Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whose Side is The Robot On?

Another episode of Jack's McLeod's Daughters:

It started with Tess and Claire putting a stink bomb in Peter Johnson's car. The plan was that Peter would assume the stink came from Claire herself and Peter would lose interest in Claire.

Claire would be free from Peter's obsessive and manipulative love!

Meanwhile, Liz Ryan came over to Tess to apologize for her previous outburst regarding Tess spilling the big family secret.

For some people, an apology has quite the emotional tole. Poor Liz fell to the ground in what looked to be a heart attack. But no! It was some kind of metaphysical occurrence. With Tess as a witness, Liz reincarnated and morphed into a one-year-old baby. She asked for a name, and then crawled away.

Back to Peter Johnson and his sinister ways. He schemed and came up with the ultimate plan. What do you do if the one you love isn't perfect? You make a robot version of them!

He made Rob0t-Claire; then programmed her to ride horses and say I love you.

It worked for awhile, but then the robot rebelled and killed Peter Johnson by poking him in the eye.

The girls of Drovers Run now have a new ally.


  1. That sort of reminds me of the Buffy Bot that was made out of unrequited love on a different tv series.

    Perhaps Jack has a future in television writing.

  2. Ahh, that's better - my quota of brain candy has now been met for the day ;) Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Darcy:

    LOL about the Buffy Bot. Too funny. I need to watch that show. I watched a few episodes and liked it, but never got really into it.

    I agree about Jack and the TV writing.

    Catatonickid: Glad it made you laugh!!
    Thanks for saying so.

  4. i love it i love it i love it!
    haha Jack is great!

  5. Peter Johnson IS EVIL!!!

    EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!!!!!!!