Friday, August 29, 2008

What Is The Deal With The Accents?

I am totally loving all this Australia music I'm learning about.

But for a lot of the songs, I can't really hear an Australian accent.

If I heard these songs and didn't know any better, I would probably assume the singers were American.

What is the deal?

Am I ethnocentric and hearing "American" when it's not even there? Is there a neutral accent that I mistake as being American?

Are Australian singers purposely singing with an American accent? If so, why?

Does the American accent work better for singing for some reason?

I don't know. Maybe this is how the American accent was invented in the first place.

Maybe the Puritans liked to sing a lot. They kept singing and then said Hey. Let's get rid of the British accent and just use that accent we use for our singing!

I googled this whole thing and found a somewhat disturbing article. It basically talks about how young Australians are adopting aspects of the American accent. I guess it makes sense since Australia has so much American television. We watch ONE Australian TV show and I started picking up the Australian accent.

Speaking of accents....when we were in Sydney, Tim got one of the worst insults of his life. My friend's son whispered. He sounds like George W. Bush. Oh no!!

Accents are a funny thing.

I personally like the Australian accent the best. When I receive my superpowers and take over the world, my first law passed will be that every English-Speaking person must speak with an Australian accent.