Sunday, January 7, 2018

The End of An Asshole's Career...Hopefully

Thanks to my Google News app, I've just learned that the Aussie actor Craig McLachlan has been accused, by multiple woman, of abusive behavior.  The man I'm reading about is not just an annoying, gross pervert. He's cruel. He's a sexual predator and a bully. 

Despite the complaints coming from MULTIPLE woman, McLachlan denies any wrongdoing. He doesn't just deny, but in classic manipulative, narcissistic behavior, tries to twist the situation so the victims are the villains. These women weren't abused by him. They're making it up for financial reasons or to gain notoriety.    

Before the 2017 Weinstein drama, it would be easier to believe in McLachlan's victimhood or at least give him a small bit of benefit of the doubt. But now...I just smell bullshit.

I am sick of smelling the bullshit of assholes.  

I am sad for all the women who've had to deal with his abuse.

I am sad that they had to watch their abuser enjoy popularity and adoration.  

I am glad that the events of 2017 made it easier for them to come forward.

I am glad that the events of 2017 will make it easier for them to be believed.

I hope Craig McLachlan's victims enjoy watching him fall. 

I hope other abusers are scared shit that they soon will have the same fate as McLachlan.  

I hope men that are half as bad as McLachlan use 2018 to repent and change their ways.

I hope men that are as bad as McLachlan drop dead.  

Yeah. I used to feel it was morally wrong to wish death on people. 2017 changed that in me.