Thursday, September 30, 2010

Google Map Fun Part 5

I'm going to play my game again.

I'm not feeling well. Maybe it will cheer me up.
I think it will actually.

I'm in Tasmania now; 1733 Mud Walls Road, Jericho.  

Jericho reminds me of Flashforward.  In the show, there was some kind of evil mysterious organization called Jericho. It was related to the Iraqi War.

Mud Walls Road is pretty. There's lots of shades of brown, and a little bit of green. The road is paved, but narrow.

Jericho is near the Tasmanian place I "visited" last time; Oatlands. I wonder if Jericho has sandstone buildings as well.

They're actually very near each other. It would take about 15 minutes to get to Jericho from Oatlands.  That is...if you drive. If you tried walking, it would take about three hours.

It might not be a bad walk....if you're up for a long walk.

Lord Wiki says that Jericho DOES have sandstone buildings.   

This Tasmanian tourism site says the first recorded church service was held in Jericho, in 1823.   I'm not sure what they mean by first. First church service in Australia? Tasmania?  Or maybe just the first service in Jericho.

Anyway, guess who led the service at St. James Anglican Church?  

Samuel Marsden.  If I recall correctly, he's an ancestor of John Marsden.

According to this National Trust website, the church building is having problems, and needs repairs/restoration.

I'm going to move onto Victoria.

The image I got is a bit hazy.    I don't know if this is due to the weather, or the photography.   It looks dreamlike....kind of cool.

The address is 276 Wallacedale  Byaduk Road in Wallacedale.

There's a narrow road and lots of trees.  The sun shines brightly. I think that's where I'm getting the hazy dreamlike imagery.

I zoomed out of the map. Wallacedale is pretty far west, fairly near the South Australia border.   

Wait.  No.Actually it's much farther than I expected....16 hours.  Or maybe Google Maps is messing with me.

I don't know. It LOOKS close to Mt. Gambier. But Google Maps is telling me it would take about 21 hours to drive there.

And now it's saying it would take two days to drive from Wallacedale to Melbourne.

That CAN'T be right.

Yeah.  There's definitely a mistake.

I just plugged in the directions to Melbourne to Mt. Gambier, and that's only a 5 hour drive.    Wallacedale is inbetween those places, so there's no way it should take 16 hours to get from Wallacedale to Mt Gambier.

Okay. I redid it. It takes about 4 hours to get from Mt Gambier  to Wallacedale.

I'm not sure what went wrong there.

Oh well.

Now I'm on Kinka Road in New South Wales. I'm in a parking lot actually. There are five cars.  It looks like some kind of natural park.  I see one of those warning/guideline signs.

I zoomed out. Kinka Road is on the coast of New South Wales. It's about two hours north of Newcastle.

On Kinka Road, there's a place called Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Holiday Accommodations. I see it on the map. Let's see if they have a website.  Here they are, and now I know what the town is called.  Seal Rocks.  I wasn't sure before.  

They won a Qantas tourism award in 2009.  Cool.

It doesn't seem like they come with air-conditioning. That's fine in nice weather. But what if it gets really hot?   

I sound very spoiled....sorry.

They do say they provide heating, so maybe it's more likely to get too cold there.  Maybe because it's near the water?

Wow. It's kind of expensive! It's $2660 a week in the summer.   For that price, I'd definitely expect air-conditioning. I'm guessing either it's not needed in that area, OR they have it, and just forgot to list it.

Ah.  Now I see that Google Maps DID try to inform me that Kinka Road was in Seal Rocks. I just didn't listen well enough.

This holiday park in Seal Rocks looks much more affordable, AND it has air-conditioning.    There you can get a cabin for about $900-1200 a week.

Now I've jumped up to Queensland. I'm on 3976 Wide Bay Highway in Kilkivan.   

Kilkivan is about 45 minutes north-west of Gympie.

Here's a travel article about the town.  They say it's a rural type place.It has a mining history, but now its main industry is cattle.

I'm not back on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory.Instead, I'm on the Barkley Highway.   It doesn't look much different from Stuart. Oh!  I'm in Warumungu.  Is that where I was last time?   I thought it was, but Firefox is saying the spelling is wrong.  If It was the same place, I would have added it to my Firefox dictionary thing.

Oops.  Never mind.    I just spelled it wrong.   It IS the same place.  

Ah!   In Western Australia, I've come across red dirt.  I haven't been seeing enough of that in my virtual travels.

I'm in Nepean Road in Victoria Rock. I see unpaved road, and then paved road. There's lots of the red mud.

Victoria Rock is somewhat near Kalgoorlie.  I'm not sure of the distance though, because Google Maps refuses to tell me.

This tourism website has some information about Victoria Rock.  They say it's about an hours drive from Coolgardie.    I think that's one of the places I visited recently....well, VIRTUALLY visited.

Now I'm back on the Stuart Highway...not in the Northern Territory, but in South Australia.   I kind of cheated, and didn't close my eyes.  A lot of Australia isn't covered by Google Maps Street View, so if I keep going COMPLETELY random, I end up getting just photographs, and not street views.

Anyway, this view I'm looking at now is SO Australia. I mean it fits my stereotype of Australia pretty much perfectly.

There's a road, lots of dirt and mud on the sides of the road, and very little trees. I think I see one tree off in the distance. There are some little bushes though.

Well, I think that's it for now.