Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just in Case You Didn't Know Alberto Was Italian

Tim and I were very amused with McLeod's Daughters yesterday.

We're on Season two now, and Jodi's Italian lover boy Alberto has returned.

Tim noticed that every time they show Alberto, very stereotypical romantic Italian accordion music plays in the background. Each time we see Alberto, we feel like we're at an Italian restaurant eating a huge bowl of spaghetti.

This suddenly became absolutely hilarious to us. I said what if her boyfriend had been Chinese? Would we hear Chinese music? How about a Middle Eastern boyfriend? Or Indian? Would they play Mariachi music for a Mexican boyfriend?

Maybe they should have a whole International cast. The music will keep changing and soon we'll feel like we're at Epcot World Showcase.

I'm wondering if they ever end up having an American character on the show. And what kind of music do they play for them? What's stereotypical American music? Maybe that Dueling Banjo's song from Deliverance?

I asked Tim....what if the show was not Australian and they had an Australian character? What stereotypical music could they play? Tim said maybe they would have a didgeridoo playing.

Below is the beginning of the episode where Jodi meets Alberto. If you want to hear the music, but don't want to watch the whole episode, forward to 1:15.


  1. I am feeling so left out not having seen the show-- I'll just patiently wait for the subject to wander off tv....
    talk amongst yourselves...

  2. Laura,

    You silly girl. Why do you think I added that clip to the post????

    I'm trying to get you addicted like everyone else!!!!

    Honestly. That's how I first got addicted to the show. I watched it on YouTube.

  3. You truly are addicted!! lol

  4. Wow you really really like that show. Just so you know, it's not really a stereotypical aussies show, I am from Australia and I do not know one person who watches it or who has ever watched it!
    I'm not trying to be mean or anything!! I am just making sure you dont think it is a clear reflection of aussie culture.
    But you have been here ey?
    Where abouts??

    Charlie xo

  5. Bettina: We are!! Although yesterday I was telling Tim I sort of miss our other shows. They're on summer hiatus though. I have no idea when they'll be back on.

    Charlie: I heard that about Home and Away....that it's more popular in the UK than Australia. Hadn't heard that about McLeod's Daughters.

    I read that it was at one time the 3rd most popular drama in Australia.

    It's probably less popular now because it is in the 8th season, and I'm sure like most TV shows the quality has gone down.

    I'm not sure if any TV show...especially a soap opera can be a clear reflection of the culture it comes from.

    I would hope Australians are not judging Americans based on Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.