Sunday, March 22, 2009

Please read before commenting!

It has come to the point in which I feel I need to set down some rules and guidelines.

Let me start by saying I LOVE comments.

I have a huge hunger for validation and comments greatly feed that need.

Emails are lovely too. If you prefer to keep things between you and me, please email me. 

Anyway, I do have some rules I'd like you to follow when reading and commenting on my blog.

1. Please do not keep coming here if you do not like me or my writing. There are SO many wonderful blogs out there. Heck, the Internet is full of awesome stuff. Why go somewhere that you dislike? You're wasting your time.

2. Please note that this is NOT just an informational blog. It's also a personal one. Therefore, I deeply appreciate comments like: I'm sorry you hurt your toe. Have a fun road trip! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I'm sorry you're depressed. I'm glad you're feeling better!

If you comment on my blog frequently and never/rarely say such stuff, I shall think you're coldhearted. And I will think very nasty things about you behind your back. I feel sad having to remind people of this. But I'm actually a flesh & blood human being....and not just a source of entertainment.

3. Please understand that I sometimes have controversial opinions. You're welcome to disagree! I love having discussions, but let's not get mean and nasty. If you can't argue without name-calling, please don't comment.

4. I try to visit the blogs of everyone who comments on my blog. But because of a bad experience, I want to avoid any bloggers who can't tolerate disagreement. If you're the type of blogger who wants only yes-men commenting on your blog, please tell me when you comment on my blog so I will make sure not to visit. Now I'm not the type of person who disagrees just to be contrary. I'm not like that. But I'm also not the type of person to agree with everything just so I can be popular with the "in-crowd".

5. I have some weird spiritual beliefs. I talk about them sometimes. If you have any questions or comments, that's fine. If you want to tell me you don't believe what I believe, that's great too! What I don't want to see is anyone insisting I prove my beliefs are real. There is no scientific proof for what I believe. I believe it because I have faith in it. I believe it because I want to believe it. And that is that.

6. If you are personally offended by something I said in my blog, PLEASE email me or leave a comment so we can talk about it. I hate losing friends....especially when I'm not sure what I've done wrong.

7. I sometimes make mistakes. I'm not always the smartest person, and I might misread or misunderstand something while doing research. It is PERFECTLY okay to correct me. You never need to apologize for this.

8. Please don't use my blog to advertise your product or website. These comments will be deleted as soon as I see them.

9. I understand some of my posts are VERY long. I don't expect you to read all of it. However, if you're going to make a comment, PLEASE read at least SOME of it. Please don't just read the title of the post, and then make a comment.

10. I definitely welcome comments related to stuff I've revealed regarding my personal life. But please note that I may be sensitive (and even offended) by unsolicited advice. If you feel you have insight that will improve my life, please share it in a polite, educated, respectful, and gentle way.

11. If you have had a negative personal encounter with a famous person I've written about on this blog, and you need to vent about it, please email me privately rather than posting it in comments. I'm okay with sharing positive experiences in long as it doesn't reveal anything too private about the individual.

I want to say for the most part, the comments on my blog are AWESOME. I love all the intelligent, funny, silly, kind, lovely, and educational things you guys say.

Thank you.


Kathleen said...

Why have I never seen this before? I must be very unobservant!

This is so spot on and very clearly defines both your blog and you and I love both!

Dina said...


I wrote them very recently! I just backdated it : )

I'm glad you like them.

Mama Bird said...

I just found your blog. I like this rule list. And now that my curiosity up I have to go and read about your "weird spiritual beliefs". :)

Dina said...

Mama Bird,

Hi! I'm glad you found me : )

I'm wondering how you'll find my weird spiritual beliefs...they're kind of scattered. Maybe do a search? That might work!

Redness said...

I lost your blog for a while, I'm glad to have found you again ... love your rule list, your comments and your passion! Onya girl if you ever get the chance you'll be a fabulous Aussie!

Dina said...


I'm glad you're back!

And I love being Facebook friends with you as well : )

Nato said...

Hey Hey,

Just wanted to say, I love your blog, I initally stumbled upon it while searching for info. about Hamish.. (loved that post btw) but have since read a lot of your stuff and I love the way you write..

BUT.. if you really wanna be an aussie then you'll need to stop using "z's" instead of "s's"

I call you're attention to Rule Number 7.. The word - "Apologize" .. Here in Australia we say "Apologise" .. Or Organise instead of Organize.. etc.. Anyway you get the picture!

I know I know, it gives a big red underline when you type it like that, but that's cause the internetz was designed for Americanz! ;)

Anyway all the best, look forward to reading more from you..


Dina said...



Thanks for reading my blog, liking it, and saying you like it. I appreciate stuff like that a lot!

I should start writing like an Australian. It's probably the red underline that stops me. Although I get them all the time when I spell in American as well. I'm horrible at spelling.

It took me awhile to realize that Americans spelled things differently. Each time I'd quote from an Australian source, I'd get Firefox underlining a bunch of their words with the red. I thought people in the Australia media were against proofreading, or something.

Oh...the other day I spelled defence, and I spelled it the Australian way. I thought it was the American way, and got all confused about why Firefox was saying I'm wrong. The American way suddenly looks really weird to me. Maybe I've been properly brainwashed.

I once tried to add Australian spelling to my Firefox thing, but it didn't work. I forgot how I did that though.

Dina said...


I just noticed I spelled your name wrong. See, I told you I was bad with spelling. Sorry.