Monday, September 8, 2008

A Psychic Moment

Every morning when I wake up, I have a ritual.   First, I write down my dreams in my private online journal.  Then I write down what picture greeted me on my desktop (I had this idea that the photo would be a message for the day.  But so far, it doesn't seem to be a message of any real significance.  Oh well!).

I then go back to read the dream and other entries I had for exactly a month ago.   And then I read the entries from a year ago.    If there are no entries for that day, (I don't usually record my dreams when on holiday) I'll read six months back or two years back.   After this, I pull two cards from my homemade fortune-telling/advice deck and write down what the cards say.   Yes, I'm strange.  

Speaking of strange, another type of entry I have in my journal is what I call Weird Stuff.   These entries usually include stuff like coincidences, bizarre things I encounter, and what I call popped-into-my-head.   

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has these popped-into-my-head moments.   This is where something really random will just....well, pop into my head.    They often happen when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep, or when I have just woken up.   Often it's a phrase.  Sometimes it's a number.   Other times, it's an image.  

Once I was walking in the park and suddenly thought.   I want some chicken salad.   I absolutely hate things like chicken salad.   I have a very strong aversion to mayonnaise.  But suddenly, this was in my mind.

Sometimes these popped-into-head things are so strong that I'll say it aloud.   I feel a bit possessed.

For example, once I was walking around my parent's lake house and sang aloud,  
See what you want to see and your heart will belong to me.

This morning, I went to read the entries for September 8, 2007.    I found a popped-into-head thing that said  Something about Terri Irwin in conflict with in-laws about property ownership.

Seeing it this morning, I thought it MIGHT be psychic, because I know Terri Irwin did end up having some legal issues with her father-in-law.    I thought maybe I had read this and that's why it was in my head.   But I figured if that's what had happened, I wouldn't have recorded it as Weird Stuff.

I went to google news to see when the legal difficulties had happened--or at least find when it had been broadcast.    The earliest I can find is around March 2008--Six months after I had my popped-into-my-head thing.    So, I think maybe I had a little bit of a psychic moment.

Jack had one of these popped-into-head things a week or so ago.   I've never witnessed it happening to someone else.   Anyway, we were at the table eating together.   Suddenly, he got this weird look on his face and said something like I don't like him.   I really don't like him.   It was totally random and out-of-the-blue.    I asked him who he was talking about and Jack had no idea.   He seemed as mystified as I was.  

Weird.  Weird.  Weird.

Speaking of psychic.   Here's my September 11 dream.   I had it on November 12 1998.

 Everyone goes on these small planes all the time. Twice when I go on them, they crash right after I use them, when the next person goes on. Then it is time for me to go on again. I am with teachers and kids are on the plane with us. I have Jesse. I get nervous suddenly and realize we can get killed. We go through this place where you see prejudice images of Muslims. There are so bumpy moments, but I fly the plane okay and we survive. But I realize you are supposed to get rid of plane before entering a building and I don't do that usually.

Well, it does seem kind of related.   Or maybe not.