Thursday, April 23, 2009

Magical Travel Powers

The other night, I watched part of the movie Jumper with Tim. It's about people who have the power to travel around the world using teleportation. Tim remarked that I'd love that power. I could get to Australia so easily. That thought inspired me to do a survey about magical travel powers.

So....which would you chose?

1. Teleportation-You could travel anywhere around the world at will. No restrictions and no hazards to your health. Whatever you could hold or carry would come with you. Therefore, you could take friends and family members. You could also bring any luggage you might need. You would however have to find accommodations if you wanted to sleep over. You would also need to pay for any expenses.

2. Money! Money! Money-You couldn't jump easily from continent to continent, but you'd have enough money to go First Class. Or you could even take a private jet. You can stay in the most expensive hotels, eat in five star restaurants, go on VIP tours, etc. You could get all the clothes and makeovers you desire. The catch is you can't take any of it home with you. And you can't use any of the money for your home life. You can have all the money you want, but it can only be used for travel.

3. Calorie free eating-You can eat anything you want without worrying about gaining a pound. You might get a tummy ache, though, and you'd also have to pay for the food.

4. Sex!-When you're traveling you can have sex with anyone you want (as long as they're over 17!!!). You just wiggle your little magical nose, and the person you desire will suddenly desire you. If you never want to see them again, you just say a magic little word and they'll never want to see you again too. Sex with no strings attached! Now if you DO want to see them again, there's no magic to help you. The power won't make people fall in love with you. But you can hope and use your natural charm.

5. You're the Star!-You get your own travel show. Don't expect luxury. The show is about traveling on the cheap. You get to stay at motels, hostels, and caravan parks. But you'll became famous. People will love you more than Susan Boyle. You'll have more Twitter followers than Ashton Kutcher. People will name their dogs and cats after you. Everywhere you go people will ask for your autograph.

6. Memories and Documentation-All your travel memories will be magically transformed into novel length books. The books will have all (or almost all) of your thoughts and experiences, illustrated with numerous photographs that you didn't even notice were being taken. The book will be enjoyable to read and you can pass them onto your grandchildren. You could also opt to turn the books into blog entries.

I would pick #1.

How about you?


  1. Jamie,

    Cool. I'll teleport you somewhere if you buy me dinner.

  2. Definitely #1. See there's a reason we're related.

  3. If the last was would also apply to life memories, I would absolutely choose that one. I'd love to have all of the books from when the girls' dad was alive so that they didn't have to rely on my memory alone.
    We did lots of travelling, too. :-)

  4. 2/ Just keep on travelling and don't worry about home.

  5. Definitley the Teleportation. Think of the money I'd save on gas! I'd never have to drive again.

    Not that this is an issue anymore, but I could take a job anywhere in the country and not have to move.

  6. Laura: I think it DOES prove it!

    Alison: It's hard when you have to rely on memory : (

    Andrew: Man...I was trying to write it out in a way where it was impossible to do that. But you win. I was thinking you'd have to come home to work. But if you're traveling all the time, you don't need to work.

    Rebecca: I think it would be so convenient. And I didn't even think of the job thing.

  7. I choose numero uno. Teleportation FTW!

    Number 2 can be obtained by use of numer one. And I suppose if one wanted to attempt to maintain some sense of morality one could purloin the moneez of teh evil bad people.

    Number 3 may sound lovey, until one starves to death. Calorie free eating does have it's downside.

    Number 4, though fun to begin with, would get boring after a while. But I'm one of those strange types that thinks intimacy involves more than just rooting. Odd, I know.

    Number 5 holds no interest for me whatsoever. Sure, it might be nice to be well known and appreciated, but stardom is just a polite term for whoredom. But anyway, I'm an introvert, and the constant attention would enervate me.

    Number 6... Nope, I got nuthin to say but, "Meh!"

  8. Totally #1...its by far the most environmental way to travel (in my mind involves one good blink and maybe mouth wiggle...)

  9. Oh DEFINITELY teleportation!!

    Then I could see all my closest friends as often as I wanted.

  10. I would definitely chose teleportation, I always wish when I get out of class after a long day of walking that I could just teleport back to my room.

  11. Stephen: This is MAGIC. You won't die from the lack of calories. But I AM glad to see you being so careful. I think you have a good point about #2.

    Deirdre: I'm not sure I'm with you on the mouth wiggle thing. It sounds complicated. I like the blink idea better.

    Fe: You had better come visit me! No, wait. I'll visit you.

    Cherryblossom: That would be nice!