Saturday, January 10, 2009

This was supposed to be a business post, but I ended up getting terribly emotional

I'm way too lazy to do research on restaurants.


I was wondering if any of you Australian people have any suggestions.

I'm not really interested in what's been written about in foodie blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc. I'd be more interested in your favorite restaurants; places that you actually go to and love.

We're looking for places that are child friendly, but I'm not speaking in terms of McDonald's and Happy Jacks. I just mean a place where we're not going to get a dirty look if we bring a child inside. We like stuff that's casual. We don't need anything fancy or super trendy.

The places we'll probably be eating include:

1. Darlinghurst (our hotel is going to be near here, so this is probably where we'll need help the most)

2. Canberra (restaurants near the museums would be especially great)

3. Goulburn

4. Symbio and Stanwell Park area

5. Kiama area (maybe near the pink post office?)

6. Jervis Bay

7. Glebe (especially around the market. Or maybe they have food there? We'll probably just eat at the market if they do)

8. Redfern

9. Parramatta (Maybe somewhere near Elizabeth Farm or The Old Government House. OR...maybe near the ferry or train station)

10. Dulwich Hill

11. Balmain (especially near the market)

Thanks in advance.

Anyway, here's something silly.

I honestly have not been as excited as I should be about coming. I've been more stressed and anxious. But finally today, I got excited about it. I had that feeling of joy I've been lacking. You know what got me excited? We were at the zoo and Jack's friend said the word octopus. So, there you go. The thing that excites me most about going to Australia is seeing an octopus.

No seriously. I think it made me remember how much I love Australia....actually BEING there. I think with all this research, I've lost a lot of that. I've fallen in love with Australia in a new way. I love researching it. I love learning about it. This passion for educating myself about Australia consumes my life. But I forgot what it felt like to BE there; the intense feeling of joy and comfort I experienced. When I was there I felt like I was in a dream...a very good dream. And when I got on that plane to go home, I felt like I was entering a nightmare.

I think the octopus reminded me that it's the little things I loved the most. And it was the little things I ended up missing terribly. I once almost started crying in a Fort Worth drugstore because they didn't have Australian candy. Another time, I walked alone in the Botanical Gardens and almost started crying. Why? They didn't have any Australian plants.

I was a pretty sad and pitiful little human being during those months.

I'd sit there in the office listening to "My Island Home", crying my eyes out.

In the evening the dry wind blows
From the hills and across the plains
I close my eyes and I am standing
In a boat on the sea again
And I'm holding a long turtle spear
And I feel I'm close now to where it must be

Uh, not that I long to hunt for turtles or anything.....

Anyway, things have changed now.

This morning, I was still in the mindset of Oh crap. We have less than a month before we go. I'm SO stressed!

Now I'm thinking, Oh no. We still have to wait three more weeks!