Wednesday, October 21, 2015

QuizUp, Brilliant Lines, Aging Food, and

1. Started watching an episode of Upper Middle Bogan.

It seems to be about sex education. That might be interesting.

2. Liked this episode—so far— better than the one I watched yesterday.

Or maybe I just needed time to get back into the show. I wasn't really feeling it yesterday.

3. Assigned Jack Australia-related homework.

I asked him to make an Australian animal Quiz-Up. But I don't know if he's going to do that, because I provided an alternate assignment.

He might choose the other assignment.

If he does, it's stale bread and water for the rest of the month. Just saying....

4. Started watching another episode of Upper Middle Bogan.

So far, it's hilarious. Oscar (Harrison Feldman) liberates a bunny. From a cosmetic company? Nope. He saves it from an animal rights group that was parading around the rabbit, because the rabbit looked nervous to him.

I love that.

It seems symbolic of a lot of things.

5. Thought there were so many brilliant lines on this episode.

Here's one example. Bess (Annie Maynard) says to her teenage son, He owned a newspaper company. That was a very special job before Google.  

Oy. It doesn't sound as funny when I write it out.


6. Figured that's why actors have read-throughs with the script. It's hard to know if a joke is funny without hearing the actors saying it.

7. Ordered food from Simply Australian, because I got an email informing me of a sale.

I like ordering close-to-expired food. It saves money, and I feel I'm helping to reduce food waste.

Plus, you can be a pig without feeling guilty. Yes, I ate those six Cherry Ripes in one day. Of course! Who knows when they're going to go toxic. It could be tomorrow!

8. Liked that Upper Middle Bogan had an allusion to Picnic at Hanging Rock.

9. Looked at IMDb, and saw two fun things in the cast list of this episode.

First, David Serafin from Neighbours is on the episode.  He played Dimato, on Neighbours, and that storyline bored me a bit. But that's not Serafin's fault.

Second, there's one of the little tykes from House Husbands. Lily Jones. She plays Poppy, which I think is the daughter of Rhys Muldoon and Natalie Saleeba.

I haven't seen Dimato and Jones yet. I guess they come towards the end of the episode.

10. Thought the Welsh Girl in Australia blog had a very nice kitty-with-child photo.

11. Loved these lines from Upper Middle Bogan.

Bess says, I just want our family to be tight and close like they are.

Her husband Danny(Patrick Brammall) replies, Baby, we are tight and close. But like WE are.

It's a good reminder that, really, Tolstoy was wrong. Happy families are NOT all alike. Or maybe one of the reasons some families aren't happy is because they worry too much about being different from families they admire.

Functioning and decent families come in different sizes, colors, social classes, communication styles, senses of humor, etc

12. Loved another line from the show.

Convict lineage is the Lamborghini of genealogy.

One of the characters wasn't aware of that fact, and was ashamed of her ancestry. The family sets her straight.

13. Started watching another episode of Upper Middle Bogan.

14. Liked songs on the episode.

What's very nice is that the show lists the songs in the credits.

I wonder if other shows do that, and I just didn't notice.

Anyway, one of the songs is called "Do it Like That". It's by an Australian singer named Ricki Lee. I don't think I've heard of her.

It's a fun song.

The other song is "You Started Something in Me". I think it might have been written by the show.

Or maybe not. I was thinking it was written for the show, because the writer of the song is Craig Pilkington. The name sounded familiar, so I figured he was part of the show somehow. The reason the name sounds familiar is because it's a character name in Animal Farm. We just finished reading that today.

15. Tried to find the song on YouTube. I couldn't find it. I found a channel with the name of the singer—Sam Bluer, but he doesn't seem to have any uploads.

16. Saw that someone named Caroline Patrick was looking for the song on Twitter.

17. Thought that Sam Bluer is quite mysterious.

He has a website with very little on it. Then his links to lead to pretty much nowhere. I mean they're not dead links. But none of them display any of his work.

His YouTube channel is made up of videos, other people made, that he liked.

18. His Instagram is private; though he has 20.6 thousand followers.  The description says simply, I sing.

His Soundcloud page has no songs.

He's the opposite of people who do too much self-promotion.

But maybe he does too little?

Is it on purpose? Does the mystery bit make people more interested?  Or does he need to pull away from the world at times? Maybe he's very shy.

19. Saw that maybe it's a simple fact of being more dedicated to Facebook.

Bluer does have information on there.

20. Saw that Bluer is from Melbourne.

21. Thought that maybe Bluer isn't shy—that he's just someone who doesn't want to give his music away for free. But I don't think so. He also doesn't provide links to places where people can buy his music.

 22. Happy to see an Australian politics quiz on QuizUp.

And what makes me even more happy is I did well on it. I got everything right except one question.  I messed up on a question about who was Prime Minister in 1990. I said Keating, but it was Bob Hawke.

23. Saw that there's a QuizUp about Australian birds.

I didn't do so well on that one. I got three out of seven right. And with one of those, I totally guessed.

24. Went to palg1305's Flickr account.

Today I'm going to look at his Coogee-Bondi album.

Realized, that so far, I haven't seen any people in Palg1305's photos.

Maybe he travels alone.

25. Saw people in this photo, which made me realize I wasn't being very clear above.

What I meant is he doesn't have close-up pictures of people.  I don't see friends or family.

He seems to mostly take photos of scenery and animals.

26. Thought this photo of something from Clovelly looks otherworldly.

27. Learned, from Lord Wiki, that John Howard, the actor, is from Clovelly.