Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I don't need to buy plane tickets! Australia is in Texas!

I'm wasting time on Google Maps.

A few weeks ago we were driving near Tim's office, and I saw a Melbourne street. So just now, I started wondering how many other Australian names I can find in Texas.

Let's see....

Okay, this is interesting. In Cypress Texas, there's something called Legend-Homes Sydney Harbour. Now get this. The street it's on is called Darling Point CT. Oh! It's a neighborhood.
The Darling Point thing can't be a coincidence, right? Whoever started this thing must have been like me. In love with Australia. Either that or they ARE Australian. I think the way they spell harbour is a clue as well.

Now for Melbourne. We have the Melbourne road in Hurst. That's near us.

There's a Melbourne Street in Houston, and a Melbourne Avenue in Dallas.

There's a place in San Antonio called Adelaide. I'm not sure what it is.  Suburb maybe? All right. I'm confused. There's links to this place in San Antonio, but then it takes me to Australia websites. Tim says maybe they have offices in San Antonio, but the big daddy office is in Adelaide. That makes sense.

There is an Adelaide STREET in San Antonio. It has a golf shop and a bank.

There's a Perth Street in Texas. Guess what town it's in.....Victoria. How funny is that? We can make riddles out of these things.

There's also a Perth Circle in Magnolia, Texas.

There's a street named Brisbane in Converse Texas. That's near San Antonio.

All right. Google Maps is messing with my head. He says there's a Brisbane Queensland in Adelaide San Antonio. What?! The phone number is Australian.

There's a Newcastle in Texas. I'm confused over whether it's a town or street. Oh. Maybe I should zoom in and see. It's north west of Fort Worth, where I live. All right. It's a town. It's about two hours away from us. Lord Wiki even has a little information on it. It used to be a coal mining town.

There's a Hobart Corporation in Corpus Christie. Guess what the name of the street is....Ayers Street! In Irving Texas, there's another Hobart Corporation. That one is on JetStar Drive. This is too funny.

There's a Broome Texas. It's west of us.

Now....Maybe I'll do the reverse.

Can I find Texas in Australia?

I've been diverted a bit.

I just found a website for Texas-Australia Power Inc. It has a Texas and Australian flag linked together. How sweet. It's like they're holding hands. The Texas office is in Wichita Falls. The Australian office is in Brisbane. Ah! And there's also an office in Greece. Why is it not on the name them? And why did the Greek flag get left out? I think that's a bit unfair.

Okay, back to Texas in Australia.

In Victoria, there's a Dallas Drive. Oh and there's a suburb in Melbourne! I think the street is actually there. It seems this Dallas was not named to honor the Texas one. It's named after a governor of Victoria.  Dallas Brooks.

The Victorian Dallas population has a large Turkish population.

Cool. I just stumbled upon this. There's an Australian Meat Pie place in Austin. Boomerangs.
They even have sausage rolls! And Vegetarian stuff for me. I want to go!

We were actually going to go with Tim to Austin in May because he has a bike race. But Tim and I decided it was best we didn't go because Tim would be super busy and wouldn't have time for us. We need to go another time though; just for fun. Maybe in the fall (Autumn). Maybe we'll drag Gina there if she comes to visit. What's sad is if Gina comes, I'll probably drag her to all these Australian places. And that OF COURSE includes the most authentic Aussie eating of them all.  The Outback Steakhouse!

I'm not finding that much Texas in Australia.

Okay. There's something else I need to see. I was planning to see if there are any Aussie restaurants in Chicago. We're going there this summer so maybe we can eat at one sometime.

No....I'm not finding anything. Kind of surprising.

What about Philadelphia? We're going there too. Yes! There's an Ants Pants Cafe. They don't have the Bloomin Onion, but they do have Tim Tams!

I don't know if I'm impressed with the menu though. They say fries instead of chips. They also say arugula instead of rocket. As Tim will tell you, rocket is much easier to spell.

They do use the term spiders and thick shakes. I'll give them points for that.

We'll have to go there though.  Test it out.

Oh! Wait!

There's an Aussie restaurant right in Dallas. Well, never mind. Now these people just do catering. It doesn't like there's really anything that Australian about it. It seems the chef is from Melbourne originally. And one of the dining rooms is called Tucker. That's not much for me to go on.

All right. I have hit the jackpot! I think I know where we're going this weekend. There's an Aussie restaurant just an hour from us!! It's in Frisco Texas. The Down Under Pub.

This looks awesome. I am too excited. I may pee in my pants.

Well, the menu doesn't look too much different from The Outback Steakhouse. It's a LITTLE better.

Here are my favorite menu item names:

1. Matilda's Messy Nachos
2. Ozzie Onion Rings. (competing with the Bloomin onion)
3. Tasmanian Thai Chicken Salad (Well, Australia is oozing with Thai Food so that's kind of authentic)
4. Geelong Gyros (I like how they're going beyond the obvious cities that the typical American has heard of)
5. Vegemite Sandwich (That makes it feel a little bit more real)
6.Bendigo Beef or cheese Ravioli (those in charge must have Victorian roots)
7. Port Arthur Pork Chops
8. She'll be Apples pie (that's cute)

It looks fun. We'll try to go; and then I'll tell you guys how it went.


  1. Ohh that place looks great - the Down Under Pub :-D How wonderful that you have stumbled across it! And Geelong Gyros on the menu..although Geelong people (being an ex one of them) would call them souvlaki's and not Gyros :-D Can't wait to show you around Victoria :-)

    You have to go to that Boomerang place in Austin too!

    How funny that there are so many Australian references in streets and suburbs in Texas. I was google earthing the other day looking around Texas and seeing how far away things were from Fort Worth. Hard to put into driving times for me though.

  2. Tracey,

    I'm so curious about what this Down Under Pub will be like.

    What places were you looking at...in terms of being far away from Fort Worth?

    How's work????

    I had a dream about you last night. First there was something about Hawaii. You had wanted to stay at this massage place. I guess it was like a spa. But then you found out it wasn't as good as you thought.

    Then you sent me an email later saying you work from 7:30-2:00. So, you go to bed every night between 6 and 7. I was so impressed because I am so bad now at getting to bed at a decent hour.

  3. TOO funny! My favourite is:

    Pelican Soup... taste like "koloa" or "Plataypus" soup.

    WHA??? No 1.. they can't spell. No 2.. nobody eats koala or platypus!

    And they really mix up their use of shrimp, prawn and yabby.

    Still... can't wait to hear what it's like. Although I'm disappointed that there's no Aussie beer on the menu.


  4. Fe,

    I can't fault them on the spelling because I'm horrible at spelling. Fortunately, Firefox automatically points out my mistakes so I end up looking at least half-intelligence. My email doesn't though, and I usually end up forgetting to check!

    Although, when doing a professional website one should probably do better at proofreading.

    I missed the Pelican soup one. I'm going to assume that's a joke--a little tongue and cheek--playing on the old "It tastes like chicken."

    The shrimp thing disturbed me a bit--the whole American stereotype of "Throw another shrimp on the barbie". I guess the restaurant owners are either ignorant, or they understand that most of their customers will be American. They don't want to confuse them.

    I was disappointed about the beer thing too. I know I don't drink, but having Aussie beer would make it seem more authentic.

    Was any of the wine Australian?

    At our gourmet grocery store, I think they sell Aussie wine...but not beer. I'm not sure why that is.

  5. Pardon my ignorance....but what is a Bloomin Onion?

  6. Gina,

    I'll just say it's the type of food that makes white bread very healthy in comparison.

    And uh...it's a very traditional Australian food that all other Australians (except you) eat for dinner every night.

    It's also a good food to eat while riding on your kangaroo.

    Some wonderful person brought it over to the USA so we Americans can understand what Australia is TRULY about.

    Hey! We ate Chicos today! I can't think of any American candy that is similar. It's like chocolate flavored gummy/jelly candy. I don't think we have that. I could be wrong though.

  7. Okay... I feel much enlightened (ahem)...

    Chicos are weird, hey? I love them though!

  8. Gina,

    I think Chicos are really cute. They remind me of one of my favorite childhood books. All of a Kind Family. The kids in the book bought candy that looked like babies/children. If I'm remembering it correctly......

    How did things go last night? Where did you guys end up going?

  9. ALL of the wine was Australian. Except for their house white and red.

    Which is why I was surprised at the beer list.

  10. ou do know there's a town called Texas in Queensland, right?

  11. Sorry, left off the "Y" on "You"!

  12. Fe: I'm trying to figure out why that is, and I'm not having much luck. I guess if we go, we'll ask them.

    Misrule: Hi! I didn't know that actually. I remember hearing from my cousin that there are references to Florida in the Gold Coast.

  13. If the down under pub isn't playing men at work or midnight oil or kylie I am giving it a Fail....just sayin'

  14. Deirdre,

    Good point! Music is key. I'll keep my ears open.

  15. They do have Australian beer on the menu, though I'm surprised at how little there is. Anyway, the Oz beers are:

    Coopers Pale Ale
    Coopers Sparkling Ale
    Coopers Extra Stout

  16. Stephen,

    I'm surprised I missed the Coopers. I'm even more surprised that Fe missed it. Maybe they just added it within these last few days. ????

    Or maybe I just didn't realize it was Australian. I don't drink so it's not something I pay that much attention to.

    I've heard of a few Aussie beers, but only because Tim drank them.