Friday, August 1, 2008

Try It! You Might Like It!

We all like to give each other suggestions.

Oh!  You have to try this.  You'll TOTALLY love it.

You should read this book.

You need to..... (fill in the blank yourself, please.  I can't think of anything)

Lately, I've been all into this anti-controlling thing.   Don't be pushy.  Be gentle.

So, Tim and I were chatting in the pool one afternoon.   I said we SHOULD all wipe out the word "should" from our vocabulary.

I hate when people tell me I should do this or do that.  It's so pushy.

I think the two main times we get shoulds and you-musts in your life is pregnancy and holiday/trip-planning.

You should breastfeed!   You should go to movies before the baby comes.   You must make sure the baby doesn't fall asleep in your arms.   You must sign up for daycare before the baby is born.  
When we planned our Sydney holiday, we got a lot of it.   You should go to the Jewish Museum.   You MUST take a harbor cruise.   You should go to the Great Barrier Reef

I told Tim I appreciated the suggestions, but couldn't they say it in a less pushy way?

You might like to try The Jewish Museum.
We enjoyed the Harbor Cruise.   Maybe you'd like it too.

Then that very night, Tabitha told us about her plans to go to NYC.   Tim and I used to live there and we visit every so often.

Oh, poor Tabitha.  We attacked the poor girl.   You MUST avoid eating in Midtown.  Oh my God!  You have to go the Shake Shack!  Do NOT pay to go on a tour of the Statue of Liberty.  Go on the Staten Island Ferry instead.

I realized that this Should  and Must and Have-To business is a hard habit to break.

We get excited and want to spread the joy.

Sometimes we spread joy.  Sometimes we spread annoyance.

I think it depends on how well our interests match the person we're making suggestions to.

We probably all have a person in our life who makes suggestions that never work for us.   After awhile, we learn exactly what to AVOID from talking to that person.  

You should watch this TV show.  I'm totally into it.

Tim and I immediately cross it off our list of TV shows we want to watch.

You should try this restaurant.   Cross it off the list.   Never going there.

You'll love this book.   I now know I never want to read it.

But then there are other people who make suggestions that totally work for me.

My friend Suzanne casually mentioned that I might like McLeod's Daughters.  We all know where that led!

My suggestion Goddess is Jayne.   I swear.  I feel I should start paying her or something.   I'm thinking she reads my mind or something.   It's like she knows exactly what I'll like.  

Okay, some of her suggestions are not aimed at me personally.  They're just on her blog.   Such as the ad contest on Gruen Transfer.    FUNNY stuff.   Advertising companies compete to see who can best sell the unsellable.   I love the one promoting anti-tourism and the one promoting global warming.  

The website also provides a place for you to make your own ads.   Jack plays on it and made hilarious little works of art.  

When I said I was looking for things to do in Sydney, Jayne suggested I do the haunted Quarantine Station tour.   Now I no longer feel brave about doing the Shark Dive or Bridge Climb.   Yikes.  Those look easy compared to this.   I did the Bridge Climb and Shark Dive alone.  I'm NOT doing this thing alone.  No way.  One of you will have to come with me.  Or a lot of you.   Okay?  Please?   Anyone? Hello?

Yesterday, Jayne found me my next Aussie celebrity crush.   Yeah, cause I'm kind of getting over Becky (although Jessica Napier is actually a Kiwi and not an Aussie)  Adam Hills.   I'm totally in love.

In comments yesterday, someone asked me what I liked about Australia.  I gave a nice little list.  Screw that list.  Now I can just say Adam Hills.   That's all I need.   Nothing more.   I can love Australia for that one man.

He is awesome.

Thanks for introducing me to him, Jayne.

Anyway.   I'd love to hear other suggestions.

What other Aussie stuff should I be looking out for?