Friday, May 10, 2019

I Was Writing a Post About Melina Root....

I started another biography post.

Well by started I mean I wrote a LOT of stuff over several days. It was getting very long.

Cool, but also not cool. Because I was feeling very unsure about my new biography posts.

I sort of enjoyed writing them. But like the old biography posts, the IMDb bits became somewhat tedious. 

I felt like the posts were kind of awful.

Sometimes, though, I think a post is awful. Then months or years later, I read it and like it.

I figured I'd keep writing the posts and a few years later I might come back and think, Hey! This actually isn't bad!

But then I was trying to save my Melina Root post so I could start getting ready for bed. Something went wrong. I got that message of, are you sure you want to close, because things aren't saved yet.  My fingers clicked faster than my brain could process, and I lost about an hours worth of work.

Well, actually I wasn't sure if I lost it.

I thought maybe despite the dire message, my work had been saved.  I tried to click on my post and Blogger was all slowish.

I waited and thought about things.

I decided then that if part of my post was gone, I'd take it as a sign that I should quit.

And here's the main thing. I WANTED my work to be gone. I wanted the universe to tell me to quit. 


You know. I do believe the universe sends us signs. But often the more important message is what we're WANTING the universe to say to us. In the end, that probably means more.

I'm also wondering. Should I A) Keep blogging; go back to non-biography posts. B) Quit my Blog C) Go on another hiatus.

I'm leaning towards B and C. Well, I've decided on B or C. At least for now. 

My plan is to not write until (if ever) things change regarding my blog stats.

For the last few months, my most popular post has been about anal sex.

I think there is a very small number of people reading my other recent posts.

The few visitors I get either go to my old posts (pre-2015) or they go to the butt sex post.

So my feeling is I will get back to writing if/when the universe ever tells me that my blog is worth more than the damn anal sex one. 

That might never happen.

Which is fine.

It will give me more time to watch TV, clean, scroll through Instagram, etc.