Friday, October 30, 2009

Mick Molloy

I don't know who Mick Molloy is, but his name sounds very Irish to me.

Lord Wiki says....

He's a comedian.

I wonder how I got his name on my list.


Baby Mick was born on 11 July 1966. And he was born in Canberra! I haven't found many famous people who were born there.

Lord Wiki says Molloy grew up in Canberra, then later moved to Melbourne to pursue his career.

He studied performing arts at the University of Melbourne. There he wrote and performed in his first show.

Molloy also attended a school called Maroondah Secondary College. Well, at least Lord Wiki says that he did. I'm confused because this is a high school, not a university. Maybe this is the school that Molloy attended BEFORE he did his university studies? Did his whole family leave Canberra for Victoria? Or did Molloy go there on his own?

In 1987, Molloy started working for a comedy group called The D-Generation. He had auditioned for the show earlier, but didn't have any luck.  Then the group saw him do his university performance, and they signed him up as one of their writers.

YouTube has some clips from the show. I'm going to watch one. I'm not sure if it will be one that Molloy wrote.

That was fairly decent. I wasn't falling on the floor laughing, but I did smile a few times. I liked the pool romance skit best.

Molloy continued to do D-Generation stuff in the late 1980's. Then in the early 1990's, many of the members of the D-Generation moved over to something called The Late Show. Molloy did this from 1992-1993.

Here's a clip from that. It's a segment called "What's All That About?" I personally didn't love it that much.

From 1995 until 1998, Molloy did a radio program with one of the D-Generation/Late Show guys. It was called Martin/Molloy. I wonder how they decided whose name would go first. Maybe it was alphabetical.

There were three compilation albums made from the show, and these albums won ARIA awards. Cool.

In 1999, Molloy had his own talk show, but it was canceled after only eight episodes.

From 2003-2004, Molloy played Kim's dad on Kath And Kim. Is Kim the mother or daughter? I always forget. Okay. Kim's the daughter. So I'm guessing then that Molloy played Kath's ex-lover.

From 2004-2006, Molloy did a radio show called Tough Love with Mick Molloy. His younger brother Richard was one of his co-hosts. How cute...brotherly love.

In 2006, he did a sport show called Any Given Sunday. Isn't there a movie with that name? Okay. Yeah. Here it is. It's an Oliver Stone film about football.

Molloy has been in some movies.

In 2002, he was in Crackerjack. Molloy co-wrote this film with his brother. It's about a bowling club. The movie earned the Molloy brothers an AFI nomination for best screenplay.

Here's a trailer for the film. It looks fairly of those intergenerational stories.

In 2003, he was in Bad Eggs. It was written and directed by Tony Martin--the same guy who did the radio show with Molloy. Marshall Napier from McLeod's Daughters was in it too!

Here's a trailer for the movie.

It doesn't really look like my type of thing.

In 2006, he was in BoyTown. This one was also written by the Molloy brothers. It's about a boy band from the 1980's. The team also made a mockumentary to go with the movie. Clips from the mockumentary were shown in the movie. Lord Wiki says the entire documentary was supposed to be included in the DVD release, but it was left out. Molloy blamed lack of funding. His old friend Tony Martin wasn't too happy about the mockumentary being excluded.

YouTube has a clip from the mockumentary. That made me laugh out loud once or twice. I have a feeling Tim would find that video hilarious. Sometimes my husband's sense of humor matches my own. Sometimes it does not.

Molloy had a small role in the Australian 2006 Macbeth movie. I didn't know about this Macbeth movie. I might want to see it someday. I like Macbeth. Yesterday, Jack and I watched Arthur, and it had a Macbeth theme. Little Muffy encouraged her best friend Francine to frame their mutual friend in an act of thievery, so Francine would win the student of the month award. They end up having to commit another crime to cover up their first. It was pretty clever.

I got all excited in the middle of it. I started babbling to Jack about how it the episode was like a Shakespeare played called Macbeth. Jack looked at me as if I was totally dense. He showed me the title. Macfrensky. Okay. So I guess I missed that.

Well, here's a trailer for the 2006 Aussie version.

I actually wrote a screenplay involving Macbeth. I think it was called The Subway Monster. Maybe? It was a romantic-comedy about this woman who had seen a horror movie as a teenager. The monster in the film totally freaks her out, and she develops this huge persisting fear. Later, to finally overcome the fear, she decides to learn about the actor who played the monster that scared her so much. She learns that he's become a small town theater actor. She ends up finding out where he lives, and goes to track him down. She just plans to quietly stalk him a bit, but they end up meeting. They fall in love...blah, blah, blah. All is well until she sees him in a production of Macbeth. He plays Banquo, and with all the blood/ghost stuff...he looks freaky again.

I forgot what happens after that. But now that I've written that whole summary, I'm thinking that was a pretty dumb story.

But it MIGHT be good. I'm horrible at writing pitches and stuff like that.

The premise sounds a bit ridiculous though.

Shit. Here I am rambling on and on about this Macbeth stuff, and Malloy had such a small role in the film. At least I think he did. IMDb says he played a character named Murderer in Brown. I guess it was a cameo type thing.

For a very short time in 2007, Molloy hosted a show called The Nation.

In 2008, he helped host a football comedy show called Before the Game. I guess the show is still on. At least that's what I'm getting from Lord Wiki. I'm not sure if Molloy is still involved though.

Oh wait. I missed some earlier TV stuff!

In 2004, Malloy was in a TV movie directed by Sam Neill. The Brush-off. He played the same character in another TV movie called Stiff. Stiff wasn't directed by Neill. It was directed by someone else.

Currently, Malloy is on a TV show called The Jesters. It's a sitcom about a comedy sketch guy who has become a producer. It sounds a LITTLE bit like 30 Rock.

Here's an interview with Molloy regarding BoyTown.

This is funny. The interviewer says, Besides me and my mum, pretty much anyone that has ever lived in Australia appears in the film, is there anyone that actually missed out on a role?

That reminds me of the Australia movie trailer spoof.

In the interview, Molloy says it was Tony Martin who did the mockumentary. Lord Wiki says there was some anger between Molloy and Martin regarding that being left off the DVD. I hadn't understood why Martin cared so much about the mockumentary. But now I guess it makes much more sense.

Well, I think I'm going to make this a short post. Jack wants me to watch the season finale of his TV show with him. Plus, I'm not really finding much that excites me today. Maybe I'm just not in a comedian mood. Who knows.....