Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three More Days

Three more days until we leave!

I'm almost all packed. I love packing for trips. And I love unpacking once we get there. I don't think I enjoy packing to go home...or unpacking at home.

Okay. I'll be honest. I really don't have much to say. It's just that if I post today and tomorrow, I think I will have done a post every single day for 6 months. I don't know where I got the idea that I needed to post every single day. I know I didn't have that plan the day I decided to start an Australian blog. I figured I'd write it in every so often...you know when something Australia-related happened in my life. But then it came to the point where I was MAKING Australian things happen every day in my life. Well, that's how the whole research thing began.

I'm paranoid about us getting sick and not being allowed on the plane. I've been pushing Vitamin C on all of us. Hopefully, it will work.

I'm worried that the weather will be horrible. And I know that's selfish of me because some of you are LIVING in that weather. Then again, Texas is very hot in the summer. So I have to live in it too. I want my holiday to have nice weather! Is that selfish? Is that greedy? Maybe. So be it. Sorry.

Oops. Never mind. I just checked to make sure I had the date right. I started this blog on June 22. I don't know why I thought it was June 28. So I already passed my anniversary. And I know. You're supposed to celebrate one year--not six months. But at one year, I won't be able to say I wrote an entry everyday because I won't be able to write everyday in February and March. So, I'm kind of cheating...I guess.


Anja said...

Silly girl, you can celebrate whatever with your blog. That's because it is YOUR blog.

Congratulations on giving us Aussies such an education on our own country.

Congratulations for lessening that awful 'ugly American' tag that you guys have earned. It's blogs like yours that make this beautiful blue planet a little bit smaller and forges friendships across the world. That's a wonderful thing.

Now for the bad news - you're flying into heatwave conditions. Don't stress out if you can't follow your itinerary to the letter due to the heat; it's a killer at the moment. Do what you can and be comfortable. A stroll around Manly at night is a sight to behold and the city looks prettier at night, anyway.

Enjoy your trip, have a ball, don't drink the Fosters (we only export that muck to unsuspecting foreigners - and you're not a foreigner) Have a fantastic time in your second home. :)

Mim said...

I'm all for not-horrible weather, it's not selfish or greedy to wish for something that will be enjoyed by everyone, bring it on I say!

Marty said...

Congratulations! Every day for six months is pretty incredible.

Don't worry, I once took a cold home to Melbourne from South America and they still let me in.

magikquilter said...

I am very impressed that you posted daily for six months and six days....is that right...have not got my calendar out. Not only have you blogging daily but you have been researching and commenting and debating on all sorts of topical blogs. Really well done...congratulations...oops and almost forgot the commenting here as well....you keep on top of that too!!!

As for the weather, it has been very hot in Melbourne and Adelaide but has been a bit better in Sydney lately..after our mammoth 42 degrees last week. Does it get regularly to that sort of heat where you live in Texas? Not many people at all like that kind of heat here so you are in good company in not handling it or wanting to go sightseeing in it anyway. As long as the car has air conditioning and where you go does on those hot days you should be right though..am not sure if you are hiring a car to go to the places you mentioned briefly before?

Glad the packing is fun and enjoyable for you and hope your little bitty toe is up to the trip too...just could not do a pun although wanted to!

Dina said...

Anja: Thanks. There are a lot of ugly Americans, but there are a lot of good ones too. I promise I'm not the only one! I don't even think I'm the only one obsessed with Australia.

Good advice about the heat. I think we're just going to have to be very flexible. I'm fine with that. I like planning stuff, but I'm always fine changing the plans.

Yes, we heard about the Fosters thing! I don't drink, but my husband does. He made sure last time to avoid Fosters!! I'm not sure how he heard about that in the first place. Maybe he just did research.

Mim: You're right. I'm so dumb. I didn't even think about that. If my selfish wish comes true, all of you benefit. So it's selfish, but also VERY giving of me.

Marty: But maybe it's different if you're coming home. ???? I actually think a cold is okay. We probably need to worry more about the flu. My son reported a sore throat last night. I've been giving him zinc.


Thanks you so much! I'm proud of myself. I've worked hard. But I also had a lot of fun. The only thing is I've totally neglected my book reading and my Sims playing. So while not packing and playing with Jack, I've been playing Sims 2!!! I've missed my Sims!

Texas does get very hot in the summer. Then people have their air conditioning blasted so you end up going from very hot to very cold within a few seconds. I hate that. And I hate when people have their heat too high in the winter. Then you walk in a store with a coat on and your sweating.

It's not to bad for me when it's hot in Texas because we just stay indoors a lot....or go swimming.

But as for sightseeing, I can't handle it. We went to Disney World last May and it was way too hot. We were miserable going to the amusement parks. So, we spent most of the time at the swimming pool.

Thanks for thinking of my toe!! It is actually doing better. And I'm even running. Jack and I have been playing chase. It's still a bit sore when I touch it. But I can walk/run. I think that's the most important thing.

twosheilasandadog said...

Have a great trip, hope that there are no delays or airport dramas.I am afraid that we are in the middle of the hottest heatwave for 100 years at the moment.Tennis players are dropping like flies at the open in Melbourne....and do not forget the predicted locust plagues.
Seriously, hope the trip is all you wish for and much much more,
F x

Kylie said...

I hope you like hot weather because at the moment we have plenty of it. We have a little bit of a heat wave at the moment. I hope you enjoy your trip.

Dina said...

twosheilasandadog: Yikes about the tennis players. We're going to be in NSW most of the time. Although as I said to my husband...our luck the big awful heatwave will move there. I know NSW has had some bad days, but it seems like Victoria and SA have been hit the worst.

Kylie: I hate hot weather. I hate cold weather. I'm REALLY picky. I only like PERFECT weather. I'd like it to be between 23-28 degrees everyday. I'm not too picky or anything. Am I?

M+B said...

Woohoo! 3 days - how very exciting :-)

Congratulations on blogging everyday for over 6 months. And thanks for educating me on things I probably should know in the process!

Dina said...


Thanks for reading!!! I love learning with people.

Fe said...

Ooooh! That's so exciting! Can't wait to meet you!! xox

Dina said...


I can't wait to meet you too!!!