Friday, March 18, 2016

Rebound Sex, Losing Interest, Feeling Suffocated, and Adam Anthony

1. Wanted to say that one of the reasons I wrote so much about manipulative people yesterday is that the old 2011 blog post I read, yesterday morning, was all about manipulation.  So, it was on my mind.

Then today, the old blog post I read, was about manipulation as well.

Manipulation was really on my mind back then in December 2011. Now it's on my mind again. Or at least it was yesterday.  I'm not sure if it's on my mind today.

2. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

3. Felt bad for Brax (Stephen Peacocke) because he's in prison and can't see his newborn son.

4. Finished watching the episode.

5. Started watching another episode.

6. Lacked sympathy for Phoebe's (Isabella Giovinazzo) anger.

She's mad at Kyle (Nick Westaway) for sleeping with Billie (Tessa de Josselin).

But she and Kyle weren't together anymore. They had an official break-up. Why should Kyle not have slept with someone else?

7. Didn't blame Andy (Tai Hara) for being upset. He went to the club where his girlfriend Hannah (Cassie Howarth) and others were hanging out. When he walked in, he found Hannah happily dancing with another man.

Technically, Andy and Hannah are still supposed to be together. They didn't break up. Though Hannah did tell Andy she needs some space. She feels crowded by him.  From what's been happening on the show, it seems Hannah has gone off him.

8. Wondered if it would have been not so bad for Andy to find Hannah dancing with another man if things were really good between the two of them.

I'm a jealous person, but I'm not sure dancing would immediately make me jealous.

The only dancing I really do is wedding and Bat Mitzvah type stuff. There, pretty much everyone dances with everyone.

9. Realized that's not exactly true. It's more like we dance with family and friends we've known for a long time. That's probably much different than Hannah dancing with a guy she just met.

10. Wondered what will happen with Hannah.

Are her feelings for Andy completely dead or on their last breath?  Is she staying with him, because she doesn't want the guilt of breaking up with a guy who stayed with her during her paralyzation recovery?  Even if he didn't stay with her during a challenging time, it would be hard for him to dump him. He's a nice guy. She's a nice girl. But sometimes the chemistry is no longer there.


Maybe she still loves him, and the feelings have just faded a bit. Maybe she does just feel suffocated and needs space.

11. Wondered. Can you feel suffocated by someone and still be in with love them?

12. Figured it could happen if two people have different social-interaction needs. If one person needs alone time and the other person wants to be attached at the hip, it might cause some suffocation feelings.

I guess what I'm wondering is whether the suffocation feelings would make the love feelings fade.

13. Thought about people who break up with someone, because they've gone off the person.  Then later they see the person with someone else, and they want them back.

Certain things make people more attractive to us. Certain things make people less attractive to us.

If Person A feels suffocated by Person B, Person A might lose the love for Person B. But if Person B takes several steps back, and becomes more independent, he or she might start looking attractive again to Person A.

14. Felt the worst thing Person B could do is start acting more clingy. They should give Person A as much distance as possible. Hopefully, person A will start missing person B. If they don't miss Person B; OR worse, if they ask for even more space, then maybe the relationship should end.

15. Thought that Andy actually doesn't seem overly clingy to me. I never got that sense. He has a job that keeps him busy. He's excited about it. He seems to have a life outside of Hannah.

The thing that set the whole thing off is that Andy officially moved in with Hannah. Before that, he spent a lot of time at her house, but he didn't officially live with her.  I think the step towards commitment scared her a bit.  So, I think it's less about Andy needing too much attention and more about Hannah having a fear of commitment.

16. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a 2011 finalist film called "The Maestro".  From the photo, it looks a bit like a documentary.

17. Started watching.

Maybe it's not a documentary.

18. Saw that it's not a documentary.

19. Saw that the film is about a very imaginative homeless man.

Though I'm just assuming he's homeless, because of the way he looks and acts.There's a chance he could have a home somewhere.

But I doubt it.

20. Wondered if the homeless man is played by a well-known Australian actor— his familar face hidden with a scraggly beard.

21. Finished watching the film.

I thought it was very creative, and I liked the imagery in the film.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if it were a minute or two shorter. I think it dragged on a bit.

22. Saw that Adam Anthony, the director of "The Maestro" doesn't have anything on his filmography after 2011. "The Maestro" is the last thing.  I wonder what he's doing now.  Is he still working in film type stuff. Maybe advertising? Or did he drop it all together?

23. Saw that I'm right about the homeless man being a well-known Aussie actor. It's Gyton Grantley from House Husbands.

24. Wondered how well-known Gyton Grantley is.

I don't think he's well known over here in the US. Do most people in Australia know who he is?

As for me, I know him enough that when I saw his name, I knew he was from House Husbands. But if someone asked me to name the actor who plays the gay guy on House Husbands, I'd probably just say, I think his name starts with a G, maybe?

25. Saw that Adam Anthony has a page on a website called The Loop.

It looks like he's still doing film/video work.

Or maybe not.

There's a resume on the site, and there's nothing listed after 2012.

26. Saw that Adam Anthony has a Vimeo Page.

His last upload was two years ago.

27. Started to watch Adam Anthony's 2014 director's reel.

So far, I'm very impressed with the editing.

28. Wondered if Anthony edited the director's reel himself.

I checked IMDb to see if he edited "Maestro". He did. So I think it's likely he also edited his showreel.

29. Intrigued by the song Anthony used in the reel. The lyrics include the line from The Silence of the LambsIt rubs the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again.

30. Saw Damien Walshe-Howling in one of the clips.

31. Found out that the song is called "Lotion" and the band is Greenskeeper.

32. Learned from Lord Wiki that Greenskeeper is a Chicago band.

33. Saw that Anthony created a show for National Geographic about fighting sports.

There's a clip or trailer for it on Vimeo. That's the most recent upload from Anthony.

34. Saw that it's about a Japanese sport that combines boxing with martial arts.

It looks pretty cool.

35. Watched a dental insurance commercial made by Anthony.

I thought it was pretty funny.

There's a guy who's shocked and upset by his bill. I can relate to that.

36. Watched Anthony's commercial for the Royal College of Pathology.

One of the actors is the sugar guy, Damon....I forgot his last name.

37. Googled, and was reminded that Damon's last name is Gameau.

38. Saw that my Googling was unneeded.

The actor's names are provided on Vimeo.


39. Saw that Anthony did multiple commercials for the Royal College of Pathology. It looks like Gameau is in most of them...or maybe all of them.