Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Penguins and Tigers

On Sunday night, I dreamed I was in Australia:

I have a friend with me. She's a bit wild...much more daring than me.

She climbs down these rocks to the water. Actually, she sort of leaps down to the rocks.

I watch her from above, wishing I could be as brave as her. I see penguins and I think how it is really neat to see wild ones. I envy my friend for being down there and interacting with them. But then she becomes a bit obnoxious with the penguins; chases them and scares them. I think I stop admiring her.

Then I'm on a balcony. I participating in some workshop about how to interact well with animals. They talk about showing animals respect. An animal is going to be brought in so we could practice with it. When I see the animal, I panic. It's a tiger. It's heading towards the balcony. I looked down to the ground below and think I'd rather jump down than face the tiger. But then I see there's a nearby balcony. I don't have to jump down. I can jump across.

So, I do that. I jump across.

But the tiger follows.

There's another balcony.

I jump again.

This goes on for a little while. Then I come to an airplane.

I hop onto the plane. There's no security or assigned seats. I just have to find an empty seat and sit. I do that. I have no idea where the plane will take us.

Then as I sit, guess who comes on the plane?

The tiger!

The strange thing is I'm no longer afraid.

I have this idea that if I pet the tiger as he walks by, it will be a way of showing respect.

I pet him.

I don't remember much after that.

The next thing I know I'm in Korea. I walk around some place that has shopping kiosks. I consider buying some jade stuff. I suddenly have a friend with me who's Asian.

Then Tim shows up. I'm relieved to see him. But only for a short time because then suddenly I'm upset that we cut our Australian trip short to come to Asia. I tell Tim we need to get back to Australia. Then he mentions that he wants to go to Eastern Australia. He confuses me because we already were in Eastern Australia. It's kind of like he was bargaining with me. He'll go back to Australia, but it has to be somewhere new like Eastern Australia. Maybe dream Tim was confusing east with west. Who knows....

I'm not quite sure what any of that dream meant. It seems very symbolic though. I think tigers mean something to me. The last dream I remember having about them was while I was in Australia. I dreamed that Jack and I were outside. There were tigers. I was terrified, but no one else seemed to care.


  1. It certainly does sound very symbolic... but I don't know much about dreams at all

  2. M+B,

    Yeah. I have no idea what it means. I looked at an online dream dictionary. It didn't really help me much.

  3. Sounds to me like it was inspired by a zoo visit. About "Eastern Australia" - That trapped-logic-loop is a common feature of many dreams. A few days ago I had one where I couldn't answer a question someone asked me in the dream and when I woke up I went over what the correct answer was inside my head and thought, "Why wasn't it that easy in the dream?"

  4. Retarius,

    Maybe it's telling me we should visit the zoo! Although it's way to hot in Texas for that now.

    I can relate to the dream thing though. Sometimes it's like your case...having a question I can't answer in the dream that reveals itself to be so easy when I wake up. But then often it's more a case of something making sense in the dream, but then I wake up and realize it's totally ridiculous.

    Although in that dream, I think I was aware in the dream itself that Tim's request to go to Eastern Australia made no sense.