Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bulgarian Mystery

I am feeling doubtful of whether or not I should be writing about this.

But it's bugging me to the point that I'm starting to feel I might have some kind of nervous breakdown. So maybe getting it off my chest will help to keep me sane.

Those of you who have read this blog for awhile know the Julian McMahon story. My whole Australia obsession pretty much began with me having weird and frequent dreams about the actor.

I still don't know if

A) I had a crush on an actor....that led me to having the dreams....and that led me to an Australian obsession.


B) I had frequent dreams about an actor that led me to having a crush on him...and later it turned into an obsession with Australia.

I kind of lean towards B, but I could be wrong. Or maybe it's a combination of the of those circular things.

So anyway, I've pretty much come to terms with all of it, and I've been at peace with the whole thing.

It's all kind of quirky. And at times, I feel all warm and fuzzy towards McMahon and his parents because this Australia obsession has been a really great thing for me.

Now I'm feeling incredibly frustrated.

I'm having a really weird thing going on with my Statcounter. For the last few weeks, I've been having a Bulgarian visitor come to the William McMahon post. They come 2-3 times a day....around the same time, but not the exact time. And sometimes they come at extra/different times.

The start of all this somewhat coincided with me reading the Harry Potter books. So I think the first thing that ran through my mind when I first noticed it was Viktor Krum. That's pretty much all I've ever known of Bulgaria. It's the homeland of Krum. Yeah. I know he's fictional. Don't worry.

I don't think I've ever had a person come to one blog post multiple times a day for many days. I mean they might go to one post multiple times in ONE day, but they don't continue to return to that same post. Eventually, they stop coming....or they read other stuff on my blog.

To me, it's all weird and mysterious just for the fact that someone keeps coming back to the same blog post. But the fact that it's a McMahon thing has made the issue grab my attention even more...well, since that family has special meaning to me.

I tried to let it go....just enjoy the mystery. You know, it's what we were supposed to do with the Lost finale. Stop asking questions about this and that. Just smile, cry, and say That was such a fantastic finale.

I was able to do that with Lost.

I'm failing with the Bulgarian mystery.

I want answers!

I tried contacting the Bulgarian. I left a large bold red message on the McMahon post. That's not one of my most popular posts, so I figured I could leave a message up for a few hours, and not have anyone else see it.

It ended up that two other people went to that post before I took the message down. I was a bit embarrassed. Those people probably thought I'm insane.

They're likely not wrong.

Anyway, the Bulgarian didn't contact me.

My friend and I talked about different possibilities.

Maybe it's not a person visiting me. Maybe it's all being generated by a computer.

It's possible. I don't know much about that stuff.

Maybe they ARE going to other posts, but my Statcounter isn't recording it for some reason. Maybe they saved the McMahon page to their bookmarks, and so that's the first page they always go to. Then Statcounter doesn't record them moving about on the blog.

My friend suggested that maybe somehow they accidentally saved the McMahon page as their home page. So every time my Bulgarian surfs the Internet, they pop up on my Statcounter.

Yesterday, I got really frustrated, and took drastic measures. I took down the McMahon post. I thought maybe this way, the Bulgarian would have to go to other posts, and I'd see it.

I didn't see them on the Statcounter at all. So that leads me to think it IS a computer. Wouldn't a human try to investigate....figure out where the post had gone? I don't think they'd land on the page, see the message that this post is gone, and then go about their day.

I did start feeling all guilty yesterday about hiding the posts. My overactive imaginations came up with all kinds of sad scenarios.

In one, the Bulgarian is severely autistic and has somehow formed an attachment with the McMahon post. He sees it missing, and is very upset. But he is too rigid to realize he can try and search around the blog for answers.

In another, the Bulgarian is being held prisoner, and for some weird reason, my post about McMahon is the only thing he can access on the Internet. Yeah, he's bored reading about McMahon for the fiftieth time. But it's the only thing he can read. It would be really sad if he couldn't even read English. Or maybe it would be better. I guess it all depends on what people think of my writing.

This morning, I put the post back up. The Bulgarian returned soon after.

It probably IS a computer.

Or it could be a VERY dedicated fan of William McMahon.

I wish I knew.

The mystery is killing me.

I've actually started crushing on this person. That's really sad.

Here's a confession. I once had a bit of a crush on one of my blog commenters. That was my weirdest crush because I didn't even know what the commenter looked like. But at least then I knew SOME stuff about the person. I knew their gender, general age, interests, personality, etc.

This new crush definitely beats the commenter one. I don't know if this person is male, female, old, young. It could be some ninety-year-old woman. It could be a robot.

Maybe it's a ghost.

Maybe it's William McMahon himself....haunting me.

Or it could be Viktor Krum. Maybe I've opened a magical window to the world of Harry Potter. But why would a Quidditch player be so interested in an Australian Prime Minister?