Thursday, September 4, 2008

Staying in the South Coast

Okay, so we've decided to spend a few days on the South Coast of New South Wales.

The next huge decision we stay in Shellharbor or Wollongong?

Well, actually it's not that big of a decision because they're right next to each other.   If we stay in Shellharbor, we can always pop over to Wollongong for a visit.   And vice versa.

The day I started thinking about changing our plans and going to the South Coast, Tim had mentioned Seven Miles beach in Australia.   I think what he meant was ONE Mile Beach--the place we went to in Port Stephens.    I corrected him and said Seven Miles Beach is in The Cayman Islands.

He sheepishly accepted my correction.

Then later that evening I started doing research on the south coast and found there IS a Seven Mile Beach in Australia.  If I was nice, I'd say that Tim had probably done research on his own and knew there was a Seven Mile Beach.   I'm not nice though, so I'm just going to say it was a lucky coincidence for Tim--allowing him a rare moment to be right.

I found this holiday park on Seven Mile Beach.   Wow!  It's won a lot of awards.  Although they haven't won anything in the last two years?   Should I worry?   Does this mean it has gone downhill in quality?   Or does it just mean something else came along that's better?   Or maybe they have won awards and they just haven't had time to update their website.   But if they're too busy to update their website, couldn't this mean they're too busy to do other things?   Like clean the pool?   Mop the floors?  Cut the grass?  Get rid of the Funnel Web Spiders?

Well, now I'm looking at the facilities part of the site.   This looks fun!  There's a giant jumping pillow.  This will be wonderful.   Jack and another child will collide.  The other parents will blame Jack.  We'll blame their child.   We'll get new enemies!!

Okay, this is awesome.   Not only is there is a beach, but there's also a river where you can canoe.  We should totally do that!   Oh and there's also a creek.    When we lived in St. Louis, we had a creek in our backyard.   Well, just thought I'd tell you guys that.   A little piece of Dina-Childhood-History.

Oh!   You can feed chickens here!   Tim worries about me being in contact with farm animals, and I think this is why he vetoed the whole sheep farm thing.   It's not because he's scared of farm animals.  He's scared that when American immigration officers ask if we've been in contact with livestock/farm animals, I won't lie.    Well, he might be right.   I'm not good at lying.   And what happens if you tell them that you WERE in contact with farm animals?   Are you put in quarantine?    Well, that might be exciting.  Maybe?    It'll at least give me something to write about in the blog.

Hey, maybe they send you back to Australia!!   That would be totally cool.   If this is the case, I'll say.  Sir.  Not only did I get near a farm animal.  I HUGGED a farm animal.   I kissed it.  I even tried to have sex with it.   I have total farm animal cooties.

The choices of accommodations looks great.    They have these adorable things called Safari Tents.   It's like a tent with furniture.   Although I wonder if it will be too hot to stay in those during February.    One of the first things I always look for is air-conditioning.    And I know that's so NOT eco-friendly.   I feel guilty about that.    I did go to camps in the American summer which had no air-conditioning.   I survived that.  Should I be brave and try again?   I don't know.   I've become very intolerant to heat.

We're going to be in the south though,  and we're going to be near a beach.  It shouldn't be that hot.   I hope.