Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maybe Hurley Was Inspired By the Anzac Spirit

In the first season of Lost, the plane crash survivors struggle to supply themselves with food; seek shelter; and avoid getting killed by smoke monsters, rogue polar bears, and the mysterious Others.

One of the survivors, Hurley, recognizes that, even in difficult times, people need fun....a distraction. So he sets up a golf course, and we get to see the Losties looking happy for a change.

This picture from an online Anzac photograph exhibit at the State Library of Victoria reminds me of the golf game. The soldiers are in grave danger. There's probably little hope that they'll see their mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, and sons again. But in all the crap, they take the time to play a game of cricket.

It's amazing what people can endure. It's amazing that people can endure absolute hardship, and not completely crumble to pieces.

It reminds me of this blog I sometimes read. This family has a child who's severely and chronically ill. There's so much pain, sorrow, and unfairness in it all. Yet the blog also has days of happiness and fun. They manage to see the light within the darkness...and sometimes they have to fight like hell to CREATE that light.

It's all very inspiring....well, in both fiction, and real life.