Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well, she's not nude, but.....

I'm really at a loss here. I woke up in the morning not knowing what to research. My mind is a bit stressed and blank.

I know there are tons of Australian things that I could do research on, but nothing is calling out to me at the moment.

Well, that's not exactly true. I have Rachel Carpani on my mind. We don't even watch McLeod's Daughters anymore. Jack no longer has a crush on her. But she shows up on my Statcounter keyword quite often. People come to my blog to see her nude. I'll have to disappoint them there, but I thought maybe I can use her as my research subject.

I'm not sure if I feel okay doing this. I'm not really into celebrity gossip. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm probably attracted to it in the same sick way that most people are attracted to it. But I do try to avoid the whole thing.

Yet here I am writing a post. Maybe I can find interesting stuff that doesn't quite qualify as gossip.

Let's see.

Rachel Carpani was born on August 24, 1980. She's young. Or at least that seems young to me. I think this is because when I was a camp counselor at the Cystic Fibrosis camp, the kids in my cabin were born around 1980-1982. So when I see that people are born around that time, I think of children. Also, my sister was born in 1977. I still see her as my LITTLE sister so anyone born after that, in my eyes, is super young.

I think also I'm very immature and I feel younger than I am. I'm almost 36, but I often feel like I'm still twelve. I see these actresses and I feel they are my age...or even older. Then I look at their birth date and am shocked to find that they are younger than me. It's a relief sometimes to find actresses that are my age or older.

Anyway.....I'm going to look at the fun birthday site.

Carpani is a Virgo just like my mom. Her numerology number is 5.

5 is all about freedom.

I think that's an interesting combination. I think of Virgos as being critical and a bit serious. To me, they'd fit better as a 4 in numerology.

The website says the number she's most compatible with is 1, 5, and 7. I'm a 7. Maybe we can be friends! Then she can let me borrow a nude photo of her and my blog can be REALLY popular.

Her Chinese Astrology thing is the monkey. I love monkeys--although I love humans and the other apes much more.

Her Native American Zodiac sign is the bear. I don't like bears. The friendship is OFF!

She shares a birthday with Marlee Matlin. I'm related to Matlin in a really complicated and weird step-family way. I forgot how it goes. I think it's something like her grandmother was my grandmother's stepmom. Oh, I don't know. I probably have it all wrong. And most Chicago Jews are probably connected in some way or another, so I'm sure the connection isn't that special.

Imdb says Carpani is 5 foot 8. I guess I should translate that into Australian. Here we go. This website says she's 173 centimeters. That's pretty tall. I bet she can ride on all the rides at Disney World and Luna Park.

Carpani grew up in a Sydney place called Dural. I've never heard of it before so I'm going to look it up.

Looking at Google Maps now......

Dural looks fairly far from the Sydney CBD. It's far up north and then a little to the West. It seems almost directly north from Parramatta.

I feel so much better going back to geography. I feel safe and comfortable here. In some ways, geography has become my new security blanket.

Lord Wiki says Dural is semi-rural. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds lovely. I think it might be great to live some place like that. You're near one of the best cities in the world (to me, it is THE best, but I'm trying to be politically correct here) but yet you're out living in nature.

The name Dural comes from the Aboriginal word Dooral-Dooral. This means smoking hollow tree. Well, that sounds interesting.

I should probably go back to Carpani.

She was in a 2005 movie called Hating Alison Ashley. Have any of you seen that movie? It's based on a book by Robin Klein. I'm not sure I've heard of Klein yet. Maybe? I should look out for her books. I wonder if our library has any of them. Actually, I'm going to go right now and see if Powells has any.

Rachel Carpani has an Italian father. Let's do research on Italy! No, I'm joking. Although I've heard it's a very lovely country. My parents were just there.

This website says Carpani is obsessively clean, but not so neat. Wow. That's going to totally scramble my brain today. What does that mean? I guess I can sort of understand. Maybe?

No, not really.

Maybe they mean neat as in cool. Like That's so neat! If they mean the other neat, I think you have to tidy up first before you clean. You have to pick up the toys off the floor before the floor gets vacuumed. Otherwise, you're going to miss a lot of floor space. And if you miss floor space, you're not being obsessively clean.

Okay. I'm going to end here. I'm bored. I have a feeling you guys are bored too. I apologize to all of us. Oh, and I say this without any intent of offense towards Rachel Carpani and her fans.

P.S-I researched and wrote that post several days ago. Since then, Jack has suddenly found his love for McLeod's Daughters again. The other day he watched the theme song on YouTube about twenty times. And he's sending me emails pretending to be Jodi Fountain.