Friday, September 5, 2008

Some Sydney Ideas

I'm doing research about more places to explore in Sydney.   I want to return to all the old stuff we loved, but also see stuff we haven't seen yet.

Here's my list so far.

1. Coogee- Or maybe not.  We're going to be doing the South Coast just before coming to Sydney.  Will we be tired of beaches?   Maybe?   Or maybe not.   I guess we'll see.  

2. Botany Bay-I feel I should see this place.  I'm not sure if it will be all that exciting--except to enjoy the historical significance of it all.  For those of you who are not Australian, this is the place that Captain Cook first landed.  It sort of marks the beginning of white Australian history.   Or actually British-Australian history--since it seems other European ships kind of dropped by before.  

According to Wikipedia, it has some interesting scuba diving.  Maybe Tim can take advantage of that.  I have a feeling Jack won't appreciate me dragging him here.  I'll try to get him excited about the history.  If that doesn't work, we'll bribe him with promises of sugar.

3. Mosman-Well of course we want to return to the zoo.  But I want to go beyond the zoo this time.   Maybe we'll just walk around a bit.   Oh, who am I kidding?   After the zoo, we'll be all hot and exhausted.   I'm sure we'll all decide to rush back to the hotel and rest.   But at least we can say we considered exploring Mosman.  

4. Balmain-This was one of the ferry stops.  I'm really curious about what's here.  Actually, I think this might be where we met my friend for dinner.  Maybe?   We didn't take the ferry there though.  I guess the restaurant was too far from the wharf.  So we took a bus instead.    Anyway, we can see a lot of old buildings here and stuff.   

5. Parramatta-The name means "The place where the eels lie down."   Okay.   I'm cool with that.   I guess even eels need to rest sometimes.    This place is known as the second CBD (central Business district).   I say it should be promoted to the first--since they're so good to the eels.  

Anyway, it's supposed to have a pretty good interactive historical museum.  The Elizabeth Farm.   That might be pleasant and interesting.

6. Bicentennial Park-We like parks and picnics.   Jack loves playgrounds.   I love sitting and reading my book while he plays on the playground.   We might as well go here.   Yeah and we'll probably be attacked by an Ibis.  

7. Glebe:  The first prime minister was born there.    It has lots of bookstores.  I love bookstores!   I need to buy more Aussie books--especially fiction.   I'd love to find more Patricia Shaw books.  I like easygoing women's historical fiction.   I'd also love to find more Monica McInerney books. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to find some more light Australian Fiction. The Aussie stuff I find here in Texas is very literary and usually quite dark. And that stuff is fine--to a point.  I'd just like to have some light fiction as well. I'd also love to find some biographies. Maybe I can find one on Jimmy Barnes. I might be developing a little crush on him. I listened to Forever Now about ten times in a row last night.

8. Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst--all this recent talk of the Holocaust has brought up a little bit of my prior obsession with Judaism and the Holocaust.   My Jewish roots are calling out to me again. Okay, and it will make my mommy happy if I go.  

9. Australian National Maritime Museum.   I had no interest in going the last time we were there.  But usually the only Australian Nonfiction they have at our local used bookstore are ones that concern ships..   Captain Cook stuff and shipwrecks.   So, now I'm a little more interested.

10. Redfern.   I know it doesn't have the best reputation, but I wonder how bad it truly is.    Is it dangerous all the time?  Dangerous only at night?  Not dangerous at all?  From what I'm reading, it seems to be making improvements.   It reminds me of NYC.   Places that are safe and popular now we're once known as "bad" neighborhoods.    Harlem and the Lower East Side are good examples.   I think also"Hell's Kitchen" now has a positive reputation. 

11. Dulwich Hill-Great ethnic diversity.   It doesn't look all that exciting, but I do like walking around neighborhoods.    And from what the NY times says, it seems like a very charming place.   It says all the different ethnic groups get along well and no ethnic group dominates.   I like that.  Not because I like diversity--but because it's obvious that they're looking for a leader.   This could be my first step in world domination.