Thursday, February 22, 2018

Crazy People Should Not Have Automatic Rifles

Last night I watched some of the CNN special about gun massacres.

Teens and parents from Florida demanded answers and changes from politicians and an exasperating NRA spokeswoman.  

The NRA spokeswoman pushed the idea that the problem isn't about owning guns that can easily kill many people in a few minutes. The problem is, crazy people owning these guns.

Well, the thing is, if a civilian owns an automatic rifle, I think they ARE crazy.

Although I actually think every single person is crazy, nuts, mental...whatever you want to call it.

But I'll divide craziness into different types.


Fun Crazy

Quirky Crazy

Silly Crazy

Sad Crazy

Pathetic Crazy

Annoying Crazy

Scary Crazy

Evil Crazy.

If someone owns and automatic rifle, to me, they are Scary Crazy. If this person also/or spends a large portion of their free time fighting for the rights of people to own such dangerous weapons, I think they're Evil Crazy. The NRA spokeswoman likely sees herself as some kind of mythical heroine—a champion of rights. To me, she's just an evil villain. I hope history has its eyes on her. And I hope those eyes are glaring and shooting out lasers.

The keywords that come to my mind when I think of my stereotype of automatic rifle owners: Selfish, Greedy, Show-off, Paranoid, and Racist.

You can argue that I'm wrong about those stereotypes—that you're not like that.  It's very unlikely that I'm going to believe you. Though I might pretend just to be polite. Mostly I'm just glad that my blog comments are I don't have to hear your bullshit.  

My suspicion is that many people who own these guns own them because they fear brown and black people are taking over, and they need to get ready for the big war that is coming.  

How many owners of over-the-top guns and/or gun collections are also shouting out, Build the wall!

How many of them own a Confederate Flag or at least get a warm feeling of pride when they see one?

How many of them are offended by Black History Month and think it's racist to have a TV show called Blackish?

How many of them are deeply offended by Idris Elba being considered as James Bond?

How many think the blacks should just get over slavery already?

How many equate protesting police brutality with hating on the military?

How many are horrified of gun owners losing their guns or being arrested but don't give a shit about black people being in prison for owning a few ounces of cannabis? 

It might not be all, but I bet it's a lot.