Thursday, November 6, 2008


My main reason for going to Darlinghurst is to go to the Jewish museum there.

My main reason for going to the Jewish museum is to make my mother happy.

She wanted me to go last time, and I didn't.

Sometimes I'm a good little daughter who wants to do what my mommy says.

Google Map time first:   Darlinghurst is south east of the CBD (Central Business District).    It's part of the Eastern Suburbs but less east than some of the other Eastern Suburbs.

I'm talking to Lord Wiki now.   He says that Oxford Street is the highlight of Darlinghurst and it's like a mecca for gay people.

This is interesting.....

Lord Wiki says that Oxford Street is becoming more popular than the famous Kings Cross, in terms of nightclubs and all that.

Originally, Darlinghurst was named after Governor Macquarie's wife Henrietta.   Then Darling became Governor and he named it after his wife.    Yeah.  Really.  Give me a break.    I think he just wanted to name it after himself.   Darling is HIS last name.   Why didn't he name it after her first name or maiden name? 

Lord Wiki says that not only is the Jewish museum in Darlinghurst, but the Australia Museum as well. We went to the Australia museum.   So, I guess we've been to Darlinghurst.  I didn't realize that counted as Darlinghurst.  I thought it was just the CBD.

I do think we passed Oxford Street on the bus to Bondi.   Or maybe it was Kings Cross.   Maybe both.

I'm confused.

Oh okay.   Lord Wiki actually talks about our bus.   At least I think it was our bus.   It's the 380 and 333.   I wonder if Tim would remember if that was our bus or not.   The numbers sound familiar.

It turns out something exciting will be happening when we're in Sydney.   It's Mardi Gras/Gay Pride time.   I had no idea.  This might be why the hotel prices were more expensive than we expected.   I had figured the prices would be more off-season since the Australian kiddos are back in school.

I'm guessing most of the festivities will be adult-oriented, but I'm looking at their website now to see if there's anything family-ish.

It doesn't look like there's much for us.   They do have a fair that seems pretty cool--promoting gay pride and all that.   But we won't be in Sydney at the time.   And then we'll be leaving before the parade so we'll miss that too.

Lord Wiki has some history of the Mardi Gras in Sydney.   The first Mardi Gras/Gay Pride parade was held on October 20, 1978.   Lord Wiki says it was in honor of the Stonewall Riots that occurred in America.

They had permission to do this parade, but then permission was revoked.   The police came and arrested some of the participants.  These participants were listed in the Sydney Morning Herald and some of them lost their jobs.   It seems discrimination wasn't against the law back then, but homosexuality was.   Lord Wiki says it was illegal in Sydney until 1984.

Here's something that makes me a bit nauseated.   In my state (Texas) same sex sodomy is STILL illegal.   There's a $500 fine.   Really people.   Who cares what goes on in other people's bedrooms????????

Oh.  Never mind.   Good.   I did a little more research and found out the law HAS been changed.  I kept looking, because once again Lord Wiki gave me conflicting information.   Anyway, according to this article the Supreme Court shot down the law.

Let's get back to the lovely Australia.   According to Lord Wiki, it has no laws against homosexual behavior.    It seems there is no traditional gay marriage, but there are legal partnerships in the Australian Capital Territory, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, and Victoria. 

There are country-wide laws against discrimination directed at homosexuals.

I'm now trying to find out about gay adoption in Australia.   I'm getting that Howard was strongly against it--as well as gay marriage.   Yes, but there are laws against discrimination.   I'm trying to juggle all this in my brain.

This article says that in the ACT and Western Australia, same-sex couples can apply to adopt a child they don't know.   But only one gay couple in Australia has had any luck with that.   In New South Wales, an individual gay person can apply for adoption, but they can't do it as a couple.

It looks like the worst state in America for gay/lesbian adoption is Florida.  Poo on you Florida!!!

And I actually thought I liked that place.

I could talk about this all day, but it's probably time to return to Darlinghurst

This website says that Darlinghurst was named after Governor Darling himself and doesn't mention him naming it after his wife.  

Back to the gay thing again.  So soon!    Across the street from The Jewish Museum is Green Park. Inside there is a memorial dedicated to gays and lesbians who were killed in the Holocaust because of their sexual orientation.

There's a famous gaol (jail) in Darlinghurst.   The famous Australian poet Henry Lawson spent some time there.   It became the property of the NSW department of education in 1921.  So, it's no longer a prison.

Now I shall please my mother by reading about the Sydney Jewish Museum.   I think my mom would like the website.  It has nice golds, reds, and deep yellows.  Autumn colors.   I think my mom likes Autumn colors.   Or maybe that was in the past.   I'm pretty sure at ONE point, she liked those colors.  
I may be a bit behind with this stuff.

The purpose of the museum is to teach about the history of Jews in Australia, and to teach about the Holocaust.

The  website doesn't say when the museum is open and/or how much it costs.   I guess we'll be surprised when we get there.

Okay....good.   This website has the info I need.    It's closed on Jewish Holidays--including Saturdays.
All right.   It's Cityhobo time!!

The shoe is a John Fluevog.   I have never heard of it, but cityhobo says its super cool and arty.   I am totally super cool.   I'm probably not too arty though.   Okay, I'm also not really that cool.  But I AM delusional and that allows me to THINK I'm cool.

Cityhobo says Darlinghurst has the best coffee.   I don't like coffee.

I like this this.   Cityhobo says Darlinghurst would suit people who....people who grew up in boring middle class suburbs and now want to be arty and very inner urban.   That could be me.

I think I could like Darlinghurst.   Maybe?

I still don't know if it was named after the governor or his wife.   A few websites confirm what Lord Wiki says, but I think they GOT their information from Lord Wiki.

You know what I'm going to say.   I'm just going to make up my own facts.   Darlinghurst was named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.    Wendy, Peter, and Michael.

My mom loves Peter Pan.


matt said...

Hi Dina, i went to the SJM when i was in High School and it was amazing and we were given a tour by a Holocaust surviour which really brought home the realities of the Holocaust that you cannot get from a book. I love The First Australian as well and have started reading one of the books it mentions 'The Native Tribes of Central Australia' it is absolutly incredible the amount of detail it goes into so if you every get the chance read this book.

Dina said...


I would love to read the book. I'll look out for it.

Was it easy for you to find, or is it a rare book?

Anonymous said...


I live in Darlinghurst ("Darlo" to locals). I live right on Oxford Street and have to say it is the coolest area in Sydney. Of course that is only because I like to party and Oxford Street is party central at night (not for the kiddies, though...).

Are you a big shopper? If so, I'd recommend going to Bondi Junction Westfields, or Paddington, which has gorgeous boutique stores. You can walk from Darlo to Paddington, or just get a bus straight up Oxford Street.

Do you like schnitzels? If you go to the Jewish Museum around a meal time, Id recommend visiting a restaurant called Una's, which is right near it. Una's this really funky, German restaurant that has the best schnitzels in Sydney. Always has an interesting mix of patrons, too.

If you go to the Jewish Museum Id also suggest taking a walk up the street to Kings Cross (5 mins away). The Cross is a real eye opener!!

Dina said...


Thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I looked up the webpage and it looked pretty good!!

I honestly don't know what schnitzel is. My whole life I've heard it in the My Favorite Things song. "Schnitzel with noodles." I never really knew what it was. Then when we went to Sydney, what we call "Chicken fingers" in America was called Chicken Schintzel there."

I'm guessing it's just a fried piece of food kind of thing????

I'm not really a big shopper, but I would like to get a closer look at King's Cross. We saw a bit of it last time--I think mostly from the bus. It reminds me a lot of the East Village in NYC.

Gun-bae!!! said...

Well, I think you are SUPER cool! And, yes, we did pass Kings Cross and Oxford St when we went to Bondi.

We took the 380 bus to Bondi.(really, I'm not 100% sure but I thought if I wrote this with a definitive tone it would make me sound like I remembered...).


Dina said...


You who has never seen the Sound of Music. Someday, we're gonna force you to watch it--Clockwork Orange style!!!!

Glad you remember the bus number!!

MissKris said...

G'day, I somehow stumbled upon your blog and had a bit of a read - you are really into Australia!
The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is probably not best for kiddies as there is a lot of nudity and sexual innuendo however it is loads of fun and it can also be an educational experience.

Dina said...


We won't be there anyway for the parade. I think it happens the day after we leave.

Maybe it will be educational enough just talking about the parade and what it stands for.

I checked out your blog. It looks like something I'll really like : )

matt said...

I borrowed it from the University of Sydney Libary. I'd say that it wouldn't be easy to find in your local libary or book store but maybe in your university libary

Dina said...


Maybe. I think it would have to be a big university library--since I'm not in Australia. I don't think an average university here would have it.

But you never know.....