Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank You Green People

If anyone else around here is as confused by the Australian elections as I am, this might help you....

It helped me at least.

I THOUGHT Australia had preferential voting, and Australians didn't have to worry about throwing away their vote if they voted for the Green Party. This is one of the reasons I LOVE Australia.

Okay, but then some talking on Facebook confused me on the issue. Maybe I just misunderstood, but I thought people were saying they didn't want to vote Green because it would be throwing their vote away.

But on the Green website, it says voting for the Green Party is NOT giving your vote to Abbott.

If I voted for some guy I liked better than Obama, as an American, I would have been giving my vote to McCain. But Australians don't have to deal with such shit.

SO vote Green!!!!

Well, unless you want Abbott to win.....

Different strokes for different folks. Right?

And if you actually prefer Gillard, then by all for her.

Wait. I just read further down on the Green lesson in Australian elections. It gets a bit confusing. Now I'm lost again. But at least I understood the first few paragraphs.


I think I got it.

There's voting above the line, and below the line.

If you do it, above the're kind of giving up some power and decision making. I guess you kind of pick a party, and then the party does the ranking for you. Maybe? If you pick below the line, it's all up to you.

That's pretty cool.

I love Australia.