Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stressed Mothers, Emergency in the Bush, Kerry Packer Actors, and TV Show Clothes

1. Started to watch an episode of Home and Away.

2.  Wondered what the show is trying to say about Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) and the baby.  When she holds Casey, he cries. As soon as she gives it to Kyle (Nick Westaway) or Ash (George Mason), Casey IMMEDIATELY stops crying. They hand Casey back to her, and he starts crying again.

I know some people have a knack at calming babies. But does it really happen that fast? I would think they need to hold the baby a certain way or sing to it with a certain soothing voice.

So...what? Does Ricky smell bad to the baby? Were they enemies in a past life?

3. Thought that if there really are babies that cry when the mother holds them and stops as soon as someone else holds them that this would be a major contribution to postpartum depression.

I know I would be depressed if Jack rejected me like that. Or at least I would be very hurt. I could remind myself not to take it personally, but I think I still would....especially since I'd be exhausted and stressed. It can be hard to think maturely and rationally when you're severely lacking sleep.

4. Heard an explanation from the all-knowing Dr. Nate (Kyle Pryor).

Casey might be picking up on Ricky's stress.

I can imagine that being true to a point. If a mother is acting very stressed, the baby, like anyone else, could pick up on it. Maybe a stressed mother holds a baby differently. Maybe her voice sounds tense.

I don't know....

I know Ricky is most new mothers are. She's also dealing with the father being in prison. But a lot of new mothers deal with situations that make motherhood extra challenging.

Ricky, though, acts pretty calm. If someone saw her at the grocery store, I don't think they'd think, Wow. That woman has issues. She needs to take a chill pill.

So how does an infant pick up on his mother's stress when she's not showing obvious signs of stress. Is it something about the heart rate? Do babies have a sixth sense?  Does stress make people smell differently?

5. Googled and saw articles that say babies can pick up on a mother's stress.

I'll have to read one and see what this is all about.

6. Read an article.

It's pretty interesting. There was a study done with older babies and their mothers. The heart rate of the baby and mother were tracked. All of the mothers had to do a speech. The ones who got negative feedback had an increased heart rate and so did the babies.

The article says, though, that they don't know HOW the babies are picking up on the stress.

7. Couldn't imagine a new mother NOT being stressed, so I'm not sure why so many babies are fine when their mothers hold them.

Then again, the article didn't say anything about the babies rejecting the stressed mothers.They just said the heart rate increased.

8. Looked at the abstract of the study. They don't say the babies of the stressed mothers rejected the mothers. The babies were actually more likely to be avoidant towards strangers.

Jack had early onset stranger anxiety, and it was quite strong. Lord Wiki says it usually begins around four months. With Jack, I think it started at around the first or second month. Maybe it was because I was a neurotic and stressed out mother?

9. Thought there are a lot of factors that come into play—both nature and nurture.

There's the mother's inborn personality, the baby's inborn personality, the stresses in the mother's life, the support system of the mother and baby, etc.

10. Thought about how pregnancy itself can effect a baby's personality and then started reading this article. It talks about mother's stress and cortisol levels affecting the fetus.

11. Thought again about how it's hard to separate the nature vs. nurture.  Let's say an anxious mother has an anxious child. This could be because she passed on her high cortisol levels in the womb. It could also be that she passed on certain anxiety genes. OR it could be a combination of both.

Personally, I'd also go with spiritual stuff. Because I tend to believe in souls, past lives, and all that fun stuff.

12. Saw that manipulative-Billie (Tessa de Josselin) has now turned into very-kind-and-supportive-Billie.

If this was real life, I'd assume the kindness was just an act. But since this is Home and Away, I'm seeing it as a magical personality transformation.

13. Saw Zac (Charlie Clausen) ask Nate a pretty stupid question.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is lost in the bush with an aneurysm. That's pretty scary, right?

Zac asks Nate what will happen if her aneurysm ruptures while she's lost.

Well, obviously she's going to be in severe medical distress and extreme danger. Having a ruptured aneurysm when you're in your cozy own home is risky enough.

14. Felt sure that Zac knows the danger, and his question is more about expressing fear than seeking information.

Or maybe he was hoping for some kind of reassurance.

15. Thought maybe there's a part of Zac that hopes Nate will say, No worries, Mate. People have aneurisms all the time in the bush. Leah will be as right as rain.  

16. Heard Ash say that Ricky is the most calm he's seen her lately. This is after she went surfing with Billie.

I really can't tell much of a difference.

There were a few times that Ricky cried, but besides that, she seemed quite calm to me.

I started thinking that maybe Bonnie Sveen just isn't an effective enough actress. Maybe she doesn't know how to do stressed, and the other characters have to tell us she's stressed.  But, from what I can recall, Ricky did act stressed and uptight during her pregnancy.

17. Wondered if maybe Sveen didn't get to read scrips ahead of time and therefore didn't know there'd be a stressed mother storyline. Although early on, they had scenes where she wasn't able to settle the baby, and Ash was.

18. Figured it could just be my perception. Maybe I don't see Ricky as being stressed, but other viewers would see something different.

19. Started watching the rest of Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo.

20. Wondered about the portrayal of Kerry Packer in the series. In this one, he's played by Rob Carlton. In Howzat: Kerry Packer's War, he's played by Lachy Hulme.

Both series were produced by John Edwards and his team. The shows were aired about a year apart.  With those factors, it seems to me they should have used the same actor in both series. It would have provided some continuity between the two projects.

Maybe they considered that? Maybe Rob Carlton wasn't available for the second series?

Or for some reason, did they think it was a good idea to change actors?

21. Looked at Rob Carlton's filmography.

He was in six projects in 2012, so it could have been that he was just too busy.

Also, I just saw that he WAS in the second Paper GiantsPaper Giants: Magazine Wars. At least there was some continuity there.

And well...I saw Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, and I don't even remember Kerry Packer being a character in it.  So maybe continuity doesn't matter, anyway.

22. Surprised to see the character of Barry Humphries looking so young.

I know he would be younger, because this movie takes place over forty years ago. But I think I'd picture him being in his late thirties or early forties back then. The guy playing him (Toby Schmitz) looks younger than that..

It's possible, though, that I have overestimated Humphries age.

It's also possible that Humphries looked younger than his age back in the 1970's.

23. Consulted Lord Wiki.

I have not overestimated Humphries' age. He's eighty-two. That's about what I would have expected.

In 1973, he'd be thirty-nine.

24. Looked at Toby Schmitz again.

I think he looks like he's between the ages of twenty-two and thirty.

25. Loved this pink dress that Asher Keddie is wearing.

26. Liked what Ita Buttrose (Keddie) says to Leslie Carpenter (Jessica Tovey), one of her employees.

Buttrose has just been promoted and is now one of the few females on an important board.

Carpenter later asks Buttrose how it went. Buttrose tells her it went well, and then says, I'm warming a seat for you.

That's very encouraging.

I think it's nice when successful people encourage others and show a belief that those "below" them can one day be just as successful.

27. Thought that Ita Buttrose, at least the version of her in this series, is very admirable.

She's strong—stands up for herself and others. She also seems to be very kind.

I felt compelled to say that she might not have been the best mother, but that's only because there are not many scenes of her with her kids.  They barely seem to exist. But this could just be because the series didn't concentrate much on her home life.

I'm sure she did have less time with her kids because of job-induced time constraints.  But there could have been high quality within the low quantity.

28. Finished watching the miniseries.

I liked it.  I prefer it over Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and Howzat: Kerry Packer's War.

29. Checked to see if Hulu has the other John Edward's Australia-media bio-pic movie, Power Hames: The Packer-Murdoch story.

They don't, but hopefully they will in the future.

Lachy Hulme reprises his role as Kerry Packer.

30. Saw that I got it wrong.

Lachy Hulme plays FRANK Packer.

That's a little nuts.

Why not have him play the same Packer he played in the last film?

31. Wanted to look up some of the characters in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo—see if they're real people, and what they're up to these days.

32. Looked up Daniel Ritchie, the character played by Matt Day.

I couldn't find anything, except for a page on the ABC website for Paper Giants.

That doesn't mean Ritchie isn't/wasn't real.

He might not have a strong web presence, and/or I might be looking in the wrong places.

33. Found a 2009 article that involves an Aussie Dan Ritchie. He was the head of equities trading for Merrill Lynch. Could he be the same Dan Ritchie who worked for Packer's company in the 1970's?


34. Googled Andrew Cowell, the character played by Tim Meadows, and found he, along with Ita Buttrose, were judges for the 2014 Maggies. These are magazine cover awards.

I actually thought that Cowell was a photographer for Cleo, but I think I just wasn't listening carefully enough. It turns out he's a graphic designer.

35. Looked up Jessica Tovey's character, Leslie Carpenter, and ended up finding an article saying that Tovey planned to buy her character's clothes in a post-production sale.

I would want to do that too if I here in her shoes.

36. Wondered if shows and movies often have post-production sales.

37. Read more of the article and learned that Leslie Carpenter wasn't a real person.

38. Found an article about what happens to TV show clothes.

39. Learned some clothes are rented, so those would just be returned.

Some of the purchased clothes are rented out to other productions. It would be fun to see the history of some outfits—ones that have been on multiple shows.

Sometimes actors get to keep the clothes, but it seems that's pretty rare.

40. Read about the post-production sales.  From what I understand, they happen after a show is finished.  They're open to the public, or at least sometimes they are.

41. Saw that the article does have an example of a costume jumping from show to show. A Gossip Girl coat was also used in The Carrie Diaries.

42. Learned, from the article, that there's a store in California called It's a Wrap. They sell stuff from TV shows.

That's American shows, though. I wonder if Australia has something similar.

43. Tried to find post-production sales in Australia.

I had no luck.

44. Went to to find my next thing to watch.

It's a movie called These Final Hours.

I think there's a song with that title; or at least a song with those words.

45. Could hear bits of the song in my head. For some reason, I think it's song by Augie March?  Or someone with a name like that?

Is there an Augie March?

46. Saw, to my relief, that there is a band called Augie March.  My brain isn't spitting out total nonsense.

47. Stared to think the song is "One Crowded Hour" and not "These Final Hours".

I take it back about my brain.

48. Found the song.

It IS "One Crowded Hour".

49. Saw, from IMDb, that These Finals Hours is an apocalypse film.

50. Looked through the cast list and saw only two actors that are familar to me.

One is Daniel Henshall.  I saw him as a drunk clown on Rake, and he played the serial killer on The Snowtown Murders.

The second is Sarah Snook. I saw her having lots of sex with Ryan Kwanten in Not Suitable for Children.

51. Started to look at some of the actors with the idea I might know them from things without knowing their names.

One of the stars, Nathan Phillips, played Red on The Saddle Club.  I sort of remember him. I think he was the young man who worked at the stables—one of the girls had a crush on him.

52. Had Tim watch the Josh Lawson fire sketch from Thank God You're Here.

The other night, I was in the room, as Tim started watching his show House of Lies. I saw Josh Lawson's name flash by and said something like, Josh Lawson?! He's Australian!  I was kind of in a state of disbelief.

I looked on IMDb and found out the name of Lawson's character on the show. Tim said he was one of the main stars and pointed him out to me. I didn't think it was the right Josh Lawson. He looked so different. I thought IMDb had made a mistake, but then Tim turned on a behind the scenes thing, and we heard the Australian accent.

I do wonder, though, if I had already learned that Josh Lawson was one of the stars of the American show. Like usual, I probably found out and then forget the next day.

53. Wanted to watch the Hamish Blake sketch on Thank God You're Here.

I thought about it when watching the Josh Lawson one.

54. Found it, and started watching.

55. Realized I'm watching the wrong one.

This is the same thing that happened with Tim. Twice, I turned on the wrong Josh Lawson sketch.

There's a part of me that's thinking maybe I should watch these other sketches, but I really want to see the old ones I already know I like.

56. Found the right one...probably.

57. Watched the sketch.

I thought it was very funny.