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Kate Miller-Heidke

I know Kate-Miller Heidke is a music person.

I added her back when I didn't yet realize how much I dislike researching music people.

Really though. I should stop my whining. It's not all bad. I do enjoy aspects of the whole thing. I like reading about their lives--their problems, their adventures, the charities they support, etc. I like listening to the music.

What I don't like is reading about their actual career. I don't like reading about which album came out first, and which album won which awards. I don't much like reading about their concerts.

So, there you have it.

Now I shall begin.

Baby Kate was born on 16 November 1981. She's a young one. Will those born in the 1980's always feel so young to me?

Her birthday is a few days before mine, so I know she's a Scorpio.

The birthday calculator says she's a 1 in numerology. I really am doing a lot of 1 people lately. It's definitely not my imagination. Is that a message from the universe?

One of the most popular songs of 1981 was this one. Listen to it and see if it gets stuck in your brain for the whole day. I just saw the song title, and it's already stuck in my brain.

Baby Kate was born in Brisbane. Her interest in performing started when she was very young.

My question is what child doesn't want to put on performances for family? I mean I'm sure there are some. But most, I'm sure, did like to do it.

My younger sister and I would do shows for my grandparents.

Jack and my nieces like to put on shows for all of us grown-ups.

I think if we did a survey of children under the age of twelve, a pretty large percentage would say they like to perform, AND they'd like to be rock stars (or movie stars, Broadway stars, etc.).

What's more rare is the child who actually pursues the dream.

Miller-Heidke is one of those who did that.

In her last years of high school, she formed a band.

Then she played in other Brisbane bands.

By 2002, she went solo.

In 2004, she released her own EP. It was called Telegram. By this time she was married. Mr. Husband wrote two of the songs on the album. Miller-Heidke wrote the rest.

Miller-Heidke was classically trained--I guess in opera and stuff like that. Where? I don't know yet.

She decided to turn her back on that road and go the alternative pop route.

A song from Telegram became popular on Triple J. It was called "Space They Cannot Touch". I'm doing this post at the lake house. Tim and Jack are still sleeping, so I can't listen to the song now. Later though...if I remember.

The song helped Miller-Heidke get that stuff that's helpful to a musician's career: a record label, manager, and agent.

This was all in 2005; not so long ago. How old would she have been? Twenty-four.

I was living in NYC when I was twenty-four. I think it's about the time that I began my adventures in becoming a teacher.

Miller-Heidke is well-loved for her live performances. She's entertaining.

Her first album album (LP rather than just EP) came out in 2007. It's called Little Eve.

In 2008, Miller-Heidke did some touring with Cyndi Lauper when Cyndi Lauper came to Australia.

Recently, Miller-Heidke was in the Jerry Springer Opera. I remember seeing a blog mentioning that show. It sounds pretty funny.

One of Miller Heidke's most successful songs is "The Last Day on Earth". It's popular because it was played in Neighbours.

I hope Tim and Jack wake up soon. It's weird writing about these songs without listening to them.

In the meantime.....

I'm done with Lord Wiki.

I'm going to go to other sites now.

Here's her official site. Official sites of music celebrities usually don't impress me. Well, mostly because they don't provide much information. They are good for hearing music, and seeing lovely graphics.

This page says it's a bio, but I think it's more about her albums.

I know. Celebrities shouldn't feel obligated to reveal stuff about their personal life. They should be able to share their talent-only. I agree with theory. When writing these posts though....I kind of want more.

The page mentions "Don't Shake It". That's the one song I've heard before. I think I liked it.

Well, I can't HEAR the music right now. Maybe I'll read some lyrics instead.

Here's some lyrics that annoy me. It's from "The One Thing I know".

One thing, the one thing, the one thing I know 
The one thing I know to be true 
I'll never, I'll never wherever I go 
I'll never finish loving you

Yeah. Everyone believes that when they FIRST fall in love. It's so rare to keep feeling that way.

Maybe I'd like the lyrics if it was an eighty-year-old woman singing it to her husband of sixty years. Or I'd like it if it was a parent singing to their child. But if it's a young woman singing it to her young husband....blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. I'm cynical when it comes to love.

I kind of like these lyrics.

Used to being the guy that gets the girl
But if we were the last two people in the world
The human race would face extinction 
Before I'd get it on, honey 
 Used to being the guy that gets the girl
Not if we were the last two people in the world
Mister, mister, why haven't you gone? 
If you're God's gift to Women then God got it wrong

I especially like the last line. It's a bit blasphemous. I think I like blasphemy.

I LOVE the lyrics to the song "Caught in the Crowd". I won't paste a piece of it because it's a story, and I think you have to really read the whole thing to appreciate it.

The basic story is she (I guess Kate) somewhat befriended a boy in high school. He was hated and picked on by the bullies. One day they bonded by talking about their family problems. Another day, she saw him getting beat up. The bullies teased the boy for having no friends. He told them they were wrong. He pointed to that one girl who sometimes talked to him. She was his friend. Yes, he DID have a friend. But instead of standing there by his side, she turned her back and walked away.

So sad.

So real.

Why do we do such things to each other?

Who is worse, the bully or the person who betrays us?

I like the lyrics to "Bored With Me". It's basically about someone realizing their special someone no longer thinks she's so special anymore.

I think most of us can relate to that.

I see your eyes light up
When you talk to your friends They used to light up for me
Way back in 2006 I was all you could see

It's hard to see your partner's light up for other people, and know they don't light up like that for you.

The site lists Miller-Heidke's current shows. It looks like she's going to be in London for most of August.

Tim and Jack are still sleeping. I guess I'll look at Google News.

This article says Miller-Heidke wrote a song about Facebook. I want to hear it...or at least see the lyrics.

Well, Youtube has the song performed live, and the lyrics are there. I'll listen later. For now I'm reading.

The song talks about a man totally breaking her heart. Then years later, he wants to be her Facebook friend.

A part of me wants to believe the guy sent the friend request as a peace offering. I'm sorry for what happened to us in the past. Can we put the bad shit behind us, and be friends?
I love forgiveness and redemption.

But I think some people just like to have a huge friend's list. They don't care about the people on the list. They just want the high numbers.

And some men just want a collection of beautiful woman.

Look at the 235 attractive women who are on my friend's list! I'm such a popular man. I don't know their favorite movies, their favorite songs, or what makes them sad. I just know they have clear skin and big boobs.

Why NOT add an ex-girlfriend to the group?

This article says the song "The Last Day on Earth" was not played during the Neigbours show, but the Neighbours Trailer. I think that's a great way to get a show noticed. I know some songs have come to my attention, for the first time, after I saw them in a TV show trailer.

Okay. Tim and Jack are finally awake. We've had breakfast.

Now I can listen to music!

First I'm going to hear the Facebook song.

She has an interesting voice. It reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who.

I like the last parts of the song a bit--because it alludes to all the crap on Facebook us losers tend to love.

I don't wanna know what kind of cocktail you are or which member of the Beatles or which 1950's movie star.

I'm an annoying quiz person on Facebook. I'll admit. And I do actually like seeing the results of other people's quizzes. I'm an over-curious person (AKA Nosey).

The big thing on Facebook now is the whole virtual farm thing. I'm not into that, and don't plan to be. But I'm happy it's bringing joy to so many of my friends and acquaintances.

Miller-Heidke isn't the only one to do a song about Facebook. Here's another cute one.

Heres "Can't Shake it". I like the song.

Here's the Neighbour's Song.

I think it's a very beautiful song. Miller-Heidke has a lovely voice. I can understand why the song has become popular.

I wonder if YouTube has the actual trailer.

I don't see it....

Here's the bully song--"Caught in the Crowd."

It's a lovely song. It contains the apology that most of us owe someone.

I was one of those who'd try to befriend the "losers". I'm not sure if I did it out of decency. It might have been more out of desperation. Who else would give me the time of day?

I don't know though. Would I have defended these people if I had seen them picked on? If the popular people promised to be my friend, would I have dropped the losers?

Did I have good morals then?

Once in high school, this girl said something to me like You are so beautiful. I don't know why you hang out with Annie (name changed to protect the innocent). Back then I took that as a huge compliment. It totally made my day. Now I look back at it, and think WHAT an incredibly bitchy thing to say.

Did I stick up for "Annie"? I doubt it.

The thing is though Annie was a bit of a bitch herself. That's the other issue. The bully's victims are not always sweet innocent things. Sometimes they ARE hard to love. The whole game is not black and white. It's never easy. To divide the good guys from the bad guys is not a simple task.

Here's a song about Australian Idol. I saw the lyrics before. I liked them.

And don't get me wrong if I turn on the TV and it's on I can't stop watching.
Even with the ads 

Even with those two dickheads blabbing on between songs 
I love to see their spirits crushed, their egos shatteredI love the ones that really suck in the first auditions 
I love to watch them sob, their dreams in tatters
 And I laugh while I eat my dinner

Yeah. I think those lyrics pretty much says it all.

I think those shows have the capability of bringing out the worst in us.

I know. I know. There IS good stuff on the show too...stories of hope and triumph. But I do think the sad and cruel stuff overshadows it all.

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