Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday, Fires, Thanksgiving, and Bird Sounds

1. Saw that one of the top Twitter trends in Australia is #BlackFriday.

I'm wondering about the Australian Tweets regarding this subject. Are the majority of the Tweets about how stupidly materialistic Americans are, or are the majority about Australians joining in the fun?

I think there are online sales as well.

We passed by a Target tonight around 5 pm, and saw a long line of people waiting for the store to open.

I'm thankful for the few stores and restaurants that stay open in case people need things at the last minute; or...for people who'd rather do a restaurant than home-cooking.  I don't think the whole world needs to shut down on Thanksgiving.

The whole Black Friday-Thursday thing is ridiculous, though. Not only is it forcing a lot of employees to work instead of celebrating Thanksgiving; I imagine a lot of people are leaving their family meals early so they can grab the best deals.

2. Thought that it's one thing to stay open so people can pick up an electrolyte drink for their vomiting child. It's totally different staying open so you can attract consumers with your discounted PlayStations.

3. Found article that talks about how Black Friday is now a thing in Australia.

So I guess the Tweets might not be mostly about bashing American materialism.

OR maybe there is a lot of bashing, because not only do we have the very materialistic Black Friday, but it's spread outside our lands.

One of the early lines in the article reads, Like Halloween, the United States online shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday has migrated Down Under.

I know there are Australians who aren't happy with the Halloween thing.  I'm guessing there are many who aren't happy with the Black Friday thing either. They SHOULD worry. What's next? Australians using electoral voting?

4. Read the article and saw that it's not about Australian stores having deals on Black Friday. It's advising Australians to shop at American retailers via the online stores.

5. Started to look at Amazon, because although I'm against GOING out to a store, I'm not against shopping while sitting in a hotel room with my family.

Actually, I'm not against the Americans lining up at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.  I can understand them wanting to get the best deals so they can have a fruitful Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc. If they waited to shop until Friday, they might miss out on the best deals.

But if the stores waited and opened on Friday, these eager shoppers could stay home with their families all day on Thursday.

6. Imagined a busy father or mother trying to decide whether they should use Thanksgiving to spend time with their daughter who hardly sees them or use Thanksgiving to get their daughter the doll she' wants for Christmas.

7. Saw that there are bad bushfires in Australia.

My thoughts are with the people plagued by all this—especially the ones who have lost family members and friends.

8. Looked at the news again and thought that, right now, Australia looks like a scary place.

It looks like there are fires everywhere—like the whole country is burning.

9. Understood that in reality, there are not fires everywhere in Australia. There are many places that are fire-free. It's just there are all these separate stories of fires, and it makes it feel like there are fires everywhere.

10. Saw one of the top trending topics for Australia is now Happy Thanksgiving.

The American Thanksgiving is over; so I'm guessing they're talking about another Thanksgiving?

11. Looked at Tweets that made me realize I'm wrong. Thanksgiving isn't actually over.

Well, as I'm writing this it's the day AFTER Thanksgiving Day.

It's Friday, and Thanksgiving is Thursday.  But we really have a Thanksgiving weekend. I think a lot of people (including us) celebrate Wednesday through Sunday.

12. Figured Australians on Twitter are saying Happy Thanksgiving to their American Internet Friends.

13. Found a religious website that's pushing for Australians to have a national Thanksgiving Day in May.

14. Wondered if many people are going for that idea.

15. Learned from Lord Wiki that Thanksgiving is celebrated in Norfolk Island.

He says it's celebrated on the last Wednesday in November; and that the holiday was brought over by American whaling ships.

16. Found an article about Norfolk Island Thanksgiving.

It seems like it's a pretty big deal.

17. Watched part of an episode of The Secret Life of Us while walking through Hollywood Studios at Disney World.

It was an interesting experience.

At one point, I got myself confused. Because sound effects sound very real with the earphones on.

I heard Australian birds (magpies, probably?) and for a moment I was wondering why Australian birds were at Disney World.

18. Saw a Marzipan penis on The Secret Life of Us.

That's pretty cool.

19. Realized I might like the second cast of The Secret Life of Us better than the first.

I sort of wish the show with the new cast lasted longer.

20. Started to understand why Anna Torv is so popular.

She's very sexy. I especially like her voice.