Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trying to Come Up With An Australian Name

Last night I had this long and elaborate dream about being pregnant.

I wasn't happy at all about the pregnancy. I didn't look forward to the loss of sleep or the pain of labor.  Actually, I dreaded it so much that, at some point in the dream I hoped for the baby to be dead. 

The thing most on my mind, though, throughout the dream was coming up with a name for the baby. One of the ideas I considered was having an Australia-related name.  For some reason, Adelaide came to mind, and also Australia.  But in the dream, I thought about how I had heard naming your child Australia is illegal.

I think that actually is true in real life, and not just my dream. But I think that's only the case in Australia. I think elsewhere, it is probably okay to name your child Australia.  

Even though I'm not pregnant and in no way want to be, I'm kind of plagued this morning by the idea of needing to come up with an Australia-related baby name.  

I suppose Sydney would be the most logical choice. Sydney is my favorite city in Australia. It's the one most important to me.  It's a bit common, though—not a conversation starter.  It's not a name that would make people ask questions, giving me the chance to blab on and on about my Australia-love.  

Then again, I'm not sure if I like answering small-talk conversations—especially ones I hear repeatedly.  And there's also the fact, that I tend to attract people in my life who prefer to talk about themselves over asking questions.  So...kind of a mute point.

Another name I thought of this morning was Acland, for Acland street in St. Kilda, Melbourne. We stayed on that street during our 2013 trip.  I liked staying there.

I'm not sure if I like the sound of the name, though.  

I'm repeating it over and over right now.

Maybe I do like it.

I was just thinking that my favorite place name in Australia is Woolloomooloo. We gave that name to a Koala stuffed animal, a few years back.  Then later I learned we were mispronouncing it.  Either way, I love the name.  

I'm not sure if that name would be appropriate for a child in the U.S.  But since the child is imaginary, she (or he) is getting it.  

Now I'm looking at the article I had seen about banned baby names.  It's about Victoria in particular, but maybe applies to the other Aussie states?   Australia IS on there, but not any other Australia-related terms.  Most of them are titles like Prime Minister, Admiral, Bishop, Emperor, Messiah, etc.  

Since I don't live in Australia, I can use those names for my imaginary baby.  I think I'll name her/him Emperor Woolloomooloo Australia...The Messiah of Texas.