Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey! Have You Lost Weight?

On the Australian Screen website, I watched clips from a documentary called Good Girls Do Swallow. I THOUGHT it was going to be deal with what Sookie Stackhouse did with Eric Northman in the book I finished reading last night. But no. It's about dieting.

It's based on a book by Rachael Oakes-Ash. Like me, she dealt with eating and body image issues.

I'm still dealing with mine actually. I've kind of fallen off that wagon. But that's a whole other story.

The good news is, I'm being healthier about it this time. Maybe...Probably.

Anyway, in this clip they talk about how people diet, and then end up heavier than when they started. This seems true from what I've seen and experienced.

I've seen A LOT of people lose weight....lots of weight. They get tons of congratulations. They feel great about themselves. They look awesome.

Then you see them a few years later, and they've....well, they've grown.

I can't think of people who've lost a lot of weight and kept it off. I'm not talking a couple of years but rather decades. Or one decade.

I'm sure there are people who truly succeed at weight loss, but I think it's probably rare.

People get excited about that show, The Biggest Loser. How many of those contestants are going to be at a healthy weight ten years from now?

It would be nice if we could just accept our bodies for what they are, and stop all this dieting.

But then there's that whole obesity thing. Being huge isn't good for you.

I'm not huge, but I sadly have an apple-shaped body. This gives me a big waist and apparently this is not healthy.

So what do you do?

If you have too much weight and dieting is bad for you.....

AND I saw the Time Magazine Cover saying that exercise alone won't make you lose weight.....

Well, I'm personally going for the plan of LOTS of exercise, and a little bit of dieting. Maybe that will work.

I like exercising. It makes me feel more awake. I end up having much less fatigue.

It helps me deal with all my anger.

I have LOTS of unresolved anger issues.

It does make me sweat a lot, and that's gross. But oh well. You can't have everything.

My new thing is to exercise while reading. That's pretty awesome. I hardly feel like I'm exercising, except for the fact that I end up dripping wet.

Yeah. Gross.

To me the worst part of exercising is not the actual pain and endurance stuff. It's the boredom.

So with reading, I'm not bored....well, unless the book is boring.

But besides losing some of my tummy weight, my other recent goal in life is to have the will to quit reading books that I'm not liking.

And I really shouldn't say my goal is to lose some of my tummy weight. I've already won that game in the past. I did GREAT. And then it all came back, and more so. That was an empty win.

So my new goal is to lose some tummy weight (and maybe a tiny bit of butt and thigh as well) and KEEP it off.

I'm trying to keep all hopeful and peppy here, but I'm thinking I'll probably end up thin again and then really fat a few years later. I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!

Maybe since I've been realistic and faced what's likely to happen, it won't happen.

I think in the long run, it's usually best for me to be pessimistic.