Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm Making a List

I've started making a list of biography subjects.

If I have a strong interest in someone the night before, or morning of, my writing day, I'll write about that person. Otherwise, I'll use to pick.

So far, on the list, I have....

A young film maker—David Ludlow

A film composer—Peter Best

A singer-Dami Im

A politician-Scott Ludlam.

AND...five actors—Ryan Corr, Rhys Muldoon, Alicia Gardiner, Dan Wylie, and Claire Holt.

I'm not sure when I'm going to start doing these posts. It will probably be after we go on the cruise, but depending on my mood, and other things, I might write one before.

We shall see....

Edited to Add: I quickly realized I have too many men on the list and not enough women. Lately I've been trying to be sensitive to the fact that I (and other people) tend to give too much preference to white males.  I want to make an effort to change that in myself. SO...I added many women to the list.  I have to admit that my list is still racially biased, but gender-wise, I managed to fix it up a bit.

So new names: Ursula Yovich, Rachel Perkins, Tanya Plibersek, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Rebecca White, Claire Moore, Sharon Bird, Julie Owens, Melissa Parke, Teresa Palmer, Odessa Young, Rosemary Myers, Maeve Dermody, Lizzy Gardiner, Jo Porter, Pamela Rabe, Caroline Brazier, and Elana Katz Chernin.

Most of the women on the list are either from the current front bench shadow ministry thing, or they're actresses. Then there's a few producers, a composer, a costume designer, etc.

My rule is to always have 70% women and/or nonwhite people on the list.

Some white men and others who are against things like affirmative action might hate my updated list. They might see it as being racist and sexist.

The thing I believe is, when you naturally have racial and gender biases, you sometimes have to purposely act biased in the opposite direction to counteract that.

When I started making my list with no such self-imposed rules, six out of nine of the names were white males.