Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day which we embarass ourselves at the touristy food court

We had a whole day in Hawaii.

We stayed at Aqua Aloha Surf and Spa. It was about three blocks away from the beach.

That morning we woke up fairly early; probably around six. Maybe earlier. Tim went on a run. I took Jack down to the free breakfast buffet. They had a make-your-own-pancakes thing that delighted Jack.

The surprise of the morning was that Waikiki was crowded When you're out and about so early you expect the world to be a bit empty. It wasn't! It seems we weren't the only ones dealing with jet lag.

After Tim returned from his run and ate a quick breakfast, we put on our swimming suits and walked to the beach. I wore a new swimming suit that had looked much better when I was about five pounds lighter.

We had fun and looked forward to many beach days in Australia.

After we swam a bit, we decided to go eat lunch. Jack wanted to go back to the hotel and change into regular clothes. Tim and I are debated with him, saying we should stay in our wet suits and let them dry as we walked. Then after lunch, we could go back to the beach.

We walked and came to The International Market Place. Tim warned me it was a tourist trap. I said we were in Hawaii for only a day. We were allowed to play tourist. We didn't really have the time (or energy) to go off the beaten path.

We found a food court and all ordered Korean food.  After the order went through and the food was ready to be given to us, we learned the place was cash only. We were almost two dollars short. How embarrassing! The woman working there was really sweet and accepted our promise to go get money later. We ate, and since I finished first, I offered to go to the hotel and grab some more cash. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to get back to our hotel. I found a free-brochure stand that included a map of Waikiki. I called Tim. Using his guidance and the map, I was able to find my way back.

Oh! I just remembered something! The hardest part about getting back to the hotel was finding my way out of the damn International Market Place. Tim wasn't joking when he called it a TRAP.

While walking, I realized I had a bit of a discomfort. I had some kind of skin issue in my inner thighs. A rash! Ouch! I ignored it and rushed back to the food court. I gave the woman at the Korean restaurant the money. She graciously accepted. We then ate some ice-cream.

We went back to the beach where we swam. My rash stung. Tim buried Jack in the sand.

At night, we lacked creativity and returned to the food court in the International Market Place. On our way there, we picked up a brochure about the Lost tour. We decided we'd try to do it when we returned to Hawaii on our way back to Texas.

We went to bed early because we had to wake up early for our flight to Sydney.

And during all this, my rash became quite painful and disgusting. And I still had a sore toe. I wondered how I'd manage the long walks we planned in Australia. I wondered if I'd be able to swim during all our beach days.


Jayne said...

Glad to catch up with you again!
Enjoying your holiday memories :)

Gina said...

Hello there. Excellent to be able to read you over my morning coffee again! I'm looking forward to the rest of your day by day account.

I just got a pang of "I want to go to Hawaii" - my first morning there I got up early, wandered around and ended up - guess where -the International Market Place! Tim's right - total tourist trap, but I loved it anyway.

Dina said...

Jayne: Hi! I'm glad you're reading. And I'm glad to be back to read your blog.

Gina: Hi!!! It's so funny that you're my friend now and not some mysterious entity reading my blog.

We all really miss you. Sawyer does too. He's with us now. We kidnapped him. He's waiting for you in Texas. Come here and we'll all go to the Outback Steakhouse together. Tracey will have to come too since we lost all our Aussie Outback photos. We're going to have to retake all those photos.

We need to all go to Hawaii. Although I'm not having "I want to go to Hawaii" pangs. I'm just having "I want to see my friends again" pangs. I don't care WHERE we are. Although Australia would be my first choice ; )

Gina said...

I feel the same way - reading a friend's blog rather than the blog of someone who is interesting yet unknown.

Mission kidnap Sawyer accomplished? Yippee!! Although I do believe that my instructions were to send him to me...

It was Lost night last night. My sister and I discovered that a couple of our theories were correct. Very smug we are now :)

I would love to come to Texas. The idea is planted in my mind - just need to think about getting holidays and finding some cash.

I think I told you I had to work on Saturday night - in the far northwest of Sydney... We drove past an Outback Steakhouse on the way there. I thought of you!

magikquilter said...

ooh....rash from wearing wet cossies...used to happen t me all the time when i walked home gfrom the beach in wet swimmers. Jack was is better to get into dry clothes as soon as possible.

So the toe was still hurting then....good that it was better when we met.

It is fun you read you in the mornings again as Gina says!

Dina said...

Gina: I'm holding Sawyer as ransom.
We're so behind on Lost! I thought we'd watch it tonight maybe, but it's almost 8 and Tim still isn't home!! I'm not sure if he'll want to watch it or not. I think it's almost time for him to go to bed.

lol about the Outback. Tracey thinks of me when she washes her daughter's hair. You think of me when you pass The Outback. I'm glad you guys have such memories of me.

Magikquilter: Yeah! We should have listened to Jack!

I'm not sure when the toe got better. Kind of sad I took it for granted. It's still a tiny bit sore, but not in a way that matters. Today I was actually able to wear gym shoes!!! (that's "runners" in Aussie language)

Gina said...

When you've watched let me know where you're up to... I have some theories!

Anja said...

I must have some English in me (I doubt it) as I call 'runners' 'trainers'

I agree with Gina. It's so good to have you back and to be able to have a leisurely read over coffee.

Dina said...

Gina: Tim just got home. He said he wants to watch Lost! We probably won't get through more than one episode so you'll still be ahead of us. I think we're going to be watching "The Little Prince". I hope we can catch up fast because I'm very eager to hear your theories!

Anja: It's funny/weird/sad that I'm back, but also away.

I wonder if Americans call them "Trainers" at all. I usually hear "Gym shoes" "Tennis shoes" or "sneakers." Sneakers is probably the weirdest name.

Gina said...

"The Little Prince" is a good one...and last nights (which is the one after little prince) answers a lot of questions. Enjoy!

Consider me weird then, because they're definitely "sneakers". Or - in my family - Dunlop Volleys - because they're the only sneakers any of us will wear! I suspect the terminology differs from state to state, as with swimming apparel.

Dina said...


I already considered you weird!!! That's the main reason I like you so much.

But I AM surprised you use the word "sneakers". I thought that was American.

We just finished watching the Little Prince. We might watch the next episode now. Then I guess I'll be caught up with you? I hope! Then I'll try to stay with you so we can talk about things!!

mscherrylane said...

oooh...mystery rash! LOL the doctor bits in me are dying to know the details...

p.s Jack looks eerily like my niece!!

Dina said...


I should have taken a photo of the rash.

Is your niece half-Asian?

Mim said...

It's sneakers for us too.

Both my boys tend to get rashes between the legs when they swim in the surf and don't get changed out of their boardies as soon as they get out of the water.

Jeanne Marie said...

I see this is an older post, however, I got back from Waikiki and had a rash. My sister claims it was from raw sewage being dumped out at sea. She's a lovely person.

I still have it and have been taking benadryl. I hope my sister was lying like she used to when we were kids.

Enjoyed your blog even if it is a few years old. Some things never change like that food court.

Dina said...

Hi Jeanne Marie,

It's fun getting a comment on an old post.

Raw sewage. Gross! Hopefully your sister was lying; but who knows. It could be true.

I hope your rash gets better soon.

Thanks for enjoying my blog...and telling me : )