Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Flickr Post

I have a Flickr ritual now. Well, before I was kind of getting obsessive. I mean I was playing with it way too much. So now I limit myself. I stalk one person and their photos per day.  

Here's my crazy ritual.   First I work on my own Flickr stuff.   Right now, this involves transferring my Ofoto pictures to Flickr. I'm doing one Ofoto album a day. I'm trying to reduce how much space I'm using on Ofoto because they charge you 20 dollars a year if you go over 2 GB. That's not a bad price, but I'm already paying a fee to Flickr for the Pro account thing. On top of that, I recently realized that Tim has his own Flickr Pro account.

Oh.  And speaking of photos.  Guess what. We've lost ANOTHER camera. We have hope that we'll find this one because we lost it at the lake house. It's not like we lost it in the middle of a big city.   It's SOMEWHERE at the lake house....or maybe our house.  The problem is Tim went back to the lake house yesterday to look, and had no luck finding it. It probably landed in some obscure place.   We'll probably find it as soon as we give up and go off to buy another camera.

It wouldn't be a big deal or rush, but we're leaving for a road trip tomorrow. It would be nice to have a camera for that. I guess we'll just use our phones.   

Anyway, back to my ritual. I transfer our photos. I put them in my transferred-from-Ofoto set.  Then I put Australia into the Flickr search thing.  I go to recent photos, and then I go to page 7.  Why page 7?   Seven is my numerology number. Okay. Yeah.  Really. What's a ritual if you don't bring spiritualism and the occult into the game?  

Now I'm writing about all this WHILE I do my ritual. I gotta pause my yapping though, and actually do some of the work.

Today I'm transferring our 2007 San Francisco trip. Before I got the transferring idea, I had been simply deleting photos. That's fine really.  A lot of the photos were extraneous.   But after deleting those extraneous ones, I was still at about 3 GB. I would have had to start deleting photos I might not want to lose.

Okay. I just downloaded the Ofoto files. Now I just have to upload them to Flickr.

Oh!  And I like to check my Flickr stats. My most popular photo is of Jack holding up a Kit Kat. I don't know why it's the most popular. And it's not that popular...only 38 views total. Tim has a photo with over a thousand views!  

It's taking awhile for the photos to download. In the meantime, I went to pee, and I did some of my exercise routine.  Now I'm going to read my daily dose of Lostpedia.   I'm almost done with all that, which is good because I'm kind tired of Lost.  Now Harry Potter is my thing. Jack and I are reading the third book now.  We read it every night at bedtime. It's SO nice.

All right. The photos are transferred.  I'm done with my account.  Now I'm going to look at someone else's photo.

I'm on page 7.....

There's a lot of photos of women from someone called  They look like models...advertisements.  It doesn't look too exciting to me.

There's a Michael with surfing photos.  I'm okay with small doses.

The Pretenda has photos of nuns. It looks like a theatrical play.

I usually choose one person a day.  Today, I'm going to go with Hannah Katarski.   She has a photo of a black swan on page 7 of recent photos.  The caption on the photo indicates Katarski is from Perth.

Here's a nice photo of a cat.   It's not Katarski's cat.  It belongs to her friend.  No wait. I read that wrong.  The cat belongs to her friend's housemate.  So Katarski is really 3 degrees away from that cat.  Since I looked at the photo, does that make me 4 degrees away? 

Katarski went to Barcelona!  Cool. On the way there, she stopped at a place called Parc Guell. I've never heard of that. Is it in Spain?  

Oh.  Lord Wiki says it's actually in Barcelona.  Okay.  I've been to Barcelona once.  But we were on a cruise, and didn't spend much time there. We liked it though....the little that we saw.

Katarski's favorite photo is the Delphinium.    

Lord Wiki says it's a poisonous flower.  It can cause vomiting, and death in large doses. In the Western United States, it's caused problems by killing cattle.  Yikes.

 It does have some positive uses for humans though.   Some say you can use it against lice and nits.   It might help asthma.  Lord Wiki says that some use it to ward off witches.  If Phoebe, Paige, or Piper start to annoy you....bring out the Delphinium!

I'm now looking at Katarski's profile.  She has two blogs.  One is her art blog.  She hasn't updated since April 2009.  That's a shame.  The other is her surfing blog. She updated that one recently, but there's about a year gap between that post and the last.

Wait.It looks like she has a third blog. This must be her main one.   

She recently broke both her arm skateboarding. Yikes!I hope she recovers quickly.

Now let me go back to her photos.

She has a set of Perth ones. I'll look at that.   

There's photos from a sculpture at sea exhibit at Cottesloe. Lord Wiki says that's a suburb in western Perth.

Here's a cute emu sculpture.  

This is a cute building. I wonder what that is. 

This is a weird photo. What is that writing?  

Interesting purple in this photo.  I'm not sure if that's how it really looks. Or did Katarski do that with her camera?

This photo of trees is pretty cool. It looks like a golf course, sort of. And it also kind of looks like a fairytale.   

There's something very peaceful about this photo.  It doesn't have an awesome dreamlike feel. But it's still nice.  

If you're a May Gibbs fan, here's a Banksia photo for you.

All right.   I'm going to quit. I'm getting tired, and I need to finish exercising. Plus, I need to do laundry and pack!!!!

Edited to Add: I wrote this post a few days ago. That's why I speak of packing for a road trip after writing about BEING on the road trip. Sorry if I'm being confusing!!!