Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reclaiming Lands, Wayne Pygram, Airplanes, and Modern Communication Methods

1. Saw one of the top Twitter trends in Australia is #reclaimAustralia".

I have an idea of what that refers to.

But I'm just going to imagine that the Aboriginal Australians are going to kick out all people that do not have ancestors reaching back past 1788.

They're going to take back their country. Everyone else will have to return to the country of their own ancestors.

Then the native folks of the Americas will do the same.

2. Wondered where I'd end up.

Maybe the Ukraine.

One of my great grandmothers was from England. I'm not sure if she was born there, though.

3. Saw that someone else had the same idea as me.

Keyana Dorsey Tweeted, I thought the #ReclaimAustralia was about the Aboriginal culture but now I see it's a bunch of stupidity

4. Disgusted by white people.

5. Decided I'm racist against all people but especially white ones.

6.  Decided this is a bad attitude to have.

So I'll just direct my hatred towards white bigots and bigots from other ethnic groups as well.

I'm not talking about people who have quiet, subtle prejudices that they wish they didn't have.

I'm talking about the ignorant assholes who actually think it's okay for their ancestors to invade and steal a country; then turn around and feel slighted when new people want to make their home on the same land.

7. Felt that it was maybe okay for a country to want to be homogeneous. That's their business. It's a little small-minded and unwelcoming, but oh well.

However, if a country wants this, they need to be the original inhabitants. They can't take a country from another ethnic group and then imagine the country belongs to themselves.

8. Thought about how one-celled organisms were really the original inhabitants of ALL Earth's lands.

In the end, they might be the one to reclaim it all.

Or at least most of it.

9.  Started to watch an episode of The Secret Life of Us.

10. Finished watching the episode.

11. Started watching an episode of Farscape.

12. Got to see Scorpius in his younger years.

He's not a pretty sight. He kind of reminds me of Zelda from Pet Sematary.

13. Saw, from IMDb, that one of the guest stars on Farscape is Sam Healy from All Saints.

I'm not sure if I've seen her yet on the episode.

14. Saw Sam Healy. She's very recognizable—doesn't have a lot of creature makeup.

15. Decided to watch part of an interview with Wayne Pygram. I wanted to see what he looks like without his Scorpius makeup.

As I suspected, he's quite sexy...especially with the Australian accent.

16. Thought Pygram actually looked familar.

Maybe I've seen him in one of his other projects.

17. Thought that it MIGHT be Lost that I saw him in. I'm not sure, though. I think his episode might have been the one episode that I missed.

18. Saw a description of the episode on IMDb.

I think I did see it. It's with Bernard and Rose flashbacks.

I'm pretty sure the one I missed was with Claire Flashbacks.

19. Went to bed and had a dream about platypuses.

20. Went on an airplane to Orlando, and it was a Qantas codeshare thing.

I guess this means there were Australians on the plane. Though I didn't hear any of them.

I wanted to hear them.

But it's kind of hard to hear people on airplanes unless they're sitting close to you.

21. Decided it also helps if they're talkative and loud. Which I'd tolerate if they were Australian or British. I'd be annoyed if they were American.

22. Figured that, after awhile, loud and talkative British and Australian people would get annoying too.

23. Started to watch an episode of The Secret Life of Us.

The theme of this episode is modern forms of communication—email, text messages, video phone, etc.

The episode is close to ten years old. It seems weird to me that the world has been doing this type of communicating for so long.

A lot of it feels new. I guess because it took me awhile to join in the fun.

I started email quite early—more than twenty years ago.  I say early, because I remember going on job interviews in NYC, and the some of the people interviewing me seemed amused that I had an email address.

As for texting, I didn't really get into it until....

I actually don't know.

All I know is I did do texting a little bit during our 2008 Australia trip, and it was a rare thing for me.

24. Figured I probably started texting on a regular basis sometime after 2010.

25. Thought about a conversation between Kelly (Deborah Mailman) and Bree (Brook Harmon).

Kelly subtly pushes the idea that we should pursue the person who makes us flustered not the one that makes us feel safe.

I guess that makes sense. Love usually begins with feelings of nervousness. We might lose our appetite. We stress about our appearance. We might have a hard time talking like an intelligent person.

If the nervousness is not there, maybe it's not love.

26. Decided if the nervousness is there, it doesn't guarantee there's love or any strong attraction. The person might intimidate us for other reasons.

27. Wondered about best friends becoming lovers.

I imagine in those cases, there's a feeling of safeness, but then that temporarily vanishes when the attraction begins.

28. Remembered a time I started having romantic feelings for my best friend. I don't think I had symptoms of nervousness, really.  I think instead I began acting difficult—maybe kind of like testing him.

Or maybe it wasn't really about testing him. It could have been that my emotions were confused, and this was making me moody.

29. Started to see the benefit of watching a video with headphones on.

There was a scene on the show at a bar with music playing. It was so loud. I thought that music was coming from our room—that Tim had decided to blast his TV show. But then I removed the headphones, and the music went away.

30. Liked Kelly's monologue at the end.

So, what's the answer?  Would we be better off without this technology? Would we suddenly find that we're communicating more clearly?  

Probably not.  After all people were having trouble understanding each other long before email and SMS kicked in. 

Maybe the only real difference now is that we can confuse and mystify each other at high speed, great distances, or with the press of a button.

Let's face it. You can fight it all you want. But it's not going anywhere. And after all, nothing like a snappy SMS message to brighten up your day. 

31. Amused, because Kelly took the time to write out a long old-fashioned snail male letter to Corey (Aaron Pedersen), and he responded with a quick text.

I'm guilty of the same. I have a lovely internet-pal who will sometimes write snail mail letters, and I respond by email.

I'm very lazy about snail mail. Though I wasn't lazy about it when it was the only option. I wrote many letters back in the olden days.

32. Blabbed on and on to Tim, about The Secret Life of Us, as we walked to the bus stop.

He was nice enough to act interested.