloody Acres and Mystery Road.

23. Looked at Google's list of Australian movies of the 1970's. 

Will any of them be on Netflix?  

24. Saw that Hulu has Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Go Hulu! 

I've seen parts of the movie, but I've never watched the whole thing.

25. Saw that Hulu also has Walkabout.

I've read the book, but I don't think I've seen the movie.

26. Saw that Hulu has The Cars that Ate Paris!

I'm so excited that they have some of these classics. Though I might be bored if I actually try watching them. I might like them more in theory than in reality. But who knows....

27. Disappointed that neither Hulu nor Netflix have the 1979 vampire film, Thirst.  

Maybe one of them will have Patrick. 

28. Saw that Hulu-Showtime has 2013 Patrick, but we don't have the Showtime Hulu thing.

Is 2013 Patrick Australian? 

29. Saw that it is Australian, and Rachel Griffiths is one of the stars.  

30. Saw that Netflix has 2013 Patrick. So I'll add it to my list. 

31. Saw that Hulu has The Last Wave—another movie I've wanted to see.

I'm totally loving Hulu right now. This makes up for them losing Neighbours.

Actually, I'm feeling kind of anti-Neighbours now, because one of the stars is looking a bit anorexic. And I'm getting a I'm-proud-to-be-super-thin feeling coming from the photos.  

Though I could be wrong. It might not be an eating disorder thing. It could be a parasite or some kind of viral thing. Maybe an auto-immune thing?  I don't know. Whatever it is, it doesn't look healthy. And it's kind of like the unhealthiness is being flaunted.  Which...uh...I've done before. So maybe I'm just projecting here.

32. Saw that Hulu has My Brilliant Career

I can't remember if I've seen that or not.  I read the book, and I'm sure I've seen scenes from the movie.

33. Decided to move onto the 80's.

I fear I won't have much luck here.  I don't think Netflix has a lot of old movies, and I think Hulu tends to have older-old pre-1980's.

34. Saw that Hulu does have Mad Max 2. Cool! Is that the Tina Turner one?

35. Saw that Netflix has Crocodile Dundee and its sequel.

I saw those when I was a child.  It might be fun to watch them again as an an adult obsessed with Australia. 

36. Saw that Hulu has Breaker Morant.

37. Saw that there is a sequel to The Howling called the Howling III: the Marsupials.  

And Hulu has it.

That makes me very happy!

38. Saw that it's Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome that has Tina Turner.

I wonder if it matters if I watch the movies out of order.

I think I'll just see what picks for me. If I watch the third one and like it, I can go back and watch the second.  

39. Moved onto the 1990's.

I already have The Castle on my list.

I've seen Muriel's Wedding.

40. Added Rabbit Proof Fence to my list. It's another one in which I'm not sure I've seen or not. I read the book, and have seen at least some of the scenes. 

41. Saw that Netflix has Strictly Ballroom. I'd love to see that!

42. Saw that Netflix has Sirens. 

I'm adding that to my list. 

43. Learned that Holy Smoke is an Australian movie, and it's available on Netflix.

I didn't know that. I think I thought it was a New Zealand thing.  

44. Learned there's an Australian movie called Love Serenade; and Netflix has it.  

45. Found an Australian movie with Anthony Hopkins. The original title is Spotswood, but you can find it on Netflix as The Efficiency Expert

46. Excited about all these movies

47. Saw that The Matrix is considered an Australian movie—or at least a co-Australian movie.

48. Realized it doesn't matter, anyway. Neither Hulu nor Netflix has it.

I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's been a long time.

49. Found that Netflix has an Australian movie called Love and Other Catastrophes. It has names I recognize, including Matt Day. 

50. Started looking at movies of the 2000's.

My to-watch list is going to be huge.

I've already added 20-30 things.

51. Felt tired of writing all this out, so I think for the rest of this activity, I'm just going to quickly name whatever else I add to the list.'s: 

Nothing yet.

I'm getting the idea that neither Netflix nor Hulu has a lot of films from the early bits of the 21st century.

52. Found something!

I'll try the list again: One Perfect Day, Little Fish, Man Thing, Black Water, Newcastle, In Her Skin,  The Boys are Back, Tomorrow When the War Began, Oranges and sunshine, Griff the Invisible, Glenn Owen Dodds, The Tree, Red Dog, The Snowtown Murders, Sleeping Beauty, The Hunter, A Few Best Men, Burning Man, The Dragon Pearl, 33 Postcards, Wish You Were Here, Not Suitable for Children, Underground, Adore, These Final Hours, Felony, Drift, 52 Tuesdays, Canopy, Kill Me Three Times, The Mule, I Frankenstein, Wyrmwood My Mistress,

52. Thought that some movies might be American movies filmed in Australia. But they have Australian actors, and I'll enjoy seeing them.