Saturday, July 25, 2009

Already Making Plans

Our 2011 holiday to Australia is close to two years away and isn't even close to being definite yet.

But I still have that desire to already start planning.

Who am I kidding though? I started making plans before we even LEFT Australia in February.

I'm sure I shall change my mind several times, but this is what I have in mind for now.

First of all, I'm hoping Tim can take off at least three weeks. He might not be able to. We might have only two weeks. That will be awful, but what can you do?

If possible, I'd like us to fly into Melbourne. I'm finding that I'm liking big cities a little less these days than I used to. Therefore, I don't think I want to spend tons of time there. Maybe we'll do a long weekend...four nights. I think that will give us enough time to see the major exciting attractions. I'm hoping some certain friends can meet us there and show us around. That would be awesome.

Then I'd like to explore Victoria. I've decided I like picking one Australian state per holiday and sticking to that for the most part. In our previous trips, we've done mostly New South Wales. I think this next time we'll do Victoria. Maybe in the future we'll do South Australia, Perth, or Queensland. I'd also LOVE to go back to Tasmania someday. And there's the Northern Territory. I want to do that too. I want too much...way too much.

Back to Victoria. One of my best friends lives in Ballarat. I definitely want to spend some days there. It looks fun. We can do the goldmines tourist stuff. I also love just seeing the day-to-day life of my friends.

Tim and I have this unwritten rule that each Australia holiday needs to include a beach holiday park. I'm guessing we can find something in the Great Ocean Road region; maybe something near Geelong?

If we have only two weeks, that's probably about all we can do....a few days in Melbourne, a few days in Ballarat, and a few days at the beach. If we have three or four weeks, we can add in another place or extend our stay in the above mentioned places.

Then I'm thinking we'll fly to Sydney. We'll spend a few days....visiting our friends and family. Tim will fly home, and then Jack and I can spend some extra time there.


  1. I didn't realize you had family in Australia. Are they on your side or your husband's?

    I haven't been back since my college semester in Sydney. We're thinking of going in 2011 for our 15th wedding anniversary. I suspect we'll only manage two weeks. We're like you -- don't want to spread it too thin by going too many places at once. The semester I was there, I did get to the Northern Territory (Alice Springs and Darwin), Western Australia (Perth and surrounding areas), and a very brief trip to one place in Queensland (a barrier island). And of course I spent the semester in New South Wales. I'm thinking next time I have to stop in Sydney just to see it again, and probably Northern Territory again because that's so outback, but I really want to see Tasmania for the first time.

    (I checked the "email follow-up comments" box, so if you comment here I will still see it.)

  2. Amy,

    Hi! My cousins live there. But they're American. They're not Australian...YET.

    That would be cool if we went to Australia at the same time.

    There are so many places to see. It's hard to choose.

  3. Forget Victoria and come to the West. We have great beach holiday parks up and down the coast, Perth isn't a big city and, and, and...

  4. M+B,

    I would LOVE to come to Western Australia!

    To be honest, Victoria wasn't at the top of my desired places to visit. But my best friend lives there. I need to visit her. Why? I never met her before. I have to get photos of the two of us together so people believe she's real. Otherwise, I always feel when I talk about her....that people think she's my imaginary friend.

    I need photographic PROOF.

    She was going to come see us in Sydney, but she got very sick. So I decided next time I come to Australia, I'm going to go right over to her town.

    I've actually become more excited about Victoria in the last month or so though...I mean besides the excitement of meeting my best friend and seeing the childhood haunts of another beloved friend.

    Maybe you guys need to take a trip to Victoria.... Then Jack and Boo can hang out and act crazy together.