Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Incredibly Bizarre Holiday

I was going to wait until I got home to post again, but I changed my mind. We have only one more night in Australia, so I figured what the heck. I'm good at making rules for myself. And I'm also very good at breaking them.

This has been a bizarre holiday.

Here are the weird things about it:

1. This holiday to Australia has been a million times better than the last one. That is something I NEVER expected. The pessimist in me expected it to not measure leave me disappointed and disillusioned. The optimist in me imagined that maybe it could be almost as good; or if we're extremely lucky: as good.

I never imagined it would be better.

2. Time has gone incredibly slow. I know time is supposed to fly when you're having fun, but it didn't. It's not as if the minutes ticked by slowly and tortuously. It's more like when we looked back to what happened a week or so ago, it seemed like years ago. I feel like I've been in Australia for a VERY long time. It seems so long ago that we first arrived here.

3. I had more fun this year, but I'm less sad about going home. Last year I was devastated about having to leave. This year I'm okay. I have things to look forward to. I have a new nephew I'm eager to cuddle. I'm eager to return full-time to my blog. I plan to dedicate one blog entry to each day of our holiday. I think it will be like reliving the adventure. I really look forward to that! And I look forward to doing new biography posts!

I have future holidays to look forward to. We're planning to return to Australia in two years. And we're seriously considering a holiday with friends next year. I'm incredibly excited about all of that.

I think another thing that makes this year different is I'm less lonely. I did have friendships last year, but they can't even come close to the friendships I have this year. Yeah. There's been a few good-bye tears. But with the Internet, there really are no true good-byes anymore. We can stalk each other from thousands of miles away.

4. I managed to lose two cameras in Sydney. So, that should explain why some of my trip-report posts have no photographs.


  1. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures!!! :)

    Interesting observation you made about the time not going fast. I was discussing this with a friend recently in regards to our 3 month trip and she was related a similar story to yours. I hope that's how our trip feels too.

  2. Two cameras?

    Glad to hear you've enjoyed the trip, Dina. Can't wait to read of your adventures and impressions.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your time in Australia. Losing cameras was a bit of a bummer, but stuff happens.

    I think a lot of people are eagerly awaiting your return. It's really interesting to read about our country from someone who doesn't take it for granted.

    Have a blast in Hawaii.

  4. I am also excited to read day by day your adventures...and it even seems to me that you have been here for a long time...maybe because so much has happened for us as a country and for me, personally as well.

    I am so pleased your friendships are deeper this time around and yes...I had a few tears yesterday but then I thought about our email conversations and felt better. And then I bought a fabulous Japanese crafting book from Kinokuniya which had heaps of tote bag patterns in it. Great therapy!

    Bon Voyage!

  5. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your holiday and that you are blogging again.

    Pity about the cameras.

  6. Lightening: I wonder why it feels that way? When are you leaving for your trip?

    Miss Diarist: Yeah. Two cameras. Quite insane!

    Anja: I hope what I write lives up to expectations. I worry it's going to be boring. I feel I spent most of the time eating and talking to friends. Not that friends and food are boring. Just not sure if they will be exciting to read about.

    Magikquilter: Awesome about the Japanese craft book!! It was wonderful meeting you. I'm so happy for the friends I've made on this trip. Well, we were already friends, but it's nice to have turned internet friends into "real life" friends.

  7. I'm glad to hear you had a good - and SAFE- time. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  8. We miss you all terribly!!!! We had one of the best mini holidays we've ever had and it was made wonderful by spending it with you three. What can I say...lifelong friends for ever... all of us. I loved that my children loved you all as well. That made it special for me. To watch you walk down the road holding Tara's hand as we were leaving..that was my teary moment. Can't wait to read your entries about the trip.

    Have an awesome time in Hawaii and scout for locations!!! :-D :-D

  9. Heyhey! WEIRD I was wondering about you just last night actually! Glad you had an even BETTER time! Sorry didn't catch you this time...maybe in two years if I'm still in this hellhole city...LOL or maybe you can visit me at whatever coastal paradise I relocate to! :) Have a safe trip back home, looking forward to reading those posts! :)

  10. Rebecca: Thanks! We are safe (knock on wood). I thought of you though when I heard about the fires. I know it's something you deal with a lot.

    Tracey: At dinner tonight, I was telling Tim about your comment...about me holding Tara's hand. And then I tried to tell him what brought on my tears and I got all emotional again. I think I was already near tears when I was hugging all of you. But what really got to me was when Jack ran back to hug Tara.

    I can't wait for our emotional goodbyes in Hawaii.

    mscherrylane: I wish I had seen you!! We'll try again in two years. Or we'll meet in NYC or something.

  11. I'm glad you've had a great holiday. It seems like a really long time to me too. Eventful times for Australia and utterly flat out for me personally.

    Looking forward to hearing about it, and if I manage to be here rather than Japan, I might catch you in two years!

  12. Ariane,

    Maybe time has gone slow for almost everyone in Australia. I'm guessing the fires have had something to do with that. Intense situations can kind of make it seem like a lot of time has passed when it really hasn't.

    I'd love to see you in two years!

  13. Glad to hear you had a fab time but 2 cameras? lol
    Looking forward to reading about your hols :)

  14. It's funny how things work out sometimes isn't it?

  15. great to see you blogging again :) can't wait to hear about the holiday!

  16. I was so disappointed to have to miss getting together. I do think it was the right thing to do though - the cold Tom had has gone through the whole family and we've all been pretty miserable, would have be awful to have shared that with you!

    Glad to hear there's a next time to look forward to :)

  17. Jayne: Thanks! Yeah. Totally crazy about the lost camera...although I guess there are worse things to lose.

    Mistress B: Definitely!

    Mim: I really regret not meeting you. But I do appreciate you choosing not to share you germs! There are a lot of people I didn't meet. It gives us something exciting to look forward to.

    Louise: Hi! I've missed you!

  18. I've got a theory that two weeks isn't long enough for a good holiday. The time goes too fast.

    If you have three weeks or more it's like suspended animation sets in ... until the last couple of days at least.

    Glad you had a great trip.

  19. Michael,

    Unfortunately because of my husband's new job, the next holiday to Australia might be only 14-16 days. I'm worried about that--that it will go by way too fast.

    Although last year, we were in Australia for about a month and that went by very fast.

  20.'ll just have to stay longer with me at my place and send Tim home to work :-)

    Are you exhausted from your flight???

    I was hoping you might have found your camera when you packed up the apartment. I can't understand how you lost it at the restaurant. I was sure we picked everything up from the table. I usually notice things like that.

  21. I'm waiting to hear all about it!!!

  22. Long time no write! I'm looking forward to reading about your bizarre holiday.

  23. Tracey: We've actually talked about Jack and I staying longer. I'm a little nervous about it. I have no idea why. It's pretty silly actually. I'm sure I could handle it! I'm sure I'd feel better staying with someone I know and love. Thanks for the invite! Would five years be too long????

    I wish we had found the camera in the room! But I didn't expect that. We did a lot of searching when we first lost it. It gives me hope that you don't remember seeing it at table. Then MAYBE it dropped out while we were walking. I know at one point I opened backpack to find something for Jack. So, maybe someone found it on street and has it. Maybe they'll attempt to find us by posting the photos online or something.

    Mr. Spooky: Hi! I'm glad to see you back!

    Darcy! You too! I've missed you!!!!

  24. Stay longer next time...send Tim home to work...he won't mind!

  25. Keep an eye on

    Maybe your photos will show up there!

  26. Mim,

    Yeah! My cousin told me about the website. I keep checking! Hopefully, the photos will turn up there or somewhere!

  27. I'm going to read all of these March entries and crack a few comments...

    Losing one camera is a misfortune..losing two smacks of visiting a pirate island.

  28. Retarius!

    I've missed you!

    Glad to have you back here.

    I think the lost cameras say more about my nature than the nature of our destination.

    A month or so later my parents went to Asia. My dad accidentally deleted a whole set of photos. Then he lost his camera.

    I think it must be a genetic thing.