Monday, October 19, 2009

Andrew Symonds (Thanks, Michael)

Andrew Symonds.

Who are you?

A cricket player?!!!


Okay, I am not loving Michael too much right now.

Why would I have agreed to add another cricket player to the list? What the hell was I thinking?

I'm not loving myself too much right now either.

Oh well.

I'll begin.

Baby Andrew was born in England. One of his biological parents was West Indian. What would that be? Where is West India....west of India?

Oh. Lord Wiki says it's the Caribbean. Really?! I need to look at a globe.

Well, I guess you could say the Caribbean is west of India, but it's really far west. I don't really see the connection.

Wait. I got it! It's about Columbus. Duh. He came to the Caribbean and THOUGHT it was India. So he probably gave it the name West Indies.

Thanks Columbus. Your ignorance has led to my great confusion.

Anyway, Andrew was born and adopted. Then the new parents took their baby, and moved to Australia.

Well, they might have taken their other kids too. They had two biological offspring.

The Symonds family moved to northern Queensland. They lived in some place called Charter Towers. That sounds more like a hotel or office building than a town.

I'm having trouble dealing with it on Google Maps, so I'm just looking at what Lord Wiki has to say. It was a gold-mining town. In the late 1880's, it was a big city. I think now it's a bit more quiet.

Daddy Symonds was a teacher. He worked at the All Souls St Gabriels School, and Andrew attended the school as a student.

Daddy Symonds was obsessed with cricket. He played the game often with his son. Andrew would play cricket with The Wanderers Cricket Club in Townsville. Townsville is fairly close to Charter Towers. The Wanderers website features Symonds on their front page. I think they're pretty proud of him.

The Symonds family later moved to the Gold Coast where Symonds attended All Saints Anglican School.

Shit. Now I have read the cricket stuff.

He's a right-handed batsman. Do I know what that is? Of course not. Well, what I'm seeing from Lord Wiki, it's pretty self-explanatory. Symonds is right-handed, and he hits with the bat in the cricket game. Good. Okay. I can handle that.

Lord Wiki says he's an AGGRESSIVE right-handed batsman. I think I can handle that too.

Lord Wiki says he has a good throwing arm, and he has excellent reflexes. Cool.

Symonds started playing for the Queensland State Team in 1994. This would be the Queensland Bulls.

If I'm reading this right, he played for England for awhile. He did this for awhile, and then declared his allegiance to Australia. Was he able to play for England because his parents were British? Or can anyone play for any country if that country wants them?

Oh. Lord Wiki answers my question further down. He was qualified to play in England since it was his country of birth.

I'm kind of just reading to myself here....I'll let you know if anything exciting comes up.

Here we go.

In the 2007-2008 Commonwealth Bank Series, a streaker came onto the field. Lord Wiki says that Symonds shoulder charged the man. I'm not sure what that means exactly. But Lord Wiki says that Symonds may have faced assault charges if the man had decided to take legal action.

Well, it's probably not a good idea to jump into the middle of a field with big strong humans playing a game. Not that I condone violence, but I think the guy made the right choice in not trying to bring the law into it.

Later in 2008, Symonds and his team were in Bangladesh. There was a compulsory meeting. Symonds skipped it so he could go fishing. He got in trouble for that one.

At one time, Symonds almost switched to rugby. But he decided to stay with cricket.

Also, in 2008....Symonds had racial issues with a player from India. Harbhajan Singh called Symonds a monkey. That caused all kinds of problems.

Symonds has had other controversies. On an interview with comedians, he called a new player on his team a lump of shit. Then he said he enjoyed having dinner at another player's house because it gave him the opportunity to look at his wife.

In 2009, Symonds was kicked out of international cricket, and his Australian contract was canceled as well. The guy is having a rough year.

He did an interview on Sixty Minutes where he declared he's not an alcoholic. He's just a binge drinker.

Lord Wiki says that 49% of Australian males engage in binge-drinking on a weekly basis. Wow. That's a bit scary. Although I don't drink at all. Maybe if I did, I'd understand the appeal of it.

About.Com has information about how alcoholism is different from binge drinking (or alcohol abuse). In the latter, one isn't addicted to alcohol. There's no strong physical craving.

I have to admit. I get the two issues confused. I know of certain people in Fort Worth who do a LOT of drinking. I always think of them as alcoholics, but they're probably not. They're probably just binge drinkers. In the end, I don't think it matters much. I mean I don't think there's that much of a difference. They still act embarrassing. They're still destroying brain cells and their livers. They're lack of inhibition is still likely to cause them to make unsafe choices.

I can understand people who get drunk a few times a year. We all need to go a little bit crazy sometimes. Hopefully, they're safe about it. They'll wake up with a hangover, vow to never do that again, and six months later they repeat the performance. No big deal. But weekly? I don't know. There may not be a PHYSICAL addiction, but I do think there is probably some kind of mental/emotional addiction.

I shouldn't be too judgemental though. I overindulge on unhealthy food. That probably messes up my body. But it doesn't make me act obnoxious or violent. Not that all drunk people are obnoxious. I've actually met people who I could barely tolerate when they were sober. They were much more fun, friendly, and interesting once they had some alcohol in them.

Even with these people though....I think weekly binge-drinking is taking things way too far. I would think a daily drink or two would be enough to make them more easygoing.

Here's a fairly recent article about Symonds.

I don't fully understand it. He's playing freelance now? Well, that's good. He's still playing the game he loves. He's just not playing for the traditional establishment cricket thing.

The ninemsn site has an interview with Symonds. Maybe I'll understand some of it.

It's actually made up of questions asked by fans via email. This might be cute.

The first question was from a kid, and it had nothing to do with cricket. Symonds went on a fighter plane, and the kid wanted to know if he got sick. Symonds said no. He liked the experience. He said he was more scared during the initial debriefing. He had sweaty palms and everything. But once he was in the air, he was fine. Jack and I talk about this regarding vaccinations. Waiting for the shot is usually MUCH worse than the actual shot.

The next email asks what sports, besides cricket, Symonds played in his youth. He says pretty much everything. He says there wasn't much to do on the weekends outside of playing sports. Yeah. A bookworm might say they spent all their time reading, because besides that there wasn't much to do. There are many different things we could do with our free time. I think we choose to do what we personally like to do.

It kind of reminds me of people who use the excuse that they're too busy to do something. I heard that recently in regards to Harry Potter. Someone told me that they haven't read it yet. They've been too busy. I know for a fact that this person has recently had a ton of free time. I think it's much more honest to say, I haven't read it yet because it's not a priority for me.

I think most people have enough time to do what they truly WANT to do. If it's truly a high priority, they'll do it. We all have stuff that we are mildly interested in doing. It's not that important to us though, and we keep pushing it until later. I think I'm like that with foreign languages. I tell myself I'd like to learn a certain language someday. But it really must not be that important to me. If it WERE important to me, I'd likely already be fairly proficient at the language.

Oops. Tangent time.

Let me get back to the video......

Someone asked if Symonds had a girlfriend. I didn't really hear the answer. I THINK it might have been yes.

Someone else asks how they can bat like Symonds. He talks about using his instinct.

Symonds is asked if he'd cut his hair for charity. He actually seems rather eager to do it.

Anyway, I think I'm going to quit here. If I keep writing, things will only get worse.