Our 2009 Australia Trip

In February 2009, we had our second trip to Australia.    I wrote detailed posts about our journey.   Here's a list of those posts!  


Day One....In which Meryl Streep saves the day  

Day Two....In which we embarrass ourselves at the touristy food court 


Day Three...In which our hotel room smells bad 

Day Four...in which I'm very nervous about the upcoming weekend


Day Five...in which Jack freaks out


Day Six...in which we eat and eat and eat

Day Seven...in which we all feel a lot of love 


Day Eight...in which we make our way to Canberra


Day Nine...in which I remember that I don't like museums that much

Day Ten...in which my nephew is not born

Day Eleven...in which we get to imagine we're the Irwins

Day Twelve...in which we don't see earwax being used as food


Day Thirteen...in which I'm a bitch


Day Fourteen....in which we go to Ireland to buy a scooter

Day Fifteen...in which there's a new earthling named Javier

Day Sixteen...in which we see beauty

Day Seventeen...in which I have trouble communicating with my family back in Texas

Day Eighteen...in which the sun finally comes out

Day Nineteen...in which we head to Sydney 


Day Twenty....in which we meet another Aussie homeschooling family

Day Twenty-One...in which we meet one of my most favorite people in the world

Day Twenty-Two....in which we lose the first camera

Day Twenty-Three....in which we get a new camera

Day Twenty-Four....in which we finally see a stonefish

Day Twenty-Five...in which we upload photos to our computer

Day Twenty-Six....in which we meet an awesome woman named Fe

Day Twenty-Seven....in which I rush to see my cousin

Day Twenty-Eight...in which mothers rush to buy their kids new shoes  And here's a sequel to that story.  

Day Twenty-Nine...in which I have one of the best days of my life

Day Thirty...in which we say good-bye

Day Thirty-One...in which we search for our camera

Day Thirty-Two....in which Jesus looks for his bus

Day Thirty Three...in which we eat way too too much sugar

Day Thirty-Four....in which I have bad timing

Day Thirty-Five...in which we eat fairy bread