Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Moon, Razors, Moore Park, and Kadina

1. Dreamed about the moon which made me want to hear the song "One Night the Moon" from the movie One Night the Moon.  So, I did that.

2. Started watching an episode of Underbelly: Razor.

3. Thought that the episode was very violent and gruesome.

There was some scary knife stuff.

I think maybe knife killings are harder to watch than gun killings.

If this is the case, than that might be a reason for guns to be more regulated. If it's easier to watch someone be killed by a gun on television; I'm guessing it's also easier to kill someone with a gun.

Someone who might not have the guts to take a knife and slash someone's throat might have the guts to pull a trigger from far away.

I think maybe I've actually read something about this in the past. I don't think these brilliant ideas are coming straight from my own brain.  

4. Started watching another episode of Underbelly: Razor. 

At the beginning, they showed a ITV Studios thingie. 

I'm guessing this is the same UK studio that is responsible for Coronation Street.

5. Went to the ITV Studio website.  Like Fremantle Media, they don't just do production; they also do sales and distribution. So they might not have been responsible for producing Underbelly: Razor. Maybe they're just the ones responsible for getting a contract with Hulu. 

6. Saw that they mention only Underbelly: Razor on their site and not the other Underbelly seasons.

7. Saw that ITV has an office in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

8.  Saw that the ITV office is in Moore Park. So their staff probably eats at the farmer's market there sometimes.  

9. Saw that the ITV office is at the same location as the Sydney Swan headquarters—38 Driver Avenue.

Their address is the same. I guess that means they're in the same building...probably?

10. Saw that it's a five minute walk from 38 Driver Avenue to the farmers market at The Entertainment Quarter.

It's not like I'm overly worried about where the ITV employees get their lunch and snacks. I'm just having fun thinking about the farmers market.  We had some good times there. 

11. Realized people are using razors on Underbelly: Razor, not knives.

I should have paid more attention to the title and to the cutting instrument I was seeing. 

12. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 95th song which is "How Much Does Your Love Cost" by Thelma Plum.

13. Started listening to "How Much Does Your Love Cost"

14. Thought that I probably have Thelma Plum song on my Spotify list.

I'm going to go look.  

15. Saw that I actually have "How Much Does Your Love Cost" on my Spotify list. It's kind of sad, because I don't remember hearing the song before.  It doesn't sound familar.

I have way too many songs on my playlists, and I don't listen to them enough.  

16. Saw that I have 75 hours of music on my Aussie Spotify list.

17. Saw that on my second biggest list, I have 25 hours worth of music. A little of that is Australian, but most is not-Australian.  

18. Started listening to the other Thelma Plum songs on my Spotify list.

One is "Father Said". I've heard it before, and I remember it.  I feel like it was on Offspring. I totally associate it with Nina Proudman.  Was it on Offspring? I hope so. I hope I'm not having another case of imagining songs were on Offspring. I did that with a Holly Throsby song.  

19. Saw that "Father Said" was played in an episode of Wonderland.

I can't find anything about it being on Offspring

Was it really not in Offspring?

Holy shit.

I think I have Offspring-Music-Delusional disorder.

20. Wondered about the song played on Offspring during the massive baby delivery scene.

21. Encountered crazy, amazing, shocking news while trying to find the Offspring scene that might have actually exist only in my imagination. 

Offspring is returning!

Or am I having another Offspring delusion?

I'm seeing it in a British tabloid thing, so maybe I shouldn't believe it.

22. Felt like Offspring is messing with my head.

23. Saw another article about it.

I think it's true!  

But it's old news.

How did I miss it?

Why wasn't this headline news?

This is HUGE.

24. Felt compelled to admit that this isn't the first time I missed a bit news story.

I didn't know Kate Middleton was pregnant with a second child until she gave birth.

25. Continued to wonder about the Offspring baby scene.

I don't even remember what season it was in. Maybe the fourth?  It involved all these mothers having babies at once. I think they were spread all over the place, because there was not enough beds.  

26. Continued to try to find the scene and failed.

Did I imagine it? Or am I just looking for it in the wrong places?

Maybe I'm putting the wrong words in Google.

27. Thought it would be nice if, in season six of Offspring, they played "Father Said" and "Now I Love Someone".  Then I'll stop being wrong about those songs being on the show.

28. Figured maybe I'm psychic and the reason I thought those songs were are on Offspring is because they ARE on Offspring...just in the future instead of the past.

29. Started to listen to Cookoustic's cover of Chet Faker's "Talk is Cheap".

It sounds pretty good.

I don't remember the original song very much. I've heard it only once; and that was weeks ago.   

30. Started to watch Cookoustic's cover of Matt Corby's "Brother". 

31. Noticed that Cookoustic is wearing a sweatshirt that says Kadina Memorial.

I Googled, and found it's a high school in South Australia.

I had been wondering if Cookoustic is Australian or not. The shirt gives a probable answer. ALTHOUGH he could be not-Australian. He could be someone so obsessed with Australia that he learned to sing Aussie songs, and also managed to buy an Australian high school sweatshirt. 

32. Saw from Google Maps that Kadina, South Australia is about two hours away from Adelaide.

33. Learned from Lord Wiki that Kadina, and nearby towns, are known for their copper mining history.  

A lot of people from Cornwall moved to the area for the copper mining.

So, Cookoustic might be a descendent of Cornish people.

34. Learned that every two years there's a Cornish festival in what's known as the Copper Coast.  It's called Kernewek Lowender. 

35. Went to the website of the Copper Coast Cornish festival. 

The last one was in May 2015.  

36. Had another theory about Cookoustic. Maybe he's a Canadian obsessed with Cornwall. And as an extension of that obsession he traveled to the Kernewek Lowender festival in South Australia. While he was there, he went to an op shop and found a Kadina Memorial sweatshirt.

Or he might just be Australian.

Who knows....

It's fun to guess.