Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Dreamed a Dream of One of Those YouTube Video Things

One of my recent dreams:

We're in Australia.

We're at a beach.

Tim is there. Maybe there's other people as well.

People at the beach start requesting that we go stand off to the side. The space in the middle of the beach is needed.

All these dancers start appearing. I start to think we're about to witness one of those bizarre public dancing exhibitions you find on YouTube. You know like the Sound of Music in the train station one.

I'm fairly excited.

I'm eager to see how these things work. Do they just dance and we watch. On the videos, it looks like random people join in. Does that really happen, or is it all planned? If everyone starts dancing around me, do I have to dance too?

Other people who were pushed off to the side DO start dancing. I feel a bit embarrassed about it.

The song playing is an American patriotic one. It confuses me. Why are they playing an American song in Australia? Are they trying to honor America for some reason? I start to think maybe the song is also used in Australia. Maybe we use the same song, but in America the song is about America, and in Australia its about Australia.

An elderly man in some kind of uniform comes over to talk to us. He's very friendly, but trying to give us some kind of lecture. He saws something about war and a person named Hawke. Maybe Bob Hawke?

He gives us some kind of promotional paper. It's like he's trying to motivate us; get us all to be more involved. It's like he's fighting apathy.

Then without thinking I throw the piece of paper in the trash. I do it without thinking, and regret it once it's done. I feel guilty. I also worry that the man saw me do it and will ask me to go into the trash to retrieve it.

And that's my dream.

I also had another animal dream.

I'm at a zoo. I see zookeepers rushing around with tranquilizer guns. I get a bit concerned...taking that to mean an animal escaped. I then see some mountain lions have gotten out of their cage. They're behind their enclosure up a big hill.

I somehow get up on this big tree-branch-like-hing high above. (I have no idea how I did it. Flew? Jumped? I don't remember climbing)

I worry the cats will be able to jump up to me. They try. I yell at the zookeepers to shoot the lions. They do; but end up somehow shooting themselves as well. I then stand above a bunch of sleeping lions and zookeepers.

I don't remember what happened next.

If any of you have any guesses of what these dreams mean....please share!