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Stefan Dennis

Who is Stefan Dennis?

I have no idea.

Lord Wiki says he's an actor. He's on Neighbours. He plays the character of Paul Robinson.

He's also done some music work. He had a hit single called "Don't it Make you Feel Good." Here's the video. Dennis sounds like a musical-singer.

Baby Stefan was born in Tawonga, Victoria on 30 October 1958.

Tawonga is about five hours north-east of Melbourne. It's about an hour south of Albury.

We won't go into it too much though, because the Dennis family left when Stefan was young. They moved to Queensland. Lord Wiki doesn't specify which part of Queensland they moved to. He's trying to be all mysterious.

Wait. Dennis did work at the Amateur Theatre when he was young. This might give me a clue.

Nope. That didn't help. When I googled, I found theaters, not NAMED amateur, but classified that way. Oh well. Maybe we'll pinpoint the geography later.

As a child and young teen, Dennis loved performing, and wanted this as a career; but he felt it was important to have a back-up plan. He went the chef route. He became an apprentice.

Oh, and now I see a location. He lived in the Gold Coast. I'm not sure if this is where he grew up though; or if he moved there for the apprenticeship.

Next, Dennis moved to Melbourne where he worked in the restaurant industry.

I'm going to hop over to IMDb to look at the filmography. Just as a reminder....I skip one-time guest appearances, and most short films.

In the beginning of the 1980's, Dennis did guest star appearances here and there.

In 1981, Dennis played Peter Richards on Prisoner. I'm not really finding much about his character. Does anyone remember him on the show?

In 1984, Dennis was in a movie called Channel Chaos. His character's name was "Cameraman". I'm guessing this wasn't a huge role. It also probably wasn't a huge movie. The trivia page says it went directly to video. It was one of THOSE......

In 1985, Dennis was in the miniseries The Flying Doctors. Wasn't there also a TV Show?

Yeah. Here's the series.

It was also in 1985, that Dennis started working on Neighbours. We'll definitely get back to that.

I'm going to skip ahead to the 1990's. Dennis left the show in 1993, and it looks like he tried to get a career elsewhere. He guest-starred in a variety of TV shows.

Then in 2004, he returned to Neighbours. He also got a part in a British movie called The Truth About Love. It's a romantic comedy about a woman who sends her husband an anonymous Valentine, to see what he'd do. Yikes. That could get a marriage into trouble.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it. Maybe she's the star?

Here's the trailer. Hewitt is faking an accent. That's as weird to me as when Australians play Americans in American movies when they could just have easily played an Australian.

Dennis is way down below in the credits. He probably had a very small role.

Well, that's about it for IMDb.

Here's the official website of Stefan Dennis. There's a note there that says Dennis is not on MySpace, Facebook, or any such sites. So if you have Dennis as a follower or friend, it's probably a fake.

Dennis has a link to the Environmental Investigation Agency. I guess that's his favorite charity. One of their big campaigns is against supermarket refrigerators that leak horrible ozone-depleting gases. It's a UK campaign, but it might be a problem in other countries.

Here's Dennis' theater credits. It looks like he does a lot of fairy tale stuff...Aladdin, Cinderella, Peter Pan, etc.

This Neighbours website has some biographical information.

He did grow up on the Gold Coast.

He left school when he was sixteen. I like hearing about people who have alternative education stories. Here's someone who didn't go and get a traditional university education. Instead, he did an apprenticeship, and then sought work in acting. I think that's really cool.

Dennis actually left Neighbours in 1992, but he returned in 1993 for a guest appearance. He reminds me of Days of our Lives actors. They leave, come back, leave again, come back.....

Oh! He didn't just have a small small role in The Truth About Love. He was also associate producer. Around that time, Dennis had been living in the UK. He came back to Australia in 2004. One day, he visited The Neighbours set, and an idea formed of him doing a surprise cameo. One thing led to another, and Dennis became a full-time member of the show again.

As for personal stuff, Dennis has been married twice. He and his current wife have two sons.

Now I'm going to learn about Dennis' alter-ego....Paul Robinson.

Robinson has been married four times. His wives names have been Terry, Gail, Christina, and Lynn.

Robinson has three sisters, and two brothers.

He has two daughters and three sons.

One of his TV sons has the same name as his real son....Cameron. I wonder which came first. The real Cameron was born in 2002. When was the fictional one born?

Well, Cameron was born in 1989, but they say he came on the show in 2006. I'm not sure if his character had been introduced earlier, or if he was one of those surprise soap opera offspring.

This biography of Paul Robinson is very long. I guess I'll read it, and just report the exciting stuff.

Here's something unique. Paul dropped out of university to become a flight attendant. That's how he met his second wife. She was his supervisor. Here's a video of Paul during his Gail days. Paul loves Gail, but he doubts that Gail loves him. It looks like instead he married Terry the plumber's assistant. Terry was a bit of a bad girl. It turns out she had a criminal past. When Paul found out, she shot him! Here's a video of the dramatic confrontation.

After that experience, Paul became bitter about love. He decided to become a corporate executive. At work he fell in love with Zoe. But Zoe dated his father. That made Robinson angry, and he made life difficult for Zoe.

Next Paul fell in love with Susan Cole. There was a love triangle going on between those two, and a guy named Clive.

Later, Gail came back. They were in love, but didn't tell each other that. Yet they married for business reasons. Well, a company they wanted to do business with only partnered with married people. I think that's the scene I watched earlier.

Here's a video of their marriage of convenience wedding.

Eventually, Gail and Paul realized they loved each other...for real, and not just pretend. They renewed their vows, and lived happily ever after. Anyone who believes that probably never watches soap operas.

An old lover from Paul's airline past returned. This was Nina, and she revealed that she had a daughter. Paul was the daddy. Around this time, Paul and Gail were having fertility issues. Finally Gail managed to get pregnant....with triplets. It could have been a happy time, but Paul chose the workaholic route. The marriage was on the rocks. Then Paul had a fight with Gail's dad. Gail's dad drove off, and had a car accident. Gail blamed Paul for her dad's death.

Gail left Paul, and moved to Tasmania. There she gave birth to the triplets. One of these was Cameron. So I'm guessing the Cameron character wasn't just randomly created in 2006.

After Gail left Paul, he found comfort in the arms of a couple of women. Meanwhile, his assistant's twin sister Christina, had a crush on him. When Paul brought back a scheming woman named Isabella, Christina worked to prove that Isabella was up to no good. Once Isabella was out of the picture, she thought she'd have a chance with Paul. But he then vowed he was done with woman for good. Poor Isabella! But they eventually got together.

Here's a scene from that storyline. The woman in red is Isabella.

Paul and Christina eventually got together. They married, and had a baby. Things went bad in Paul's business life....really bad. He considered suicide.

Paul left his wife and child for awhile so he could get himself back together. He returned with his daughter Amy. That's the one that came from his airline days affair.

Oh no!

Paul had an affair with Christina's twin sister. Of course, the twin felt all guilty about this. It reminds of that Missy Higgins song.

Paul and Christina managed to work things out, but Paul was involved with fraud. He had to escape to Brazil. And I think that's where he was while Stefan Dennis was trying to build up a career outside of Neighbours.

When Paul returned in 2004, he fell in love with Liljana...another man's wife. Here's a scene from their love.

It seems while Paul was romancing Lil, he was also going after Izzy.

I think this guy is a bit of a womanizer.

I'm getting kind of tired of reading....skimming a bit.

Paul was thrown off a cliff at some point. He lost his leg in the accident.

Paul didn't think life was worth living with one leg. Really? I wouldn't think it would be a huge deal to lose one leg. You can just get a fake one. I mean it's not like becoming a quadriplegic.  And some people adjust to even that. I know it would be challenging to have one leg, but I don't think it would be the awful of awfuls. Still, I guess I can't judge without being in the situation myself. If my leg ever gets chopped off, I'll get back to you guys on that one.

Instead of going the normal route of committing suicide, Paul tried to provoke someone into killing him. He tried to get the guy to let go of his wheelchair by a steep hill. Well, isn't that a bit risky? What if he didn't die? What if he lost another leg?

Anyway, at the last second, Paul had a change of heart. He decided he wanted to live!

Oh, this is getting way too long. I'm going to see if Lord Wiki's summary is shorter. I kind of want to wrap this up.

What I'm getting from the Neighbours site, and Lord Wiki is that Paul Robinson is a villian.

What other drama has happened in this guy's life?

He set a fire and killed someone.

His friends were killed (or disappeared?) in a plane crash...caused by a bomb. It was later revealed that Paul's own son had bombed the plane. Wow. This was one of the triplets, but not Cameron. Poor Cameron died in a car crash. Man, soap opera families have it rough!

A guy named Harold tried to strangle Paul, but he later confessed and apologized.

Paul got a brain tumor, and started having visions of a guy named Fox.

Well, that's about it....or all that I feel like reporting.

Maybe I'll watch a few videos.

Here's an interview with Dennis on The Morning Show. They talk about Dennis' hit single. He says it's become more popular now than it was back then.

They joke about Paul Robinson seducing almost every women on the show.

Now they're showing a montage of clips.

Dennis says around the time he got the part on Neighbours, he was hoping for a film or theater role. He says he had a very snobbish view of soap operas. Real actors don't do such stuff! Dennis said he went to the Neighbours audition, but didn't take it seriously. He showed little interest or respect. But he got a role. He figured he'd stick with it for six months. And that six months lasted a bit longer than expected.

Oh! Jason Donovan played Paul Robinson's brother. I didn't notice that connection. What was Donovan's character's name again?

Here we go. It was Scott Robinson.

Dennis says that when his character returned in 2004, he was more evil than before. Then he became too evil, and the show's producers felt things had gone too far. They considered getting rid of the character, but then instead decided to give Robinson a brain tumor. Supposedly, the brain tumor is what made Robinson evil all this time. Interesting.

Here's a video of Paul's imaginary friend, Fox.

Now I'm reading this website about Paul. He had surgery for his brain tumor. When he woke up, memories of his past were gone. He forgot that he was evil, and became less of a villian. Right now, he's a sort of okay guy. But who knows what will happen in the future.....

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