Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Travel Anxiety

We're planning to go to Australia this year.

By planning I mean we bought Qantas tickets and have already put down money for accommodations. 

I'm so overly the point of being obsessive.

I also have a lot of anxiety about the whole thing.

I'm always a bit nervous about traveling, but I think maybe this time the nervousness is more intense.

And I'm feeling horribly superstitious.  That's why I keep saying things like we're planning to go to Australia rather than we're going to Australia

It's also one of the reasons I cut back from blogging. I fear talking about it too much will jinx me, and it's hard to talk about Australia without talking about the trip.    

I worry that the trip isn't going to happen.  Or it will happen, but it won't be as good as the 2007 and 2009 ones.   

I want it to be fantastic...close to perfect.

But what if my desire for perfection makes me too uptight and I fail to have fun?  Or what if I drive Tim and Jack nuts, so much that they end up hating the holiday and hating Australia?

I'm anxious about posting this.

Will I be jinxing myself?

Or am I close to being mentally deranged and posting this is a step in my recovery?


Yesterday I was thinking of time.  

I thought about how I wished the time leading up to our trip would go by super fast. (I want to be in Australia NOW).

 I want the time on the airplane to go by even faster.  

Then I want our time in Australia to go by extremely slow.  I want our few weeks there to feel like a lifetime.  

Well...uh...I mean in a good way.  I don't want us stuck out in the bush somewhere—hot and thirsty, feeling like each torturous minute is an hour. That would suck.