Thursday, July 9, 2009

Barry Crocker

I'm not sure who Barry Crocker is.

I feel he might be an actor. Maybe he's an actor who died recently? Maybe I saw his obituary and added him to the list?

Well, let's go see if I'm wrong or right.

I'm both.

I'm right about him being an actor.

I'm wrong about him being dead.

The guy is fortunately still among us living folks.

I have no idea why I added him to the list. I mean I don't know where and how I encountered his name.

Oh! Wait! Now I see. He's the guy who starred in the Barry McKenzie movies! I must have added him the day I did the post on Barry Humphries.

Wow. We have a lot of Barrys here. I hope I don't get confused.

Anyway, let's begin where we usually begin.

Baby Barry was born on 4 November 1935. He's a Scorpio. I know that.

The Birthday Calculator shall tell us more.

He's a 6 in numerology. That's the family-oriented one.

Barry Crocker shares a birthday with Ralph Macchio. Speaking of Macchio, did you guys hear they're remaking the Karate Kid. I wonder what that will be like?

Lord Wiki has very little to say about Crocker.

He says Crocker was born in Geelong. That's where my friend Tracey grew up.

Crocker sang the original theme song to Neighbours. Tracey watches that! I tried watching it with her but we ended up talking through most of it.

I want to go to YouTube and see if I can find stuff that Lord Wiki mentions. I can't do it now though because I'm writing in our Lake House bedroom and Jack is still sleeping. I don't want the videos to wake him up.

As mentioned before, Crocker starred in the Barry McKenzie movies.

He was on the TV show The Punishment. Lord Wiki says that it was an unsuccessful Australian soap opera. The network showed three episodes, decided it was a failure, and then pulled it from the schedule. They then showed the remaining twenty-six episodes during a period where ratings weren't really being counted much.

Lord Wiki says Crocker played himself in Muriel's Wedding. I don't remember that. I'm guessing he maybe sang in the movie?

Fairly recently (2005) Crocker was featured on the show This is Your Life. You know that's a show I often see mentioned, but I've never seen it before.

Crocker has recently been in a theater version of Reefer Madness.

Crocker has been in a relationship with Kat Manning from Doctor Who since 1990. That's a pretty lengthy relationship. Doctor Who is another show which I've seen mentioned several times, but I've never watched. I wonder if I'd like it. I always assumed the show was a comedy. Lord Wiki says it's science fiction. Was I totally wrong about the comedy bit, or is it comedy-science fiction?

I just exited Lord Wiki and tried to get on to Crocker's official site. My computer gave me a warning saying Reported Attack Site! I had gone via the link on Lord Wiki. I tried entering via Google and I got another warning. Visiting this site may harm your computer!

Yikes. Who would have ever guessed Barry Crocker would be so dangerous?

Anyway, Google says that the page may download crap without my consent. I wouldn't want that. I'm glad I was warned.

I'm going to go to IMDb instead.

It seems his first TV/film appearance was in Skippy....that thing about the kangaroo. Yet another show I've heard of and have never seen. Crocker was in one episode.

Jack is awake now. I'll soon start watching videos. Maybe now.

I can't find a video for Crocker on Skippy, but I found this Lassie dog food commercial with Crocker. It's funny because when I first heard of Skippy, it reminded me of Lassie.

It turns out I'm wrong though. Skippy was NOT Crocker's first television series. I guess that's just his first time playing a fictional character. He appeared as himself before that. I'm simply misreading IMDb.

In 1966 he starred in a show called 66 and All That. I can't find much about the show, except that it was a comedy.

Also that year, Crocker starred in The Barry Crocker Show. I'm sure it's fair of me to assume he was the star of that.

In 1972 he starred in The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. Barry played a Barry based on a book written by a Barry. In 1974 the sequel appeared. Barry McKenzie Holds His Own.

I just watched a scene from the movie. It features Crocker singing about his penis. I'm having penis synchronicity this morning. Earlier I read Miss Diarist's blog. She talked about Judy Blume's Forever, and how a character had named his penis Ralph.

I'm not quite sure what the world is trying to tell you when you have penis synchronicity.

Here's a trailer for the Barry McKenzie sequel. It features Dame Edna. It's funny seeing her almost thirty years younger.

In the year 2000, Crocker was in a movie with Jessica Napier! Twitch. He played a game show host. It's a dark horror comedy...a SHORT dark horror comedy.

Barry Crocker is on MySpace.

It says he was quite popular in the late 1960's. In 1969 he won a Logie for the most popular TV personality. Who has that honor gone to recently? I'm curious.

It's Rebecca Gibney from Packed to the Rafters. I've never heard of her or the show. I'll add her to the list.

Crocker has done performances in America...Vegas type stuff.

He has done a one man show tribute to Banjo Patterson.

This site has an interview with Crocker.

When asked about himself, Crocker says we should all go to his website to find out more. That's his DANGEROUS website. This guy is trying to kill us all...or at least our computers.

He says if we go to his website we'll find out more than we ever want to know. That sounds cute and innocent. Knowing what I know though...I think that's a THREAT. Barry Crocker looks like a nice funny guy. I think the truth is he's absolutely wicked. He might be the most dangerous Australian I've written about so far.

Crocker is asked how he felt about The Neighbour's theme changing. He says he missed the days that moms would point him out to their children and say, that's the bloke who sings the Neighbours theme.

My theory is he was really hurt about this. He sought revenge against the whole world in the form of an evil damaging website.

Crocker likes musicals.

I like them too.

He's going to be a voice in a 2010 cartoon called Enyo.

I'm hearing so much about this Neighbours Theme song. I decided I must go listen to it.

It's fun and cute.

Here's a dog singing along with a more recent version of the Neighbours theme.

In 2006 Barry Crocker was featured on Talking Heads. I'm going to read the transcript.

Crocker likes being in show business. He says, it's a lifeline, show business, it keeps me young. When I'm working I'm healthier than I've ever been, and when I'm working, I'm in love - with the audience, in love with myself. You know, it's a nurturing thing, I think, being in show business.

That's a very positive attitude. It sounds like he's most happy when he's working. What happens when he's not working? Or is he always working? Maybe when not working he makes dangerous traps on his website.

Crocker says, I love doing my computer stuff, and go for my little walk here and there. You know, there are always projects - I've got so many projects going at the moment which is lovely.

Lovely projects...or are they EVIL projects?

Crocker's dad worked for the Ford Motor company. He was on the assembly line.

Crocker had a mom and a sister as well. His family was very poor financially, but his parents did manage to take them all to the movies for a treat.

In his teen years, Crocker used the cinema to explore the bodies of his female companion. He was forced to do this because at that time laptop computers were not available. He couldn't sit in the theater plotting evil computer stuff. Anyway, once he thought he was touching his date's breast. He had his hand on it through out the movie. He felt all triumphant and then later realized it was her shoulder. Really? How do you get those two confused?

If you take that trauma and add it to the trauma of his song being kicked out of Neighbours, you can have some sympathy for the guy's computer crimes. I feel a little sorry for him myself.

See? When bad things happen to good people too many times, they often become a bit twisted.

And then twisted people warp the people who work with them. This might explain why I found Dame Edna to be a bit of a bitch. This probably comes from her working with Crocker. Although it could be that Crocker was damaged by Dame Edna.

Who will ever know or understand the real true story?

Crocker's mom didn't want him going into show business. She thought he should get a proper job. I don't get that. These parents say these things. But I bet they watch entertainment stuff. So if you partake of something, how can you label the jobs that provide it as not being proper?

His father was encouraging. That's good.

Maybe my problem was BOTH my parents were not encouraging of me having a job in the artistic fields. In their case though I don't think it was about them thinking writing wasn't a real job. I think it was about them feeling I could probably never be good enough to be a real writer. And look! They turned out to be right.

Oh! Crocker's father sounds very sweet. His mom would say very discouraging things. Then his father would say Be easy on him. He might just do it, you never know. That's a very nice thing to say. I think all parents need to have more of that attitude.

Crocker was terrible at school. He left when he was fourteen. Wow. Could it be possible that someone quits school and still succeeds in life?

He at first made money with photography.

He was married to a woman named Dene. If I'm reading this right, they had children together.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's, Crocker did theater/vaudeville stuff. He came to America and worked in the Catskills for awhile. Isn't that the Dirty Dancing place? Lord Wiki says it is.

Crocker was in a bad car accident once. He was driving with his best friend from The Gold Coast to Melbourne. They both looked down at the map for a second and crashed. His friend died.

That's scary and sad.

After the accident Crocker was in jail for several days.

He loves gardening.

I'm horrible at it.

We did manage to grow some green beans. But then most of the plants have died unfortunately.

I'm done reading the interview. I think I'm going to spend the rest of this post watching Crocker videos.

Here's Crocker singing a song called "Susie Darlin'" He looks so sweet and innocent here. It's hard to believe I'm looking at a computer villain. But you know what they say...never judge a book by its cover.

Here's a 1986 commercial for the Coachman restaurant. What restaurant is that? I googled. I see Coachman restaurants in both Perth and Sydney. I'm not sure which of these (if any) the commercial refers to.

It seems there is some preacher guy named Barry Crocker Jr. I keep seeing his videos listed.

Here's the first few minutes of Barry McKenzie Holds His Own. I like the theme song. I need to watch this whole movie someday. I think I love movies of the 1970's. I saw a good one a few days ago; a horror one. Burnt Offerings. Have any of you seen it?

Here's Crocker on Spicks and Specks. Adam Hills mentions that Barry Crocker is rhyming slame. Lord Wiki mentioned that too, but I ignored him.

This website says it's slang for shocker. What is a shocker...something that is shocking?

I'm going to stop watching the video. It's freaking me out a bit because the little play thingie isn't moving and neither is the timer. Yet the movie is still playing. I feel as though time as stopped. Maybe Crocker already messed up my computer! Maybe you don't even need to go to his site to get screwed. Maybe all you need to do is Google him.


I think that's about it from me for now. I need to keep this computer safe. All my Sims 3 people live here. I wouldn't want them meeting up with disaster.

I'll probably watch more Barry McKenzie stuff in the future. It looks very entertaining. And my instincts tell me the movies are fairly safe. I hope!


  1. I thought it said Betty Crocker at first... LOL

    I didn't know you were playing Sims 3!! Do you love it? Should I get it? No I shouldn't. I might never leave the house again if I do. :-O

  2. LOL.

    Maybe Betty Crocker IS Australian. We never know....

    I LOVE Sims 3. I wish you'd get it so we could talk on and on about it.

    The funny thing is I didn't like it the first day we got it. I'm not sure what you know about it? But anyway, it's not easy to switch from household to household. You pretty much have to pick one household and play them. That bothered me because I used to jump from house to house. BUT I realize now that I did that because it was the only way to get the neighbors to age and not be in some kind of creepy limbo.

    In Sims 3, all the neighbors age. When you have people move out and start their own lives...they'll even have babies on their own. Their lives continue even if you don't control them.

    I know you had it on your phone. What was that like?

    Anyway, I don't actually play it all day because it ended up that it works only on Tim's work computer. So I have to wait until he gets home.

    Yesterday he went to some camp thing though and he let me keep the computer. I played all day.

    Sadly one of my favorite Sims died. Poor Alissa : ( I kind of took too long to feed her. And I made her overexercise. But she was 88 years old...had a nice long life.

  3. Sounds like it might have been an attack on his site. It seems ok now, but I am not going to look for a week or so.

  4. Andrew,

    It's funny because I've been on other websites recently that freeze my computer and there's no warnings.

  5. Hi Dina,
    I find The adventures of Barry McKenzie to be hilarious but most people now days find it outdated and too cringe worthy.
    I love ryhming slang and my Dad know heaps of them a shocker or Barry Crocker is when you try to do something and mess it up, like try to kick a ball and completely miss.
    There's also a Captain Cook for look, your Reg Grundies are your undies/underwear, a Dogs eye with dead horse is a Meat pie with tomato sauce, a Paul Hogan is a Bogan. thats all i can think of off the top of my head.
    P.S Im loving My Place its funny and very well written, i can relate too it so much.

  6. Matt,

    In that case, I probably do a Barry Crocker on a daily basis.

    I love the rhyming slang. The one I've heard of is "Dog and bone".

    I'm so glad you're liking My Place.
    I think it's very sad at times, but also empowering. It's probably one of the best autobiographies I've read. I felt it kept getting better and better.