Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was getting the water ready for Jack's shower when I saw something metal on the floor. I picked it up and realized it was half of my ring. I bought this ring at the Sydney Aquarium in 2007. It was just a simple cheap iron ore ring. But I was very attached to it. I wore it all the time. I think I've taken it off only once since I've gotten it. One of my friends and I would joke that I'm married to Australia.

So now....

The ring is broken.

I'm trying not to think of it as a bad omen.

I'm trying to imagine it could be POSITIVE.

It would be pretty impossible for a ring to break apart while on my finger. I don't know much about Iron Ore. Maybe it does suddenly disintegrate. But I'm thinking it's more likely it slipped from my finger. And if it slipped from my finger, that means it had to be loose. Maybe I lost weight! Tim did say I looked thinner yesterday. My scale hasn't been giving me any amazing news. But who knows......

The crazy thing is the last time I took a shower was yesterday. In all that time, I never noticed it was missing. Well, unless it fell while I was turning the water on for Jack. I don't think it did though. I think I would see it happening, or at least hear it. Feel it, maybe? But if I was taking a shower, my eyes might have been closed. The water falling on my head might have drowned out the sound of it falling.

The other thing is....

Yesterday, Jack and I entered the master bedroom to play a game. There's a photo of Jack on the dresser. Well, there WAS a photo. When we came in the room, it was on the carpet. The glass on the frame was shattered. I'm trying not to be scared of this. Once a photo of one of my nieces fell on our staircase and shattered. That gave me the creeps. I thought it might mean something bad would happen to her. But that happened a long time ago and she's fine (KNOCK ON WOOD).

So what does it all mean? I like to look at things from all possible angles.

A) Random scientific occurrences that coincidently happened within a short period of time?

B) A horrible omen

C) A mischievous Poltergeist.

D) benign spiritual messages that I'll never quite understand.

The funny thing about the photo is I had sort of wanted to replace it. We had bought new photos recently and were replacing most of the photos in frames. I mentioned replacing that one and Jack didn't want me to. It's a picture of him as a baby wearing a little devil Halloween costume. It's never been one of my favorites in terms of his baby photos. But I didn't push the issue.

As for the ring....I don't know.

The last time we returned from Australia, one of my favorite bracelets broke. I was already really sad. When I saw the beads crashing all over the kitchen floor, I was devastated. When the ring broke, I was okay. I'm a little nervous it might mean something awful; but I'm not sad. I no longer feel I need a ring to prove I love Australia. I don't need material proof. I have a whole damn blog!

MAYBE the broken picture symbolizes that every child has a little bit of devil/demon in them. And now Jack's little demon is gone. Maybe he'll behave perfectly ALL the time for now on. Ha! Yeah......