Thursday, February 22, 2018

Twitter: The Musical

Yesterday I was singing in the shower and decided that one day we will need to have a Trump musical.  But it couldn't actually have Trump in the title, because that would be giving the egomaniac what he desires.


I thought that we should have a musical about this time period  and base it all on Twitter.

Here are my ideas:

1. Have real Tweets from celebrities be read aloud and shown on big screens. The celebrities themselves could record the Tweets or impersonators could do the reading.

2. Tweets from the general population would be represented by singers/dancers. These could be real Tweets or inspired by real Tweets.

3. Have the American Tweets be represented by either red or blue costumes. Other countries could wear their flags maybe?  I'm not sure.

4. Have one or two main characters, and the action kind of happens around them.  Maybe they'll sit on their living room couch with their phone in their hand, and the Tweets will dance around the room.  

5. Maybe once in awhile the song battles can be interrupted by a dog, cat, or squirrel doing something funny or cute. Real animals won't be used. They can use people in costume or puppetry.  

6. Some songs can be focused on viral Retweets.  A bunch of singer/dancers will repeat the same thing, and every so often a line or variation will be added.  

7. Heavily liked Tweets could be represented by dancers showing adulation. The original Tweet can stand in the center, and then many dancers can kneel below him/her.  Maybe they'll throw rose petals or something like that.

8. I'm not a lyricist or composer, so I don't have any decent song plans.  But here's some song title ideas: "Snow Flake Parade", "My Cup of Liberal Tears"  "Build the Wall" "Find Your Safe Place" "MeToo" "Witch Hunt" "She's Woke" "If You Follow Me, I'll Follow You" "Are You a Bot?"  "The Russians are Coming, but That's Okay". "Why Can't We Be More Like Australia?" "How Much Are They Paying the Protesters?" "Grace vs. Aziz Ansari" "What Color are Terrorists?" "I Dare You to Go To Sweden" "Shit Hole Countries" "Welcome Norwegians" "Catching Paper Towels" "He Looked at the Sun" "Frederick Douglas is Dead, You Moron", "My Toddler Shot Me in the Back But I Still Support the NRA" "Choose your Pizza Wisely" "Finding Peace and Sanity With Netflix" "We Used To Hate George W. Bush"

I wish I could write songs.