Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comparing Countries

This is kind of a sequel to my post from yesterday.

I love the NationMaster website. It's great for comparing countries.

I'm going to post a few interesting things that I find.

1. Comparing the per capita economic aid donated to other countries in need:

Luxembourg is number one. Very giving people. Denmark is number two. Aren't these also the people who helped Jews during World War II? Remember that book by Lois Lowry? Number the Stars

Australia comes in at #16. United States comes in at #19.

2. Australia wins for most organic cropland per capita. Go Australia!

United States is way below at #23.

3. Columbia and South Africa are the murder capitals of the world.

The United States is #24. Australia is way below at #43.   I would never guess that from reading The Sydney Morning Herald.   From reading that, I sometimes get the impression that everyone is running around stabbing each other.

4. Yikes. Australia is #3 when it comes to rape. Maybe THAT'S what I'm reading about in the news. United States is #9. Saudi Arabia is at the bottom of the list. I wonder if this is because there really is less rape, or is it more about a difference in definition? Or perhaps people are less likely to report it. I guess it could also be that punishments are more severe so less people do it.

5. Norway gave the most money per capita to Tsunami Aid. Australia comes in at #3. United States comes in at #19.

6. Australia has the highest coal consumption per capita. United States comes in at #5. Wow. What's with all the coal?

7. Singapore has the highest per capita oil consumption. The United States is at #5. Australia is at #14.

8. Qatar has the highest CO2 emissions per capita. United States is #5 and Australia is #8. Shame on all of us.

9. If you like forests, go to Suriname. It has the most forest space per capita. Australia is at #5. Another reason for me to love Australia. I love forests! The United States is at #44.

10. The United States has the worst carbon dioxide pollution from fossil fuels. Australia is sadly #2. And we're both obese too. Maybe bad breathing air makes people eat a lot. Or maybe we can't exercise well because we're gasping for breath too much.

11. Luxembourg has the highest alcohol consumption. Ah, maybe this is why they are so generous! They get drunk and then donate lots of money. Australia with its reputation of being grog lovers is down at #14. The United States is at #20, but there's not much of a difference. Australia consumes 9.8 litres per capita. United States consumes 8.3

12. United States has the most McDonalds. Yuck (Jack told me to say that! But I agree with him!) Australia comes in at #4.

13. Denmark eats the most pork. Interesting. They saved the Jews who are not supposed to eat Pork. And now these Danish people eat the most pork. That seems to have such a deep important meaning. Profound. Australia is at #14. United States is at #12.

14. If you don't like crowds, move to Greenland. It has the highest amount of land per capita. Australia is at #4. Another reason I love it so much. Holy crap! The United States is at #54.

15. Russia has the most Abortions. The United States comes in at #6. Australia isn't on the list.

16. Austria (NOT Australia) has the highest percentage of smokers. How can you smoke when you're trying to sing Edelweiss. It makes no sense! Here is something to make me happy to be American. The USA is close to the bottom of the list at #29. For those who think this is a reason for me not to want to move to Australia. Australia is just two notches up. So there!

17. If you want a long life, you should have been born in Andorra. I think that is that tiny little country near Spain or France. Australia is #11 when it comes to life expectancy--not so much so if you're an Aborigine. The United States is #44.

18. For those of us who believe the United States is full of plastic vain people, we come in at #19 per capita for plastic surgery. Australia is #7. I'm SHOCKED! Switzerland is #1. What???!!! Seriously though, it might not just be about vanity. The plastic surgery could include children with craniofacial disorders.

19. The Netherlands has the most Internet users per capita. Cool! Australia comes in at #5. United States is #9.

20. If you like to take breaks from work to relax and actually enjoy life, than don't move to Japan. It has the highest percentage of employed people working longer than 40 hours a week. The United States (surprise surprise) comes in at #2. Australia comes in at #10.

21. If you want to find more people like me--people who start blogs saying they want to become another nationality, move to Japan. It has the highest percentage of people who are not proud of their nationality. The United States is #17. Australia is not even listed.

22. Ireland is the proudest of their nation. United States comes next and then Australia. I'm very proud to be an American who loves Australia. Oh and yes. I love America too. I can love two countries. There's enough room in my heart.

23. Do you want to be trusted? Then move to Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. They have the highest percentage of people who believe that other people can be trusted. United States is at #8 and Australia is at #10.

That's it for now.