Monday, October 26, 2009

Rebecca Gibney

I don't know who Rebecca Gibney is.

I added her to the list on 6 July; although that doesn't really give me much of a clue to who she is.


According to Lord Wiki, she's an actress person.

She's on a show called Packed to the Rafters. I don't think I've ever heard of that.

I have no idea why I added her to my list.

Oh well. I hope I have fun with this.

Lord Wiki says that baby Rebecca was born on 14 December 1964, in Levin New Zealand. So, she's a Kiwi-Australian. Is Levin on the South Island or North Island?

I'm looking at Google Maps.... It's on the North Island...about an hour from Wellington. Lord Wiki says she was brought up in Wellington. I don't know if the family moved, or he's just saying Wellington now because more people are familar with it. It's kind of like when an Australian says they're from Sydney. But when you ask more questions, you realize they're really from Wollongong.

Gibney moved to Australia when she was nineteen. I wonder if she's a citizen?

She did modeling work. Then in 1985, she got a role in a children's TV series called Zoo Family.

I'll leave the rest of her filmography to IMDb.

Lord Wiki provides some personal stuff. She has been married twice....the first was to a rock star person. He was the lead singer for a group called Southern Sons. I've never heard of them. Her second (and current husband) is a production designer. She has had one child with him.

Gibney and her family live in Launceston, Tasmania. That's where one of my best friends live!

All right. I'm on IMDb now. They say her first film/TV appearance wasn't Zoo Family. It was
a German-New Zealand movie called Among the Cinders. This coming-of-age drama was done in 1983. I'm guessing this was before she left for Australia. Maybe she discovered she liked acting, and realized New Zealand didn't provide enough opportunity for that.

About two years after that first movie, Gibney did a New Zealand horror movie. Mr Wrong. It was about an evil car....a lot like Christine. Gibney had the role of secretary. Unnamed characters usually indicates that it's a small part.

In that same year, Gibney did an Australian movie. I guess this was after she moved to Australia. It was called I Live With Me Dad. It sounds like a good story. It's about a boy who lives with his alcoholic father. The authorities think the family situation is inappropriate. They want to take the child away from his father, but the child wants to stay. I'm not sure who Gibney is within the story.

The Zoo Family Show was about a family who lives at the Melbourne Zoo. How cute.

I'm skipping something, and jumping ahead to 1990. Gibney was in a movie called Jigsaw. It was a crime thriller thing.

That year she was also in a TV mini-series called Come in Spinner. That sounds like it could be the title of an episode of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. One of the little kiddie spiders is named Spinner.

This Spinner miniseries isn't about spiders. It's about women working at a beauty salon during World War II. The series earned Gibney a Logie award. Go Rebecca Gibney!

Oh. Things are a bit out of order here. Before this Spinner movie series, Gibney had been on The Flying Doctors. The show had 163 episodes. Gibney was in 58 of them. That's pretty substantial. I'm guessing this show was her big break.

Here's some scenes from the show. I'm guessing the woman in the truck is Gibney. She plays a character named Emma. Lord Wiki says Emma isn't a doctor. She's a mechanic.

Gibney did the show from 1986 until 1991. Then she did a sitcom called All Together Now. It was about a rock star who discovers he has twins when their mother dies in a plane crash. That premise sounds pretty stupid to me, but maybe it was good. You can't always explain a plot well within a few sentences.

The show earned Gibney a Logie nomination, so I guess it wasn't all horrible.

The show reminds me of McLeod's Daughters...people arguing about sheep and all that.

In 1993, Gibney did a TV show called Snowy. Was that related to The Man From Snowy River? Well, it was about the Snowy Mountains, so I guess it's kind of connected. The show was directed by a guy named Paul Moloney. It seems he and Gibson have worked together a lot. He directed I Live With Me Dad, and some episodes of The Flying Doctors. He also directed some TV things called Halifax, and I see Gibney is in these as well.

Lord Wiki says Halifax is a TV show. It's listed in a weird way on IMDb, so I wasn't sure. It's like each episode is listed separately. It's hard to explain. Gibney was the main star. She plays Dr. Halifax, a forensic psychiatrist. It seems the last episode was made in 2002.

Here's a scene from the show.

In 1994, Gibney starred in a romantic-comedy with Anthony LaPaglia. This was Lucky Break. It's about a disabled writer of romance-novels. She tries to hide her disability from a man who's interested in her. It actually sounds a LITTLE bit like my novel Thirty Cats. My character tries to hide her disease. She's not a romance novelist though. Shit. I forgot what she is. A college student....yes. What was she majoring in? I forgot. Maybe education?

Gibney doesn't play the disabled person. Maybe she's the friend or something.

Here's the trailer for the movie. It doesn't really appeal to me, but maybe the trailer doesn't sell it well. I don't know.

In 1997, Gibney starred in a TV movie called Kangaroo Palace. It's about Australians in London during 1960. It was directed by the same guy who did Come in Spinner.

Also that year, Gibney was in Joey. I thought maybe this was that kangaroo movie with The Stand by Me kid. But it's not.

Ruth Cracknell is in the movie. Maybe that's why it's familar to me. Cracknell is one of my favorite Australians right now. I totally love her in Mother and Son. I've watched five full episodes already.

Joey is a family movie about American and Australian children working together to save a kangaroo. Well, I'm not quite sure it's any type of masterpiece.

In 1998, Gibney was in a haunted house horror TV movie called 13 Gantry Row. I'd probably like that. I like haunted house movie stuff.

Also, in 1998, Gibney was in Sabrina, Down Under. Man! I didn't know there WAS a Sabrina, Down Under. I want to see it. Tim and I used to love that show. We watched it when we lived in NYC. I loved that, and Boy Meets World. Actually, we liked a LOT of TV shows. I think we spent most of our time together watching television. Sad, since we lived in NYC. We should have been out and about...exploring the city. But see...a lot of the TV shows were set in NYC, and it was cool to watch the shows and say, we live here too! Although I don't think Sabrina lived in NYC.

Anyway, Sabrina was awesome. But I think maybe the show had jumped the shark a bit, or something else came on at that time that was more interesting to us. Then I moved on to that other witch show...Charmed.

Well, here's the beginning of Sabrina, Down Under.

This is like The Facts of Life Down Under.

I think EVERY American TV show needs a Down Under episode. Like how about True Blood Down Under. Grey Anatomy Down Under? Scrubs Down Under.....

It looks like YouTube has the entire Sabrina Down Under. Maybe I'll watch it one day...maybe after I watch all the episodes of Mother and Son.

I'm skipping some Gibney stuff. In the beginning of the 21st century, she did more Halifax episodes, and some guest appearances on various TV shows.

In 2002 and 2003, Gibney did thirteen episodes of a crime show called Stingers. It doesn't sound like my type of show.

In 2004, she did a TV mystery movie involving a playgroup. Interesting...... It was called Small Claims. The movie earned Gibney another Logie nomination. I guess the Logie folks like her.

Gibney was in the remake of Stephen King's Salem's Lot. It was filmed in Victoria. I'm not sure if I remember it. I do remember The Shining and Carrie remakes. Gibney played Marjorie Glick. I'm not sure if that's a big part or not. Well, from this site I can gather that the Glick family was the first Salem's Lot folks to turn into vampires.

Here's a trailer for the movie. It looks pretty good.

In 2005, Gibney starred in a sequel to Small Claims. And then in 2006, there was yet another sequel. Lisa Chapell from McLeod's Daughters was in this one.

Gibney has hosted two episodes of a documentary called Sensing Murder. It deals with psychics and their involvement in police investigations.

In 2006, Gibney did an Australian-British TV program called Tripping Over. It was a family drama thing.

Here's some scenes from the show. I'm not sure if Gibney is in it.

Wow. Well, that's some pretty intense sex for a family show. Australia must be much more progressive than America. They even show breasts. I'm amazed.

In 2007, Gibney did a movie called Clubland. It's about a comedian. Gibney doesn't play the comedian. She plays Lana. I don't know who that is.

In 2008, Gibney returned to her country of birth for The Map Reader. That sounds familar. I wonder if it was shown in America. Gibney plays an alcoholic mother who has a turbulent relationship with her son. The son finds comfort in maps. I find comfort in maps too, but my love didn't develop until after I had Jack. He's VERY good with geography, and it kind of rubbed off on me.

The movie won some American film festival awards...a Las Vegas one, and a Ft. Lauderdale one. Yeah, so I guess it was here.

Here's a trailer for the film. It looks pretty good.

Gibney is going to star in the upcoming movie with Guy Pearce. In Her Skin. Actually, it might have already come out. I'm not sure. Maybe it's been out in Australia, but not America yet. Have any of you seen it? It looks like it was released at a March film festival. Maybe it was just shown there, but not elsewhere yet.

The show Gibney currently stars in is Packed to the Rafters. It's a comedy-drama about a family. Gibney plays the mother in the family. Each episode is narrated by a different family member. It sounds pretty interesting.

It earned Gibney another Logie award. The show itself won the 2009 Logie award. Wow. I guess it's pretty popular and successful.

Here's a commercial for the show. I guess it's about adult kids moving back into the empty nest.

Here is a video of Gibney winning the Logie award for the show. Andrew Denton was one of the nominees too....and Adam Hills! Gibney beat both of them. Oh, and she beat Rove....and Stevie from McLeod's Daughters!

I'm so impressed with Jack. I couldn't remember Stevie's name. So, I asked my child...Who was that star of McLeod's Daughter....the one that replaced Claire? And he knew it! We didn't even watch the Stevie episodes.

This is an interesting award. It includes both females and males nominees. I'm not sure if America has that with it's Emmy Awards.

Gibney is very grateful and enthusiastic. She's lovely in that way.

Gibney has an interview with Andrew Denton. Good! I'll read that.

It seems like she was very nervous at first. That's kind of cute. I wonder if I can watch some of the show. I prefer reading Denton's interviews, and that's what I usually do. But I should probably watch a little bit of it as well.

Well, no....I guess won't be watching it. I don't see any clips of it on YouTube. It might be elsewhere, but I don't have the energy to search for it.

Gibney says the New Zealand town she moved to was Hastings. It's four hours away from Wellington. Why would Lord Wiki say she had lived in Wellington? Well, maybe she moved there eventually. I'll keep reading.

In hastings she ate feijoa ice-cream. A feijoa is a kind of fruit. I'm not sure I've heard of it. I bet Jack would love to try the ice-cream. He loves trying exotic flavors.

She moved about forty times when she was a child. So I guess it's likely that she at one time moved to Wellington.

She says the reason they moved a lot was that her dad was an alcoholic. He couldn't hold down a job. They went from one rental place to another.

Denton asks what it was like living with an alcoholic father. She says she thought it was fairly normal. I think she thought it was the type of life most kids live. In some ways, she was kind of right. Many children do live with alcoholic parents. It's awfully common.

It sounds like her mother worked hard to shield her children from the negative stuff. From what Gibney says, it reminds me a little bit of the father in Life is Beautiful.

Her father was pretty awful though. He'd beat her mother. At one time, he gave her bruises that lasted six months. Wow.

Gibney quit school when she was fifteen. She started working for a whole sale jewelery place. Then when she was sixteen, her dad lost his leg. Her mother asked if Gibney would take care of him a bit. She did. He had stopped drinking by then, and they had a few bonding moments. Then he died.

Denton asked Gibney why her dad lost his leg. She says he had some disease called polycythemia. Her grandma lost two legs from it, and her uncle lost a leg as well. It's caused from drinking and smoking. I wonder if there's a genetic component as well.

Lord Wiki says it involves an overproduction of red blood cells.

Gibney says her childhood experiences have made her passionate about domestic violence...well, helping those who are victims of it.

She says she's gone through therapy for her experiences. There have been times in her life where she's had difficulty with it.

She says she has certain behavior/personality patterns. I guess the therapy has helped her deal with it.

One problem she has is jealousy. I get jealous a lot too, but I've had no domestic violence in my past. So I wonder where my jealousy comes from.

Gibney has never had an acting lesson. That's pretty interesting.

It sounds like Gibney is pretty religious/spiritual. She has strong faith in God.

She says when she was seventeen her brother had a brain tumor. It was a sad situation. His wife was pregnant with their first child. The family all prayed. The brother survived. I guess he's still alive today. He has more brain tumors, but I guess they're not killing him.

I think she's trying to say that it was all a miracle, and it helped her believe in God.

My sister had a brain injury. We all prayed for her. We had people praying left and right....from various religions. She survived. She had a miraculous recovery.

Does that prove to me there's a God? Does that prove to me that God is good? Well, what if she DIDN'T survive? I think some people have such a conditional love for God. If things go well, they love and believe. If things go wrong, they stop believing.

What does it mean when prayers are NOT answered?

Why is a happy ending proof of God's glory?

Why does a sad ending justify anger and disbelief?

I really don't know.....

I didn't stop believing in God until years after my sister's accident. And it really had nothing to do with what happened to her. I just slowly let go of the whole God concept.

I do have faith in other spiritual things. I do question my beliefs sometimes. I have doubts, but I don't think they're dependent on whether life is going well or bad. If someone I love gets sick, I think of it as either some kind of scientific-based random occurrence, or some kind of test....maybe something that's just meant to be.

If we believe God, the angels, or whatever, prove their love and existence to us by performing miracles, then what does that say for the families who don't have a happy ending?

Gibney has problems with panic attacks. I'm not sure if I've ever had one of those....I don't think so. I sometimes have something yucky that happens when I take short naps during the day. I wake up feeling horrible....I have these horrible morbid thoughts. It's like I wake up and suddenly think I'm going to die someday! I don't want to die! Then sometimes it's about something happening to Jack. When I was in college, they involved a fear of my mom dying. Anyway, I panic in these episodes. So I guess it's KIND of a panic attack. Maybe?

Here's a recent article about Gibney in the Daily Telegraph. The article says Packed to the Rafters is Australia's most-loved show. Is that true, or a hyperbole? Do any of you Australian people watch it? I feel out of the loop because I've never heard of it. Every time, I feel I've succeeded in knowing EVERY little detail about Australia, something major comes along to smash my delusion. How unfair is that!

On the surface, the show reminds me of Party of Five. It kind of has that feel to it...I mean from what I've seen on YouTube.

The article talks about Gibney's psychological problems. In the Denton interview, it seemed like they talked about it in a rather light-hearted way. At least it seems that way from the transcript. But it seems like Denton makes jokes, they both laugh, etc. In this article, it seems much more serious. They say she was afraid to leave the house, and had severe depression.

The article says Such was Gibney's early lack of self-belief that even after she moved to Australia and became a sought-after star in her early twenties, she kept waiting to be outed as a fake.

Oh, that's very common with actors and actresses. I think I've seen it mentioned in almost every actor autobiography I've read. I'm not sure it has anything really to do with her rough childhood.

The article says Gibney's panic attacks ended after her son was born. Well, that's good! I would think motherhood would bring more panic attacks. I guess maybe her therapy helped her.

It sounds like a Gibney overcame a rough childhood, and she's very grateful to the therapist that helped her. But the stuff she talks about....jealousy, panic attacks, insecurity, depression. I'm not sure if that can all be blamed on her childhood. I think it's common to a LOT of people. I don't know what I'm trying to say here. Let me try....

I think she had this very traumatic childhood. Almost all of us have some family dysfunction. But from what I read, Gibney's family had more problems than the typical family. Her childhood seems especially rough. Yet her psychological issues seem very average. She reminds me of many people I know....including myself. So maybe I feel that, for her circumstances, Gibney came out pretty well.

She seems like a very strong person to me. Despite some of her childhood shit, she seems no more damaged then the average human-being.


  1. Good choice today ... Gibney is totally gorgeous. "Rafters" as it's become known down here is a no holds barred, typically Aussie show in so many ways. Gibney's Julie is an adorable character, so very believable. Yep I adore her! Am also a fan of her "Rebecca Gibney's Mars Venus" panel show on pay TV ... I'm sure you'd like her lots!!!

  2. Redness,

    It does seem like a good show.

    I haven't heard of the Mars Venus thing. What's that like?

  3. A talk show, title stems from John Grays 'Mars Venus' books. Trying to be risque but doesn't get there, they all laugh too much, are too 'blue' and double meanings. They talk on topics like racism, brotels, swinging, relationships and all that stuff ... good to listen to while I do my blog rounds ... it'll never make it to free to air!