Monday, June 15, 2009

Jack's Airplane Declarations

Yesterday Jack told me he was not traveling to Australia unless we went first or business class. He was very adamant about it. I tried explaining that the flight is extremely expensive.

He still insisted.

I told him this probably meant we wouldn't be able to go to Australia.

He didn't budge.

Now I could have declared my parental authority at this point. But I didn't. I just kind of sighed and accepted my fate.

The plane ride IS awful. I can' t deny that. I wouldn't want to put Jack through all that if he really hates it that much.

I figured we might never go to Australia again; or at least not in the next several years.

I felt a bit sad and empty after the conversation. But I didn't completely despair. I figured there was hope he'd change his mind. If not, I could be an armchair traveler to Australia. That's kind of okay. Maybe.

Then today Tim announced if we got a lot of money, he wants to buy a blow up TV screen for the pool.

I told him we have to save our money to buy plane tickets. I explained what Jack had said.

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm being a bit selfish here. I can handle the idea that financial restraints, and my child's level-of-comfort needs, might prevent me from going to the place I love. But I am not sacrificing Australia for a damn blow-up TV. What is it with men and their TVs??? Am I being sexist? Sorry.

Anyway, to Tim's defense....he didn't argue with me about it.

Jack was in the room and he spoke up.

It turns out I had misheard (or misunderstood) Jack. What he had said is he never want to fly all the way from Los Angeles to Australia in economy class. He's fine doing what we did last time; flying to Hawaii, taking a break, and then flying to Australia.

Well, that's a relief!

I feel much better now.

Honestly, I'm with the kid. I don't want to do fourteen hours in economy ever again. Actually, I don't want to do fourteen hours period. I don't care what class we're in. Fourteen hours is too long to be on a plane.  At least I think so.