Sunday, November 9, 2008

MORE awards

I got more awards!!!!

One of my favorite readers (and bloggers) Bettina gave me three. THREE. I would have been happy for just one. But three is triple the fun. Hey, that rhymes.

The first one is one that I've gotten before and I redistributed.

It looks like this:

I'm so excited that I have two of these!!! You know what it means? I'm double brilliant.

Actually, I'm NOT brilliant. But only my husband shall know what I'm talking about. The rest of you can think I know and understand about American politics and all that. Let's just say Sarah Palin aint the only dumb American. Hey, but at least I didn't try to be Vice-President.

Okay. Sorry, but.....

I'm going to be a selfish lazy brat and not pass out more of the brilliant awards. At least not right now, because I just passed seven of them out. I think I'll wait for a few months.

The second award she gave me is this one:

The rules for this one are to give it to four people who follow my blog and then to one new person elsewhere in the world. Is that elsewhere from me or elsewhere from the people who follow my blog? I think the majority of people who read this are elsewhere from me.

Anyway, I'll just guess.

I'm going to pick four people.

1. Bettina I'm not giving it to her because she gave me awards, but because she comments so often on my blog. I love getting comments. Who doesn't? Also, I love her blog. I think it's one of the first ones I started reading. She's like me and posts pretty much everyday. I always look forward to her new entries.

2. Retarius. We have totally opposite political views, but he puts up with me anyway. I'm so grateful for him. He comments a lot too.

3. Anonymous. Okay. I know this isn't one person. It's different people who are too shy to tell me their name. I kind of wish they would tell me who they are. But the mystery of it IS kind of fun.

4. Jayne Jane leaves me awesome comments--often giving me suggestions on websites to visit, music to listen to, books to read, etc. I've learned so much from both her comments and her blog.

And my newbie award will go to.....

Cherryblossom24 who lives elsewhere from the others above and fairly close to me. AND fortunately...... she's NOT a kidnapper (long story).

The last award is:

I want to give this award to EVERYONE who reads my blog, but especially the people read and/or comment on a fairly regular basis:









Stephen Moore

















If I missed you, sorry! It's probably just a mistake. OR it could be that I don't know you're reading my blog on a regular basis. If you want to be recognized, speak up more.

Thanks again to Bettina for giving me three awards!!


  1. Oh, that's so nice! I've been wanting to give out blog awards I can't figure out where to find the graphics for them. I guess I could make them myself!

  2. Thankyou so much!

  3. Hahah thanks for the award. And I too am grateful for your readership. :)

  4. Thank you! My first ever blog-bling! :)

  5. Thanks for the award! Do we now pass it on, like a chain letter?

  6. Retarius,

    You're VERY welcome.

    It is like a chain letter, except you won't be cursed if you don't pass it on.

    Nor will you win any great amounts of money.

  7. While I read you blog all the time, I never leave a comment, and therefore, sadly, I did not deserve an award mention. Boo hoo!

    From a personal interest perspective, I enjoyed your country comparisons, and your discussion of social democracy. I agree, that no system is perfect, and we have to keep experimenting and adjusting, so that more people can benefit from a free market society. For the first time, in many decades, the USA is definitely shifting left of center, but will always protect its capitalistic ecomonic model and culture. I am actually excited to expereince this left shift in Amercian culture and politics, and am filled with more hopes then ever for the USA. We need to keep perfecting our society and its role and contribution to the world at large. I hope we don't become isolationists as we shift to the left.

    From one of your relatives..Hint: Approcahing 60 years old in Feb, 2009.

  8. Hi Dad!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting a comment.

    from what I'm learning today, it seems we're really not that left.

    At least according to this chart.

    We're still on the right, although less right than before. But not that much so.

    A true left politician would be Kucinich and Nader. McCain, Obama, and Clinton are all in the right quadrant and not all that far from each other.

    I don't think going left makes a country an isolationist country. Although I guess it would depend on how you define that word. If it's about military, I would think the left IS less likely to engage in that. But in terms of humanitarian aid, the lowering of ethnocentrism, and communication with other countries, I don't think the left advocates that.

  9. Thanks Dina. I learn so much from your blog. :)